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Hydraulic Fracturing and Oil-Gas Recovery Expert

Technical Consultant #2351


  • Petrochemicals (oils) and gas stimulation treatment systems design.
  • Fluid chemistry formulation for maximized matrix acidizing production enhancement.
  • EOR/IOR Enhanced Oil Recovery, Improved Oil Recovery and foam improved oil recovery modeling.
  • Project management of petroleum engineering subsurface operations.
  • Biofilm and biofouling monitoring.
  • Reservoir souring prediction and mitigation measures.
  • Numerical and analytical petroleum production modeling.
  • MFHW multiple fractured horizontal well design for tight and shale gas.
  • Supervision of large operation and safety and environment compliance.
  • Asphaltene plug cleanout study and supply of oilfield chemicals.
  • Tight Gas hydraulic fracturing, study and fracture channeling technique.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing design and execution.
  • Feasibility studies for HP/HT (High Pressure and High Temperature) unconventional shale gas.


Undisclosed Company, Stimulation Expert, Present

  • Provide design and supervision for stimulation treatments in the UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia.
  • Performed Due Diligence (DD) for Hussar and Halkirk oil and gas field in Canada.

Dutch Oilfield Supply and Services (DOSAS BV), Rotterdam-Teheran, Iran, 2016 - 2017

Well Intervention Technical Manager

  • Performed asphaltene plug cleanout study and supply of oilfield chemicals for the Darquain field, Iran.

JBA Operating Inc., Dallas, TX, Sales Agent, 2016

  • Responsible for selling innovative consultancy studies and services for the oil industry.

Alvim S.r.l., Genova, Italy, Sales agent, 2016

  • Sale representative of high tech startup producing biofilm monitoring system.

OMV GmbH, Vienna, Austria, Sr. Production and Stimulation Engineer, 2016


  • Technology Project: "Stimulation Procedure for Tight Gas in Transition Intervals."
  • Misri Bhambro 1, Tight Gas hydraulic fracturing study with fracture channeling technique.
  • Gas well deliquification study for the Sawan field using Prosper.
  • Mehar 1, hydraulic fracture feasibility study for a retrograde gas field.
  • Tight gas project- Miano 16H and SNH1 multistage fractured well.
  • Bina Bawi 2, 6, 5 and 4 matrix stimulation and acid wash design in Iraq.
  • Tandem project, unconventional feasibility study for shale gas in Tunisia.
  • PtL, production the limit for the Habban oil field for Yemen.
  • HP/HT unconventional condensate field, Shuweihat stimulation study, Abu Dhabi.
  • Bina Bawi 3 completion design, artificial lift selection and workover program, Iraq.
  • MAARI field redevelopment plan for OMV New Zealand, artificial lift selection and completion.
  • PtL (Production the limit) for Preajba Sud. (Artificial method review and field optimization).
  • Hydraulic Fracturing design and execution for Mehrab-1, Miano 14 ST, Miano 11, Latif 5, Sawan 12 , Saqib 1-A , Lundo 1 and Miano 13 for Pakistan tight gas wells.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing design and execution for I-1, I-2, I-3 and Tasbulat field.
  • EOR study for the injector Sch%uFFFFrchen 1, polymer fluid injectivity forecast, Austria.
  • TOC Field Redevelopment Plan, candidate selection, Kazakhstan.
  • Production enhancement evaluation (Artificial lift and Fracturing) for the Cherouq field, Tunisia.
  • DGA, Deep Gas Austria, frac feasibility study for HP/HT unconventional shale gas, Austria.

Xross Technology FZE, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Consultant, 2015

  • Production optimization study for KOC, Kuwait.

Oil Plus ltd, London, United Kingdom, Sr. Production Technologist, 2010 - 2011


  • R-Block Reservoir Souring Prediction for HMDC (Hibernia Management and Development Company) ExxonMobil.Numerical and analytical Well injectivity modeling for Hess.
  • Consultancy Service for the Ballycotton Underground Gas Storage Field for Star Energy Ltd.
  • Hydrogen sulphide Mass balance Model for PDO (Petroleum Development Oman).
  • 3D Modelling of reservoir souring in a North Sea oilfield Maersk Oil (Denmark).
  • Joint Industry Project (JIP) participated by Petrobras, Maersk, ESSS, Statoil, Shell, OilPlus and Saudi Aramco on developing a 3-D full-field souring simulator (SourSimRL).

