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High Current Electronic Component Design Engineering Consultant

Technical Consultant #2280


  • Development and design of various switching power supplies with an emphasis on the development of soft switch and resonant power conversion systems; energy systems; and power amplifiers.
  • Development and design of various electronic devices for automobiles; charge units and welding devices; starters and alternators.
  • Cost effective solutions and reliable design in the electronics and high power industry.
  • Complete design systems: Algorithms, magnetic component calculation, packaging and PCB.
  • Power electronics, converters DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC, AC-AC.
  • High-current up 3000A.
  • High power isolation DC-DC converters.
  • Starter and alternator system for automotive application.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineer Power Conversion Specialist , 1989 - Present

  • Three phase motor driver up 20kW, input 400VDC, output 208VAC,efficiency 98.5%, commutation frequency 50kHz.
  • Cost effective step-up isolation DC-DC converter 50VDC to 400VDC 13kW efficiency 96% full power.
  • Cost effective Inverter-charger 12VDC/120VAC Pout 1.4kW nominal 2.8kW maximum.
  • Starter-Alternator with permanent magnet, torque 65Nm.
  • DC-DC converter Vin-500-800VDC, Vout- up 30VDC and current maximum 300A. This converter has a very aggressive cost-effective design. It is an OEM product - an isolated DC-DC converter - on hybrid buses.
  • Design for competition: Pulse driver for laser diodes 166A 36V output, efficiency minimum 94% average 95-96%. The driver is designed for military tank application.
  • New cost-effective magnetic system for measuring DC-AC current from 1A to 600A.This device is part of battery monitoring system.
  • New algorithm of control buck-boost converter.
  • Various DC-DC power converter for automotive application.
  • Power stage, control and power transformer for bi-directional isolation DC-DC converter. Step-up mode Vin 10.5-25.5VDC Vout 280VDC 15A.Step-down mode Vin 280-440VDC Vout 14.2VDC 280A, efficiency min92% max 96%. This converter uses soft-switch technology ZCS and ZVS. 7W consumption in the idle mode.
  • DC-AC converter Vout 120VAC 60Hz 6kW with surge 12kW.Design uses soft switch technology ZCS and ZVS. When converter has 6kW- efficiency 97%.
  • Power stage for vehicle, alternator of vehicle is a source of energy. Stage includes DC-AC 120VAC 60Hz 3kW, AC-DC Vout 14.2VDC 100A max 150A and special field excitation.
  • DC-DC converter up to 18kW Vin 100-150VDC Vout 190 or 380 VDC with ZCS and ZVS.
  • DC-AC converter up to 18kW, i.e., single-phase, split-phase and 3phase (single and split-phase with soft switch).
  • AC-DC converter up to 10 kW, i.e., split and 3phase.
  • Power stage for surface mount up to 200VDC and 300A with frequency up to 200kHz.
  • DC-AC power converter with following basic parameters: Vin 12VDC, Vout 120/240VAC 2.5kW; Vin 48VDC Vout 120/240VAC 6kW. Both have a peak efficiency95/96% when load 20/25%, min. efficiency 90% at the full load, and max. 8W consumption in the idle mode. The above designs have soft-switch technology and are cost-effective.

Achievements and Contributions

  • Designing cost effective power transformers with good efficiency and cooling.
  • Support of the development of power stage for power conversion systems (solar panel-to-utility), 4.5kW and battery equalizer.
  • Support, improvement and development of the test equipment for current products.
  • Trouble shooting of customers' problems.
  • Participation in professional conferences:
  • PCIM1999, EMCW2000, EMCW2001, APEC2001, PESC2001, APEC2002, APEC2004, PESC2004, APEC2005, APEC2006, PESC2006 , ISIE2006, PESC2007, APEC2008, APEC2009, ECCE2009, ECCE2011,PCIM2012.PCIM2013 ITEC2014 PCIM2015
  • Served as reviewer for conference papers:
  • PESC2003, PESC2004, APEC2004, PESC2005, PESC2005, APEC2006, PESC2006 PESC2007,APEC2007,APEC2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014 ECCE2009,2010, 2011,2012,2013,2014

Project: St. Petersburg, USSR

  • Senior development engineer, development, design, Implementation and repair of the following:
  • Sound apparatus; multi-functional switching power supplies of 2 kW (output voltage, dependent on output power of the power amplifier); power amplifiers of class "D" up to 2 kW; acoustic systems; energy systems up to 150 kW; power amplifiers; various electronic units for automobiles; electronic instruments for parameter measurement and for the control of electromagnetic devices; TV, radio systems; and devices for coordination and measurement of antennas.

Honors & Publications


  • Israeli: Certificate on Electrical Engineering in the field of Radio Electronics.
  • Software: NL5, Multisim ,EWB, ORCAD. MC-3, PROTEL, Word processing


  • English
  • Russian

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- IEEE


  • Topology and Components Selection for Cost and Performance in Automotive Converters.


  • Author and Co-Author of many publications in peer reviewed journals and educational text.


Primary and Co-Primary Author of numerous patents in:

  • Power converts load, high-frequency DC-DC converters, HF transformers, alternators, driver circuit, topology resonance energy, vehicle power management systems, and other energy related cost effective devices and systems.


  • M.S. Electronics Design Engineer-Radio, University of Electrical Communications, Leningrad, USSR
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