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Touchscreen, User Interface, DRM, Computer Security Expert

Technical Consultant #2341


  • Touchscreen and tablet hardware/controllers
  • User interfaces: haptics, and gestures.
  • Touchscreen graphics.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM).
  • Digital encryption/decryption (PKI).
  • Malware detection.
  • Source-code analysis, including firmware.
  • Accessibility interfaces (blind / visually impaired).

Expert Witness Experience

  • Patent review; user interfaces and hardware for pressure-sensing capacitive touchscreens.
  • Declaration and USPTO patent reexamination of U.S. patents.
  • Declarations and deposition for patent owner concerning touchscreen user interfaces for hand-held radiotelephones.
  • Expert witness for defendant in U.S. patent case on multimedia DRM (Digital Rights Management) and secure systems for mobile devices.
  • Expert witness for defendant in a U.S. patent concerning business practices in California under the Cartwright Act.
  • Expert witness for defendant concerning encryption and decryption in conjunction with smartcards.
  • Declaration and report in support of petitioner review in rendering of transparency in graphics images and touch screen user-interface methods of a U.S. patent.
  • Expert witness for defendant concerning multi-touch hardware for mobile devices.


Undisclosed Company, Owner and Consultant, 2008 - Present

  • Development for multiple clients, including: Laboratory information processing for biomedical drug-discovery company.
  • Digital audio HW/SW Agile verification automation for massive VOIP technology.
  • Consulting/development for TV-band datacasting architecture.
  • Technical consulting, review, development for web-based collaborative work systems.
  • Prior-art research and source-code analysis in patent litigations (confidential).
  • Technical assistance to Boston-area attorney in solo practice (patent prosecution only).
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witnessing.
  • Patent analysis and prior art research.
  • Source-code analysis and reverse engineering.
  • Expert report writing.
  • Testimony at deposition and trial.
  • Cases involve major high-tech entities such as Google and Samsung.
  • Matters in both Federal District Court and before the USPTO, State Court (California), and internationally, (Australia).

Professional Employment, 2007 - 1974

Bluesocket Inc., MA, Staff

  • Software development and engineering process (with QA Director and VP Eng.) for a distributed wireless network controller product with integrated security.
  • Verification of SSL/TLS and VPN features in multiple hardware devices and SIP mobile phones.
  • Agile/Jira.

C.S., MA, Principal Engineer

  • Multi-platform product for malware/virus detection, including techniques of behavioral analysis.
  • Two patent filings on techniques (violation of invariant conditions) for detection of rootkits and malware.

Digimarc, MA, Consultant

  • Application of PKI technology in fabrication and production of secure identity documents.
  • One patent filing regarding PKI signatures to ensure authenticity and track unauthorized issuance of security documents such as passports.

Independent Consultant


  • Secure Web development in high-availability/high-performance applications
  • Mobile payments using modified mobile phones.
  • International certification of a life-critical annunciation system.
  • Prior-art research for two clients: pen-computing hardware and handwriting recognition.

Certco Incorporated,MA

Public Key Infrastructure Systems Architect

  • Distributed web applications involving proprietary PKI in e-commerce.
  • Three patent filings regarding PK infrastructure for distributed electronic signing.

Siemens/Nixdorf, MA, Consultant

  • Development of cryptographic PKI/security technology for DRM licensing of documents and materials distributed without restriction over the public Internet., MA, Development Group Leader

  • Secure, encrypted document and software delivery systems for "push" distribution over public Internet.
  • Instituted engineering tracking and QA process.

Fax International, MA, Consultant

  • Automated Email-to-FAX gateway.
  • Tracking system for routing of fax traffic over private TCP/IP network.

DEC/Digital, MA, Consultant

  • Networking system for WindowsNT-based graphics/applications terminal using ALPHA technology.

DMR Group, MA, Consultant

  • Proprietary application scripting language, associated compilers, debuggers, and tools.

Phoenix Technologies, MA, Consultant

  • Firmware for a multiple-language, multiple-resolution network printer (PostScript/PCL).

Termiflex Corporation, NH, Consultant

  • Compiler, linker, interpreter, and related tools for an object-based programming language for applications in hand-held touchpad industrial controller terminals.

Slate Corporation, MA, Staff

  • Development of tablet and pen computing applications products for the Microsoft PenWindows and GO/PenPoint pen-computing operating systems.
  • Company representative and technical co-chair of an industry standardization effort ("JOT") for electronic ink data format and compression applications.

Wang Laboratories, MA, Senior Software Architect

  • Lead developer for touchscreen digitizer and controller/driver software to provide enhanced functionality to a portable computer as part of the "Freestyle" tablet-digitizer-based computer applications family.
  • Representative to early Pen Windows discussions with Microsoft concerning mobile tablet computers.
  • Hardware design of an electrostatic tablet digitizer/touchscreen for a mobile tablet computer.
  • Patents on novel pen-based UI involving virtual devices.

Teledyne/Tac, MA, Director

  • Software group leader for computer-controlled industrial automation for IC wafer testing and Senior Software Engineer.

P.I., MA, Lead Engineer

  • Group leader for company's handwriting/gesture recognition and pen-computing digitizer tablets and hardware controllers through three generations of products.
  • Patents related to pen-computing UI (user interface) and pen-computing digitizers.

D.C Corporation, MA, Senior Engineer and Analyst

  • Specialized implementation tools for real-time digital audio signal processing and testing.
  • Early work as consultant for Penverter Partners (predecessor to Pencept).

Data General Corporation, MA, Senior Systems Programmer

  • Compiler development.

Honors & Publications


  • Accessibility technology for visually-impaired-blind.
  • Independent Study, Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany


  • Fluent in German
  • Technical reading in Spanish

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Associate Member, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Member, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)
  • Member, SID (Society for Information Display)
  • Member, VIBUG (Visually-Impaired/Blind User Group: Regional technical society)

Publications and Patents

  • Author of publications in peer reviewed journals and educational text.
  • Presentations and Instructor
  • Numerous patents (U.S. and E.U.)


  • S.B.E.E. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
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