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Glass Failure Analysis, Stress, and Non-Destructive Testing Expert

Technical Consultant #2338


Failure Analysis

  • Glass products analysis determining root cause failure.
  • Specific glass products examinations: Architectural and building windows, locomotive windows, appliance windows, pressure vessel windows, test samples, automotive windows, military and commercial aircraft transparencies.
  • Materials analysis: Monolithic and laminated glass (annealed glass), heat strengthened, full thermally tempered, or chemically strengthened glass.
  • State-of-the-art glass analysis laboratory with all equipment and instrumentation.
  • Residual stresses calculations measured through non-destructive methods and instruments in annealed, heat strengthened; full thermally tempered and chemically strengthened glass. Edge and surface compression.

Measure Residual Stresses- Non-Destructive Instrumentation

  • Use and calibration of non-destructive instruments when measuring residual stresses with primary instruments:
  • Portable graduated quartz wedge
  • Polarization microscope graduated quartz wedge
  • DSR surface stress meter (PPG)
  • LED Laser GASP surface stress meter (Strainoptics)
  • Polaroid light source

Testing of Glass Products

  • Determine actual loading conditions of glass that failed, test arrangements, designed and fabricated to load the glass using three and four point beam fixtures, concentric rings, pressure chambers, elevated and low temperature chambers, numerous impact devices, surface abrasion damage, and test machine fixtures.
  • Mechanical properties determination - Modulus of Elasticity, Poisson's ratio, Stress optic coefficient, basic surface and Edge tension strength.
  • Ballistic testing.
  • Experimental stress analysis strain gages and brittle coatings to evaluate specific locations and full field analysis.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Provide complete glass evaluation and failure analysis reports, utilizing high magnification (up to 80X photographs).
  • Determine glass fracture origin or glass details with computer operated high magnification cameras providing colored photographs documentation.


Undisclosed Company, Proprietor and Expert Glass Analyst, 2008 - Present

  • Providing residual stress measurements, failure analysis, testing, and strain gage analysis of containers, architectural and building windows, aircraft transparencies, and automotive windows.

PPG, Physical Testing Department

  • Working under an International Expert and Pioneer in the field of general glass knowledge with specific focus to glass failure analysis, obtained experience and knowledge in the glass industry.
  • Projects included all aspects of glass products especially, in root cause forensics failure analysis, residual stress measurements and evaluation, use of non-destructive measuring instruments, testing of glass products and materials, determining mechanical properties of glass, ballistic testing, and experimental stress analysis using strain gages instrumentation.


  • Conduct Employer training in general glass knowledge with focus to residual stress measurements and failure analysis for various clients: PPG Production Plants, PPG Aerospace, PGW, Ford Motor Company, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, General Dynamics, Carlex Glass Company, and numerous other companies' requests.

U.S. Federal Reserve's

  • Enlistment and continued with over seven years of service.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • U.S. Glass
  • American Society for Testing and Materials - ASTM
  • Auto Glass Repair/Replacement - AGRR


  • PPG Industries - PPG Fabrication Plants, PPG Aerospace, Vishay Measurements Group, and Alford University


  • A.A. Mechanical Engineer, Pennsylvania State University State College, PA
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