Schlumberger - DCS (Data and Consulting Service), Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 2006 - 2010


  • History Match of the Heidrun Field for PETORO, Norway.
  • PreFRAC injection test for Grevling, Talisman Norway.
  • Feasibility fracturing study for EON, UK.
  • Integrated asset field development plan for DNO international ASA, Norway.
  • MultiFrac Production modeling for CIRRUS ENERGY NETHERLAND BV, Netherland.
  • Thermal induced fracture modeling for Fairfield Energy, UK.
  • Matrix acidizing design for a gravel packed well for Apache UK.
  • Forties Field Development Plan for Apache UK Ltd, UK.
  • Carbon Capture Storage Feasibility Study for Marathon O.U.K., UK.
  • Participated to over fifty acid fracturing and scale squeeze jobs offshore Norway.
  • Over 50 unconventional hydraulic fractures, shale gas field Eagle Ford, Bryan, Texas, USA.

Intern, 2004

  • Internship experience at Schlumberger whilst completing Oil and Gas Engineering Master.

Geolog B.V., Milan, Italy, Data Engineer, 2005 - 2006

  • Ensured safety through constant monitoring of all the critical drilling parameters.
  • Described, interpreted and evaluated drill cuttings using various laboratory techniques.
  • Operated and maintained Geodesk, a real-time computer-based data acquisition system.

Industria progetti S.r.l., Pescara, Italy, Bid Writer, 2002 - 2003

  • Prepared bidding documents and technical specifications for procurement of work, supply and installation of plant and equipment for building petrol filling stations in Libya.

Coiled Tubing Company, Intern, 2001

  • Exposed to the coiled tubing cementing technology.

Honors & Publications


  • Data Mining with Project R, Stanford University
  • Reservoir Geomechanic, Stanford University
  • WELLCAT: Advanced Casing Design and Complex Completion Analysis, Halliburton, Aberdeen, UK
  • Stimulation of Horizontal Wells and Unconventional Reservoirs, Baree & Associates, Lakewood, Colorado, USA
  • Eclipse Applied Reservoir Simulation Fundamentals SIS Training Centre, Aberdeen, UK
  • DeepBlue 3 Production Technologist, DCS Training Center, Houston, TX USA
  • DeepBlue 2 Production Technologist, (96/100) DCS Training Center, Houston, TX USA
  • Well candidate recognition; Production Enhancement; Advanced Production data analysis and nodal analysis; Production logging applications and formation evaluation; Well testing and Perforating.
  • DeepBlue 1 Reservoir/Production, (91.9/100) DCS Training Center, Houston, TX USA
  • Petrophysics overview, core analysis and PVT analysis; Basic PTA, Formation
  • Pressure & Sampling; Perforating, Production Log Interpretation; Material Balance, Performance analysis; Nodal Analysis.
  • WPS LEADER Course, (87.7/100) Kellyville Training Center, Tulsa, OK USA
  • Rock mechanics review; Fracture treatment diagnostics; Advanced fracture treatment design; Multilayer fracturing new technology; Advanced candidate recognition
  • WPS OTS STIM, (85.9/100) Middle East & Asia Learning Center - MLC, Abu Dhabi
  • SLB WPS Basics; Basic Reservoir Engineering; Basics of Frac Design 1; Basics of Frac Design 2; Practical Pumping Operations; Intermediate Frac Design; Matrix Acidizing; Adv. Fracturing Topics/Sand Control.
  • Introduction to Reservoir and Production Engineering, Tulsa University, Tulsa, OK USA
  • Well Control for gas kick-held at KCA Deutag, Aberdeen
  • Well control principles-held at RigTrain, Aberdeen


  • Petrel Certificate, property Modeling Course, SIS Training Centre, Aberdeen, UK
  • Offshore Survival Certificate, for the British and Norwegian Sector, Nutec, Aberdeen.

Software Engineering, Production and Reservoir)

  • Prosper; Ecrin ; Saphir ; Emeraude; Oilfield Manager OFM; Eclipse ; Petrel ; SWPM; Pipesim; SPAN , MultiFlash, ScaleChem,Aspen HYSYS ; ALXP ; TK Solver; WIRS (Well Information Reporting System); GeoDesk ; LogViewer
  • GOHER; FracPRO; FracCADE ; FracCAT; Planar3D; StimCADE (Matrix Design Software); SandDACE ; CoilCADE ; PredictK,; MiniFallOff ; ProCADE
  • Fortran (Programmers); Explorer package , SAP- Course in Excel Advanced, Aberdeen College


  • Italian
  • English-(EFL)

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • SPE International
  • Nominated board member of the Emerging Leaders Committee
  • Nominated Liaison between ELP (Emerging Leader Programme) and SPE student Chapter
  • Elected Secretary of the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineer) student chapter
  • Awarded the Section SPE Scholarships, SAAS (Student Awards Agency for Scotland)


Author - Educator, several publications, conferences and workshops


  • Ph.D. Foam improved oil recovery, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
  • M.Sc. Oil and Gas Engineering, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
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