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Ph.D. Polymer Synthesis, Structure and Processing Consultant

Technical Consultant #2299


  • Polymer synthesis: Polyamides, polyesters, elastomers, hydrogels, liquid crystalline, polyimides, ionomers, acrylates, and hyperbranched conductive.
  • Polymer structure - property relationships.
  • Polymer processing: fibers, films, molded articles, blends, dispersions, encapsulation, coatings, and 3D printing.
  • Polymer characterization: Thermal, physical properties, and polymer structure.
  • Bioderived polymers: processing and characterization.
  • Organic Synthesis and characterization.
  • Biomedical materials.

Specific Areas

  • Synthesis, purification, and characterization methods for both small molecule organic compounds and polymers including: glovebox and vacuum line techniques; autoclave and bottle reactions and polymerizations; hands on experience with DSC, TGA, NMR, IR, GC, HPLC, LC, TLC, UV, GPC, physical testing techniques (stress-strain, DMA), polarized and optical Microscopy, Viscometry, SEM, TEM.
  • Fiber formation and molding methods including: extruders; spinning machines related to melt spinning, dry spinning, and wet spinning; windup and drawing techniques; finishes; packaging; films; and injection molding.
  • Synthesis, processing, characterization, and end-use research concerning such polymer based products as spandex fiber (LYCRA), aramid fibers (KEVLAR, NOMEX), polyester (SORONA, DACRON, CRASTIN), nylons (ZYTEL), liquid crystalline polymers (ZENITE), TPE (HYTREL), and polyimide (KAPTON and VESPEL).


  • Solutions for Success. GDF Technical Consulting Services specializes in delivering technical solutions to a variety of problems involving the synthesis, characterization, and processing of new and unusual monomer and polymer systems designed for a wide range of applications.
  • Aided in process design for a new polymer system.
  • Prepared a survey report covering a polymer area including both polymer synthesis and properties, business details and a technical report concerning global carbon sequestration.
  • Provided services for 7 primary clients and 19 additional clients.

Undisclosed Non Profit, Founder, Present

  • Founder of a nonprofit organization headquartered in Delaware.
  • Organized to deliver open innovation, research and development, education, and consulting services.
  • Membership has extensive industrial experience in chemistry, biology, polymer, material sciences, and related disciplines.

E. I. DuPont, Wilmington, DE, Research Fellow, 2012 - 2016

  • Provided insight into processing requirements for new materials for additive manufacturing (3D printing) through thorough analyses of the processes and products. Successfully demonstrated processing of materials that had never before been 3D printed.
  • Successfully demonstrated encapsulation techniques for biological actives (enzymes).
  • Led a technical team to successful discovery, synthesis, formulation and development of new polymeric materials for gravure cylinder coatings to replace metal cladding. Filed patents. This technology is currently under development with another company.
  • Successfully enhanced efficacy of new hydrogel based surgical adhesives. Filed Patents.
  • Successfully discovered and filed patents for new medical device materials - soft swellable hydrogel based microspheres for therapeutic embolization. Led team to demonstrate efficacy in blocking blood flow to tumor sites and encapsulation of actives.
  • Enhanced polyhydroxyalkanoate processing through addition of added nucleants and plasticizers and demonstrated new end use applications with these formulas.
  • Discovered new hydrogel polymers derived from aldaric acids for personal care items and antimicrobial applications - filed patents and wrote publications.
  • With a team of biologists, led an effort to demonstrate new bioderived monomers for liquid crystalline polymers, and personal care materials. Prepared new LCP polymers and evaluated their end-use potential.

Senior Research Associate , 1995 - 2002

  • Led efforts to explore new polymers and monomers derived from biotechnology to determine value of polyhydroxyalkanoates and polylactides to various DuPont businesses including packaging and industrial resin applications. A number of business recommendations resulted.
  • Led exploratory work on new hydrogel forms to determine added value for encapsulation of actives, drug delivery forms, and templated polymerizations for separation applications. Demonstrated value in separation of biological products from crude product streams.
  • Research Associate (1991 to 1995)
  • Working with DuPont-Merck Pharmaceuticals, discovered and filed patents on new family of ionomeric hydrogels for use as bile acid sequestrants. Led technical team in very large effort (over 80 people) within DuPont-Merck Pharmaceuticals on bile acid sequestrants designed for lowering cholesterol levels. Successfully passed through Phase II human clinical trials.

Senior Research Chemist 1985 - 1991

  • Served as founding member of team that initiated a large degradable polymer program, leading to BIOMAX commercial products.
  • Discovered and patented new melt processable elastomers and identified potential new fiber-based end uses.
  • Participated as core member of LYCRA Diaper Leg Elastic Team to provide polymer synthesis and polymer structure-property support to the team, initiating a new multimillion-dollar business through these efforts.

Research Chemist, 1981 - 1985

  • Discovered and patented new hyperbranched polyesters and identified new end uses for drug delivery and rheology control applications.
  • Identified and developed lead liquid crystalline polymer candidate and helped coordinate corporate program involving 80 scientists covering numerous efforts including polymer synthesis, properties, end use processes (extrusion, spinning), and manufacturing processes.


  • Successfully led large teams to technical end-points for solid business decisions.
  • Discovered and patented new materials and processes for business relevant programs.
  • More than 60 issued US patents and publications.

Honors & Publications


  • ACS Certified) Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
  • Thesis: "Directed Ortho-Metalations of Benzyl Alcohols, Arenesulfonic Acids, and Thiophenol: New Methodology for Electrophilic Aromatic Substitutions and the Preparation of New Sulfuranes, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • National Honor Society, Indiana State Scholarship
  • American Chemical Society (Master Alchemist, Vice President)
  • Emerging Leaders in America, New York Academy of Sciences
  • Referee for the Journal of Organic Chemistry, the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Organic, (Macromolecules, and Biomacromolecules).


  • Accomplishment Award for Bile Acid Sequestrant IND Nomination (DuPont - Merck Pharma)
  • Director's Award for Discovery of New Bile Acid Sequestrants (CR&D)
  • Part of a team that received a Corporate Environmental Respect Award,(Awarded for biodegradable polyester - BIOMAX effort)
  • DACRON Technical Award "Passion for Renewal" (Fibers)
  • Technical Accomplishment Award for Creativity in Melt Spinnable Elastomer Synthesis (Fibers)
  • Alumni Associate Member of the DuPont Fellows Forum

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author: 14 Publications - Presentations, and over 33 issued U.S. Patents, (with 16 U.S. Pending Patents).


  • Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL
  • B.S. Chemistry (Honors, and ACS Certified), Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
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