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Energy Expert: Renewable/Nonrenewable Power Generation, Distributed Generation and Energy Efficiency

Technical Consultant #2312


  • Power generation and energy projects permitting and analysis, economic and financial evaluation, and project management.
  • Power generation (grid side and customer side), distributed generation (DG), renewable generation (solar, wind, and fuel cell), energy storage, microgrid, energy efficiency (EE), and demand response (DR).
  • Electric utility regulatory filings related to renewable and non-renewable DG, and combined-heat-power (CHP).
  • Engineering and design projects in power and process Industries.
  • Project feasibility studies (power generation, energy storage, and generation resource development)
  • Complex engineering and economic-financial evaluations consulting - renewable (solar and wind) power generation.
  • Energy efficiency and Demand Response (DSM) project consulting and evaluations for industrial, commercial, and electric utility applications.
  • Emerging technology products evaluation (energy efficiency) - development and new program launch, and create energy efficiency incentives and development for electric utilities.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Electric utility regulatory filings related to renewable and non-renewable.
  • Distributed generation; and regulatory filing strategy and support.
  • Regulatory agencies: California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Energy Commission (CEC), and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).


Undisclosed Company, Principal and Co-Founder, 1989 - Present

  • Provide engineering and consulting services for various clients.
  • Electric and Gas Utilities
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Customers
  • Energy Related Services

Undisclosed Company, Senior Resident Consultant,1997 - Present

  • Providing and filling numerous positions: Project Management, Consultant, Engineer, and Advisor.
  • Fulfil: demand response and energy efficiency evaluations and processing applications for commercial, industrial water, wastewater applicants.
  • Conduct project technical and economic financial feasibility studies for: Renewable, non-renewable, Generation DG (Distributed Generation), CHP (Combined Heat and Power), energy storage- investment grade evaluations (performing hundreds of evaluations and 2nd opinion studies).
  • Renewable generation studies: Simulation modeling of various solar and wind generation technologies, using location-specific solar insolation data, diurnal variation of wind resource, application of Weibull probability, and site-specific wind maps.
  • Integrating public domain NREL renewable generation models, such as PVWatts, in to project specific application.
  • Development and participation in negotiation of complex power purchase agreements between; utilities and it's industrial, commercial and institutional customers.
  • Demand response and energy efficiency evaluation - commercial industrial applications.
  • Resource development; generation and energy Storage.
  • Electric Utility Regulatory Filings and Support (subject matter expertise).
  • Energy industry proposal preparation and evaluation - power generation renewable and non-renewable, demand response, energy efficiency, and refinery and chemical process.
  • Technical reviews and concept development to customize energy efficiency (industrial and commercial).
  • Emerging Technology Products Evaluation (Energy Efficiency) - development and new program launch, and customized EE incentive development.
  • Provided service in the area of renewable and non-renewable generation (solar/wind) feasibility studies (customer side and utility side of the meter), demand response/energy efficiency, generation resource planning, engineering and design of power plants, power generation/end-use technology demonstration projects, electric and gas tariff analysis, and other energy industry engineering/analytical consulting services.
  • Performed significant amount of work in the area of technical and economic viability of renewable generation, distributed generation (DG), CHP, energy storage, demand response, energy efficiency, newer SCE tariff applications (such as Re-MAT), and GHG related policy (AB 32) implementation issues for utilities, and its customers.
  • Technical review and consultation - Customized EE (Energy Efficiency) projects, (industrial and commercial), and CPUC Energy Division Interaction.
  • Project Management - Emerging Technology (ET) - Area of Focus - Innovative EE for industrial process and commercial industry applications.
  • Customer side and grid side DG application and technical and economic studies, grid interconnection, energy storage, microgrid, demand response, energy efficiency, and applications to Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Customers and Utilities. DG impact on T & D system planning.
  • Acted as key consultant to SCE management on customer generation, utility bypass (revenue loss to utility), and tariff development, and its implications on customer-sited DG.
  • Consulted other SCE groups (T & D, Regulatory Operations) on the impact of SCE programs and tariffs related to DG.
  • Assisted SCE Industrial/Commercial/Institutional customers with making informed decisions on power generation projects (on-site generation) and energy storage (ES) totaling over $800 million in capital cost via consultation and studies, etc.
  • Provided Energy Advisory for large industrial, commercial, and institutional customers.
  • GHG related policy (AB 32) implementation issues for utilities, and its customers.
  • Participated in California's Cap-and-Trade market design as part of electric utility team.
  • Technical Review and Consultation - Customized EE (Energy Efficiency) Projects, and CPUC Energy Division Interaction.
  • Air emission permit feasibility studies for gas turbine based power generation in SCAQMD territory.
  • CPUC Filings - Reviewed and provided comments and testimony support to numerous filings in the area of renewable generation, distributed generation, and tariff related matters.

Engineer: Design and Project Management - Power and Process Industry Projects, 1983 - 1987

  • 2,000 MW San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS 2 & 3).
  • 125 MW Cool water Integrated Coal Gasification and Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant.
  • 50 MW Geothermal Power Plant Project (Edison Mission Energy- EIX Subsidiary).
  • Project engineering: Reviewed and approved numerous design modification packages, startup commissioning (nuclear reactor and Emergency Core Cooling Systems-(ECCC), and other reactor plant, and Nuclear Steam Supply System NSSS mechanical and process Systems at 2,000 MW San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS 2 & 3).
  • Plant performance evaluation at 125 MW Cool Water Integrated Coal Gasification and Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant (consultant at the plant). Coal gasification and combined cycle plant performance evaluation.
  • Responsible for technology transfer (Coal Gasification) between Texaco (now Chevron) and SCE.
  • Developed plant upgrade recommendations relative to design and operation to Edison's senior management for 15-year commercial operation. Provided CPUC regulatory support, testimony, and prudency with respect to IGCC plant capital recovery for ratepayers.
  • Air emission related evaluations and interaction with Mojave Desert AQMD and CARB.
  • NOx modeling of SCE owned and operated power generation plants, and NOx control implementation design strategy recommendations.
  • Project engineering (design and procurement) of Mechanical and Process Systems for 50 MW geothermal power plant project (Edison Mission Energy-EIX Subsidiary).

Power Generation and Resource Development

  • Development and analysis of resource arrangements with utilities and independent energy projects (new and amendments to existing agreements) of renewable and non-renewables projects.
  • Identification of discrepancies in power purchase agreement and recommendation of Corrective action.
  • Development of technical and financial analytical models to evaluate power purchase agreements (Generation and T &D) - IPPs and Utilities.

Stone & Webster Engineering Company, Boston, MA , 1980 - 1983

Project Manager - Power and Process Group

  • Engineering, Design and Project Management - Client Interface - Electric Utilities (Nuclear Power Plants -Reactor plant and secondary systems), and Petrochemical Clients (Oil, Gas, and Refineries).

ABB Nuclear Power Systems, Hartford, CT, Senior Engineer, 1977 - 1980

Senior Engineer

  • Engineering and design of nuclear reactor plant Systems - 1,000 MWe PWR (Pressurized Water Reactor) commercial nuclear power plants.
  • Nuclear power plant NSSS (Nuclear Steam Supply System) inspections during nuclear power plant refueling outages.

Honors & Publications


  • Graduate Fellowship - U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (now Nuclear Regulatory Commission -NRC)
  • Professional Courses: Utility Economics, Finance, and Management

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • National Professional Engineers Society (NPES)
  • Association of Energy Engineers and Professionals
  • Energy & Utilities Network


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, New York University, New York, NY
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