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Chromatography Consultant: Trace Analysis of Organics, Pesticides, Toxic Compounds and Bomb Residues

Technical Consultant #228


Recognized expert, researcher and author in chromatography, including:

  • Trace analysis of organic compounds by GC, LC, GC/MS and HPLC.
  • Trace analysis for pesticides, toxic compounds, bomb residues in air, water and soil
  • Sample preparation methods: LLE, SFE, SPME, SPE and Microwave Assisted
  • In-house training on GC, LC, GC/MS
  • CZE (column zeolite extraction),
  • SFC (size exclusion)
  • TLC (thin layer) chromatography
  • LC/MS (liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry) interfaces.


Research Interests

  • Modern techniques in chromatography for trace organic analysis.
  • Chromatography investigations of extremely inert GC and GC/MS systems for femtogram levels of explosives, pesticides, biogenic amines and environmental compounds in water and food products.
  • HS and SPME- GC for volatiles in polymers, foods and beverages, raw materials and printing inks.
  • Development of improved sample preparation techniques included SPME, SPDE, HS and SPE.

Professional Positons

  • Professor Emeritus and former Head of Chemistry Departmen at a large research university.
  • Director of International Operations, Director of Marketing Worldwide, Varian Aerograph, Walnut Creek,CA.
  • Technical Director, General Manager, F & M Scientific (later Hewlett Packard)
  • Research Chemist, Esso Research and Engineering, Linden, NJ.

Major Technical Contributions

  • Introduced TRIS (1,2,3 cyano-ethoxy-propane) most polar GC liquid phase-Phd Thesis-1959.
  • Demonstrated first capillary GC/MS capability at Lansing Chrom. Symposium, 1961.
  • Early separation of amines by HPLC, NASA Scientific Publication Award, Anal. Chem., (1975).
  • Early introduction of Mobile Phase Modifier, 0.1% IPA in hexane using silica gel Vitamin E, J. Chromatogr. Biomedical Applications,224,3899 (1981).
  • Influence of pH on elution behavior, MECC, J. High Resol. Chrom.,12,635-636((1989).
  • Introduced Temperature Programmed HPLC, J. Chromatogr., 279,431-438,(1983).
  • First directly coupled GC/LC system, J. Chromatogr. Sci., 207, 454-456,(1981).
  • Trace analysis, ppt of PAH%u2019s, NBS Special Publication 519, Trace Organic Analysis, NBS 1979.

Honors & Publications

2004 EAS Award - Analytical Chemistry

2003 Horvath Medal - Connecticut Separation Science Council

2001 Dal Nogare Award- Contributions to Separation Science

1997 Award in Chromatography - Chicago Chrom, Discussion Group

1993 Tswett Medal in Chromatography, Russian Academy of Sciences

1991 K.P. Dimick Award in Chromatography, Pittcon

1989 Eastern Analytical Award in Chromatography

1986 COLACRO Medal in Chromatography, Outstanding Contributions in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1975 "Troisime cycle Visiting Professor," University of Neuchatel, Neuchatel, Switzerland

1975 IR-100 Award, Co-inventor of "CIRA" - GC/IR System

Additional Distinctions

  • More than 150 technical papers.
  • Five books (two in Spanish).
  • Seventeen chapters in books.
  • Four technical movies and 12 video tapes on gas and liquid chromatography.
  • Editorial boards for: Analytical Chemistry, Chromatographic, Journal of Chromatography,Journal of Liquid Chromatography,Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis,Journal of High Resolution Chromatography,Journal of Chromatography Science.


  • Post Doctoral, under Prof. Keulemans, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • M.S., Ph.D., Chemistry, Purdue University
  • B.S., Chemistry, magna cum laude, University of Arizona
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