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Renewable and Fossil Fuels Catalyst Product and Process Development Consultant

Technical Consultant #2305


  • Chemical process and heterogeneous catalyst consulting in various industries.
  • Environmental projects including gas treatment, hazardous waste recycling, renewable chemicals and polymers.
  • Commercial development of product and processes for both renewable and fossil fuels.
  • New chemistry, catalyst application and process development projects, working with both established and start-up companies.
  • Biofuel process modifications to increase yields and lower capital and operation costs.
  • Hydroprocessing including hydrocracking, hydropyrolysis, hydrotreating and manufacturing support.
  • Hydrocracking, FCC, and petrochemical catalyst application and manufacturing.
  • Catalyst manufacturing support.
  • Zeolite chemistry and characterization.
  • Waste oil recycling processes.
  • Pilot plant design and operation.
  • Biofuel production via thermochemical conversion.
  • Separations (distillation of petroleum and petrochemicals and waste oils, liquid extraction chemicals i.e., phenols from complex mixtures, molecular distillation of nutraceuticals and fine chemicals).
  • Fuel and petroleum product specification.
  • New process development.
  • Reforming catalysts for hydrogen production.
  • Combinatorial chemistry.
  • Statistical analysis of data.
  • Advanced analytical including structural and conformational research.
  • Molecular characterization of petroleum and other complex mixtures.
  • Characterization of food additives.
  • Regulatory approval and management of hazardous waste destruction processes.
  • Conversion and recycling of chlorinated organic waste streams.
  • Automotive and process gas remediation.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Patent infringement- testified concerning similarity in structure of reverse osmosis water purification membranes.
  • Breach of Contract-due diligence of attempts to build and operate a commercial biofuel plant.


Independent Consultant, Present


  • Lee Consulting Enterprises Consulting: Due diligence assessments of biofuel and renewable chemical process. Technoology economic analysis of new business proposals.
  • U.S. Department of Energy- Review funding proposal for research and development on new process technology and produced formal recommendation reports.
  • TreMonti Consulting - Assessed commercial potential of new technology, prepared research and marketing plans, marketed plan to companies.
  • Autotech Biofuels Consortium- Prepared business proposals.

Lonestar College, Houston Community College, Professor

  • Senior Scientist

KiOR, Senior Scientist, 2010 - 2015

  • Developed a successful commercial method for upgrading bio pyrolysis oil to a drop in fuel.
  • Prepared modified zeolites and formulated catalysts for biomass pyrolysis process.
  • Supported commercial plant design and construction and start up. Proved that the drop in fuel met all product specifications Process and design suggestions increased yields by 10% and lowered construction costs by over $20 million.
  • Project milestones achieved: On time and provided samples for customer evaluations.
  • Develop methods for separations and characterization of bio pyrolysis oil.
  • Co-invented eight patent applications, three of which have already been granted. Member IP technology assessment committee that developed strategy and decided on which new disclosure should be filed.
  • Developed techniques and approaches for understanding the chemistry of pyrolysis oil. This included both catalyst selection and purchase and final product quality specification and certification.
  • Prepared technology proposal for renewable diesel production from natural oils and other sources. Developed methods for insuring products met commercial specifications.
  • Managed group of professional Ph.D, M.S., B.S., engineers.

Honeywell UOP, Lead Scientist, 1984 - 2010

  • Developed new chemistry and technology as part of the exploratory chemistry, catalyst applications and refining and petrochemical process development groups.
  • Commercialized several new catalysis and processes.
  • Team leader new zeolite applications team which found new applications and lower cost production methods for new UZM (Crystallization Mechanism of Zeolite) materials and other modified zeolites including new UZM-8 petrochemical process.
  • Manufacturing support for hydroprocessing and hydrocracking catalysis including noble metal and metal sulfide catalysts.
  • Applications included refining and environmental catalyst, absorbents and specialty chemicals.
  • Developed combinatorial methods for screening catalysts and materials and took products from lab to development stage to commercialization as part of multifunctional teams.
  • Developed high throughput synthesis and reaction testing systems and data management.
  • Invented new hydroprocessing and hydrocracking catalysts.
  • Project leader new materials applications team and designed pilot plants and catalyst evaluation programs.
  • Developed vinyl chloride waste recycling process.
  • Developed automotive exhaust catalysts including the first diesel auto after treatment catalyst.
  • Invented new process for hazardous waste recycling, heavy oil conversion, olefin isomerization.
  • Developed environmental catalysts for automotive exhaust, DeNOx, CO oxidation, reforming for fuel cells.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. With experience in solving product quality problems and data mining and analytics using JMP, MINITAB, R and other programing languages.
  • Co-authored several successful DOE and Alberta Research Council funding proposals.
  • Developed new approach to technology evaluation and project IP evaluation.
  • Advanced characterization group- managed NMR laboratory, application of solution and solid state NMR, mass spectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy to petroleum products, polymers, natural products and catalysts with particular experienced in zeolite characterization.
  • Solved problems that saved millions of dollars for UOP customers.
  • Developed methods for producing new artificial sweeteners, chlorinated waste recycling.

Honors & Publications


  • Six Sigma Black Belt

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society - ACS
  • American Society Chemical Engineers - ASCE
  • American Chemical Society - Energy and Fuels Division
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Volunteer Management Experience
  • Chairman Two ACS Petroleum Division Symposiums
  • Reviewer Applied Catalyst, Environmental Progress
  • National Science Foundation - NSF Fellowship


  • Honeywell's Chairman Innovation Award
  • Honeywell's Specialty Material Scientific Achievement Award
  • Full tuition scholarship University of Pennsylvania

Publications and Patents

  • Author of 25 technical papers and publications
  • Presenter of 30 papers at technical conferences
  • Inventor of 21 U.S. Patents


  • Ph.D. Chemistry, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • M.S. Chemistry, Washington University, St. Louis, MO
  • B.A. Chemistry (and Psychology) University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
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