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Military Defense, Medical, Fuel Cells, and Photonics Nanotechnology and Advance Materials Expert

Technical Consultant #2264


Product and Materials Development

  • Anti-biological warfare agents
  • Anti-counterfeit agents.
  • Catalysts, coatings and composites
  • Concrete strengthening agents
  • Fire extinguishing clean agents
  • Fuel cell components
  • High discrimination and gain antennas
  • High specificity absorbents
  • Nano-alloys
  • Neutraceuticals
  • Optical coatings
  • Ultra black pigments

Client Specific Processes

  • Development of nano and advanced materials and the development of proprietary processes, research and development and prototype development.
  • Discover market trends for nanomaterials applications and broader acceptance.
  • Exploitation of "size" as an independent degree of freedom in materials design providing new products with competitive cost and performance advantages using patented technology.
  • Product research and development, applied Innovation, strategic planning, new and exploratory formation of businesses.
  • Development of specialized production processes and analytical tools, packaging and preservation techniques for product.


Undisclosed Company, CTO and Technical Staff Member, 1999 - 2016

  • Direct product research and development and applied innovation, strategic planning, new and exploratory business.
  • Responsible for driving new product and program initiatives providing increased revenues and growth for clients.
  • Scientific and technical program manager with hands-on exploitation of nanotechnology for product development.
  • Responsible for identifying market trends for nanomaterials applications and broader acceptance.
  • Scientific and technical program manager focused on developing new reactor technology allowing broader customer reach.
  • Identify new business opportunities, prepared successful proposals, including cost and budget, understanding client's company capabilities, development, production, and economic product boundaries.
  • Served as customer point of contact and negotiated all aspects of (government CPFF and FFP and industry) contracts including post award modifications.
  • Provided technical assessment of and subject matter expertise for the patent process.
  • Mentored the development of young engineers, scientists, project, business and administrative personnel.
  • Pioneer in the discovery, development of nanomaterial products and the development of proprietary processes for their production.
  • Extensive Program Management in new product, new materials research and development, and prototype development.


NASA Ames, Sunnyvale, CA - High discrimination absorbents for Water Recycle System Closure

  • Led the development of a new process to dry water recovery brines created on the International Space Station.
  • Developed a proprietary absorbent that sequestered a single brine component - without drying was inhibited.
  • The developed absorbent added 1% wt. provided for complete drying of ISS brines under thermal processes.
  • Cost savings are estimated between $320 million during the lifetime of the station.
  • Responsible for the planning and executing all tasks and meeting goals on time and on budget.
  • Proprietary absorbent nanopowder allowed for the first ever detailed elucidation of the composition of ISS brines.

Center for Advanced Photonics Research, Phila, PA - Nanomaterials by Design Reactor

  • Managed customer sponsored research and development to designed and developed specialized reactor to use shaped femtosecond laser pulses as a reactant to control chemistry at the nanoscale.
  • Inventor of particle size and composition via modification of laser pulse spectral and temporal content.
  • Pioneered nanoparticle formation using light pulses containing "information" reactant molecules "understand."

Hughes Research Laboratory, Malibu, CA - High gain and discrimination antennas

  • Develop metal alloy particles for composites used in miniature ultra high gain antenna applications.
  • Responsible for the planning and executing of all tasks and meeting goals on time and on budget.
  • Product was selected "best" from a round robin competition of several nanopowder companies and was the only company selected for further product development.
  • Developed specialized product handling and packaging to protect pyrophoric product from exposure to oxygen.
  • Delivered several pounds of nano-alloys of various compositions for incorporation into composite.
  • Worked with other contractors to ensure material integrity was maintained throughout production.

General Motors, Detroit, MI - Fuel cell components

  • Develop process to produce nanopowders for fuel cell components.
  • Responsible for the planning and executing of all project tasks and meeting goals.
  • Develop processing for new materials development which included RF plasma and produced several materials at quantities specified for customer for further testing,
  • First to discover silicon nanopowder unique properties.

Vortec Corporation, Collegeville, PA, Advanced Materials Manager, 1997 - 1999

  • Led advanced materials research and development and reactor prototype development efforts.
  • Responsible for program management and served as principal investigator for government sponsored projects for the development of nano-powder reactor technology and nanomaterials with defense applications.
  • Wrote many successful proposals for the development advanced materials and advanced materials processing technology.

Senior Scientist, 1996 - 1997

  • Developed advanced modeling of thermochemistry of combustion process gases and development of fluoride partitioning agents.
  • Developed air/water pollution control model for the fate of radionuclide partitioning (125 isotopes).

Los Alamos National Laboratory. Los Alamos, NM, Technical Staff Member, 1990 - 1995

  • Principal investigator of CRAD with industrial partner on electronic materials and nuclear waste stabilization and purification technology.
  • Project Leader - Discretionary Internal Research and Development (IRAD) sponsored projects.
  • Developed technology for the synthesis of complex ceramic nanopowders.
  • Invented complex nano-powder mass production technology, nuclear waste processing, superconducting micro-circuitry lithography and fullerene-based system for stabilizing nuclear materials (and other stuff).
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics IRAD review committee member.

Ayerst Pharmaceutical Laboratories Research Inc., Princeton, NJ, Assistant Scientist, 1985 - 1986

  • Developed methods of analysis for mass screening drug candidates.

Diabetes Research Center, University of Pennsylvania, Research Specialist, 1982 - 1985

  • Developed cryochemical and fast freezing processes for the study of transient biochemistry and biophysics.


Temple University, Philadelphia PA, Chemistry Department

  • Associate Professor and Adjunct Faculty Member - Solid State chemistry and Physical Chemistry

Drexel University, School of Biomedical Engineering

  • Physics and Chemistry Departments, Research Associate Professor. Introduced Drexel University to nanotechnology, was the principal investigator for the university's first nanotechnology research contract (Development and Applications of Complex Nano-powders for IR Missile Domes).

Chemical Engineering Department, Adjunct Associate Professor.

  • Physics Department, Associate Professor
  • Chemistry Department, Associate Professor, Chemistry for Engineers: key part of the "TDEC" program, assumed all course responsibilities included managing 3 professors and 30 teaching assistants - class size 595. Wave Mechanics and Optics: upperclassmen undergraduate course - assumed all course responsibilities.

Honors & Publications


  • Los Alamos National Laboratory, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Exploratory Research and Development Center
  • University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Biochemistry and Biophysics Graduate Research Fellow
  • Wharton SBDC, Business Development
  • United States Department of Energy, Contractor
  • Fluent in: Computational modeling in fluids, heat transfer and thermodynamics, mathematics, MS Office, MS Project.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Society for Metals - ASM International
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers - AIChE
  • Materials Research Society


  • Certificates of Recognition, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Distinguished Performance Award, Individual, (nominee: Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Publications and Patents

Author of numerous publications

  • 92 sponsored research reports
  • 26 peer review papers
  • 40 presentations - national and international
  • 7 U.S. National and International patents


  • Ph.D. Chemistry (Physical and Materials), Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
  • M.S. Theoretical Chemistry, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
  • B.S. Theoretical Chemistry, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
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