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Lighting Technology and LED Product Development Expert

Technical Consultant #2345


  • New product development based on LED, OLED, or laser diode light sources, specific to rapidly emerging applications of spectrally enhanced, Wellness (Circadian), horticultural (including algae), disinfection, and bio-active lighting.
  • LED lamps and luminaires - optics - thermals and systems.
  • Spectral tailoring - human centric lighting, Circadian, disinfection, algae cultivation.
  • Legacy lamp technologies: Metal halide, CMH, LFL, halogen and automotive
  • Performing prior art and IP Landscape analysis; consulting on patent and claim Strategy:
  • Construct effective patents and claims.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Serving as expert witness on a Lighting Design Patent Infringement cases.


Undisclosed Company, Proprietor and President, Present

  • Novel design, detailed specifications, and supplier selection for a $2 million LED lighting system for algae production.
  • Serving as expert witness on a Lighting Design Patent Infringement case.
  • Providing expertise for a 10-year old LED product manufacturer, including: Competition Analysis; Lamp and Fixture Design; Lamp and Fixture Production Efficiency; and Patent Claims.
  • Development; and Product Differentiation.
  • Provide expert witness services related to lighting technology, products, and intellectual property.
  • Lighting technology support: Co-development of innovative technologies to enable clients company create first-to-market, value-added products, applications, markets, and associated intellectual property.
  • Lighting product consulting or co-development of new products based on LED, OLED, or laser diode light sources, especially for the rapidly emerging applications of Spectrally.
  • Enhanced, wellness (circadian), horticultural (including Algae), disinfection, and bio-active lighting.
  • Intellectual property - expert witness for litigation of design and utility patents; performing prior art and IP landscape analysis; consulting on patent and claim strategy; training, or collaborating with, your staff to find innovative solutions, construct effective patents and claims, and perform effective prior art analyses.

General Electric Lighting, Cleveland, OH, Principal Engineer, 1987 - 2016

  • Conceived product designs, and led concept development, of several of GE Lighting's flagship LED lamp product lines.
  • Novel optical, thermal, system, and aesthetic breakthroughs resulted in tens's of millions in sales.
  • Managed programs and teams across every major legacy lamp technology within GE Lighting including automotive; High Intensity Discharge (MH and CMH); fluorescent; halogen thin films; and incandescent.


  • PAR LED replacement lamp exceeded the performance and aesthetic of halogen lamps, enabled by a low-glare optic with a smooth beam and unique lighting appearance achieved world wide.
  • The first Energy Star qualified A-line LED replacement lamp (Energy Smart brand), enabled by breakthrough optical and thermal designs, also resulting in the world's first LED replacement lamp to achieve 100 LPW.
  • GE's first BR30 LED replacement lamp.
  • The first color-preference-enhanced LED replacement lamps (reveal%uFFFF brand) A19 and BR30 lamps, and luminaires (reveal%uFFFF TriGain%u2122 brand), enabled by my co-development of a new state-of-the-art color preference metric, the Lighting Preference Index (LPI-worldwide).
  • LED display lighting exceeded all visual and performance attributes of the incumbent Low-watt Ceramic Metal Halide lamps (reveal%uFFFFWhiter White brand) combining optical brightening for whiter whites with reveal%uFFFF technology for enhanced colors (first worldwide).
  • GE's first lighting to promote circadian health (Align%u2122 and C-sleep brands); primary author of "GE Lighting - Lighting and Sleep."
  • Established and led a lamp development team, and a production and sales operation.
  • Led the growth of that engineering and production operation increased staff resulting in $2 million sales.
  • Developed advanced, innovative new lamp products through the invention, engineering, and production phases, in the areas of metal-halide lamps, halogen lamps, and thin film technology.
  • Provided innovative leadership in the technical training of GE employees, in corporate volunteer activities, and in the recruiting and hiring of new employees.

GTE Sylvania Lighting, Danvers, MA, Research Physicist, 1985 - 1987

  • Developed laser-based diagnostics for arc discharge and halogen lamps, including laser absorption, laser-induced fluorescence, and Rayleigh scattering measurements of gas and plasma parameters.
  • Conceived and initiated the development of several novel concepts for new lamp products.

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM, Member of Technical Staff, 1981 - 1985

  • Developed and implemented several novel, advanced, laser-based diagnostics on terawatt pulsed-power accelerator experiments in the Ion Beam Nuclear Fusion program, with nanosecond resolution, using Ruby, Nd:YAG, and HeNe lasers.

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, Ph.D. Research Associate, 1977 - 1980

  • Independently discovered and investigated a new plasma instability in a Q-machine plasma. Published all the essential linear and non-linear, experimental and theoretical properties of the instability as it related to plasma transport in Tokamak nuclear fusion reactors.

Honors & Publications


  • Gerald L. Phillippe Award - General Electric's highest corporate award for Distinguished Community Service, granted for Teaching and Mentoring community students


  • Over ten peer reviewed journal articles;
  • Over twenty conference papers.


  • Over 60 U.S. patents issued (sample descriptions):
  • Lighting apparatus (light source comprising light emitting diodes)
  • LED light (engine) heat sink
  • Thermal solution for LED
  • Omnidirectional LED
  • Heat sinks and LED lamps
  • LED-surface area enhancing fins
  • Solid state lighting -thermal and electrical systems
  • Ceramic metal halide lamp (minute)


  • Ph.D. Astrophysical Sciences, Plasma Physics, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • M.S. Nuclear Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
  • B.S. Engineering Science, Nuclear Engineering, Pennsylvania State University. PA
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