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Finite Element Analysis Consultant

Technical Consultant #2350


  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) - Linear and Nonlinear.
  • Innovative designs to solve difficult mechanical problems.
  • New varied products incorporating design features from seeming unrelated products to create robust and innovative new products.
  • Abaqus finite element, FE-Safe fatigue, and CF-Design computer fluid dynamics software dealing with stress, fatigue, plasticity, hyperelasticity, large displacement and fluid dynamics to analyze and create improved and innovative products in varied industries.
  • Solidworks and other CAD software to evaluate designs and then transfer geometry to analysis codes. Experienced in presenting results in a manner appropriate to the audience.
  • Improved engineering quality and capabilities by serving as an internal engineering consultant and mentor for structural mechanics issues.
  • Introduce engineering analysis programs and simulation.
  • Educator and mentor for engineers.


Undisclosed Company, Principal, Present

  • Offering Finite Element Analysis mechanical engineering consulting services, specializing in analysis of mechanical parts and assemblies.
  • Offering consulting to companies who need an expert to help them choose software, hardware, and user mentoring and training to start up a mechanical simulation program.

Scientific Drilling International, Houston, TX, Finite Element Analysis Manager, 2011 - 2016

  • Built a Finite Element Analysis program within SDI specifying computer hardware, operating systems, and utilizing Abaqus finite element analysis software and FE-Safe fatigue software driven by Solidworks CAD software.
  • Analysis Program resulted in shorter design time for new products and an understanding of failure modes and ways to directly improve reliability for existing products.
  • Using advanced analysis tools, designed/optimized drilling mud motors, rotary steerable drilling tools and mechanical components and assemblies in MWD (measure while drilling) and LWD (logging while drilling) tools used for oil, gas, and geothermal drilling, increasing reliability and improving operating envelopes.
  • Designed a patent pending downhole tool packaging concept utilizing analysis and CAD tools, resulting in improved life and greater operational envelope while reducing rework costs and scrap.
  • Mentored other engineers in the field of structural mechanics, engineering stress calculations, materials testing, and failure analysis, teaching design guidelines and new methods of calculating loading and assembly procedure leading to improved engineering skills and improvements in reliability and profitability.
  • Proposed ideas in engineering design reviews and brainstorming sessions to lower stresses and improve strength and fatigue life while lowering costs for oilfield drilling and measurement tools.
  • Key engineer in designing and developing a Titanium flex shaft drive line for advanced oilfield drilling mud motors which allowed SDI to obtain new clients in fields where prior generation motors were inadequate.
  • Supported engineering offices in Houston, TX, Paso Robles, CA, and Celle, Germany.

Enventure Global Technology, Houston, TX, Lead Engineering Specialist - FEA, 2007 - 2011

  • Started a Finite Element Analysis program within Enventure using Abaqus engineering analysis software linked to SolidWorks CAD. This startup included specifying, purchasing, and maintaining computer hardware, operating systems, and FEA software.
  • Used the new analysis capabilities to understand the mechanics of plastically deforming steel pipe with threaded connections, then verified analysis results with laboratory testing.
  • Using the verified understanding and analysis tools, optimized the designs of oilfield down hole expandable tubular products including threaded connectors, anchors, seals, and installation tools used for oil, gas, and steam injection wells.
  • Lead contributor of patented designs which were used in the field and instrumental in retaining customers and gaining new business. One of these patented designs resulted in regaining the confidence and business of one of the company's largest customers after it had been lost.
  • Mentored other engineers in areas of product design and engineering mechanics resulting in profitable new products and in reliability improvements.
  • Part of the intellectual property review committee, insuring that patent applications were submitted only for ideas which were mechanically sound, manufacturable, and had profit potential.

Rockwell Automation Powersystems, Greenville, SC, Senior Engineering Analyst, 1986 - 2007

  • Took over and transformed rudimentary finite element analysis program from an after-the-fact failure analysis tool to an in-line part of the design process using Ansys, then Abaqus engineering analysis software.
  • This successful program resulted in reduction in product testing, and in products (power dense gear reducers, bearings, sheaves, couplings, bushings, AC and DC motors) optimized to reduce costs while improving performance and reliability.
  • Invented patented processes and products including an innovative new concept high speed AC electric motor.
  • Implemented solids modeling company wide, including product data management software, this resulted in reduction in drawing errors and in standardization of drawing and design procedures within multiple engineering groups and allowed unambiguous communication with casting vendors and machine shops resulting in shorter prototype manufacturing time and lowered costs.
  • Reviewed design engineers' work, and then taught changes to lower stress and improving performance and fatigue life. This resulted in improvements in design skills and in more robust and profitable products.
  • Completed motor structural analyses for use in nuclear power plants and U.S. Navy vessels, including designing changes which would allow use of "off the shelf" motors for these critical applications resulting in highly profitable sales.

Bethlehem Steel - Beaumont Shipyard, Beaumont, TX, Senior Engineer, 1975 - 1986

  • Introduced Ansys FEA software and used it to complete structural and fatigue analyses on critical areas of offshore mobile drilling rigs, resulting in new improved designs and longer fatigue life.
  • Invented a column jacking pin-hole design which eliminated fatigue failures due to vortex wind loading.
  • Planned and supervised wind tunnel and wave basin tests resulting in obtaining new contracts and clients.
  • Wrote computer programs to simulate wave loading on offshore structures and to automate hydrostatic calculations. The shallow water wave program resulted in a contract to design and build a new jack-up rig.

Honors & Publications


  • Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Texas and South Carolina

Continued Education

  • Software: ANSYS, PATRAN, ABAQUS, CFDesign, Pro/Engineer, Pro/PDM, Pro/Intralink, SolidWorks, Unix System Administration, Microsoft Office.
  • Engineering: Finite Element Theory, Finite Element Modeling, Fracture Mechanics, Fatigue, Plastics design, Vibration analysis, Dynamic analysis, Design for Manufacturability,
  • Gear Noise, "Reducing Time to Market," Engineering Ethics.


  • Inventor of over 20 patents in the petroleum, mining, public works and electric motor industries.


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
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