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Hydrogen Plant Operations and Refinery Chemical Expert

Technical Consultant #2261


  • More than over 40 years of experience as a process engineer based on a long-term career with Exxon Research & Engineering Company.
  • Process technical advisor for new and recommissioned hydrogen (H2) plant startups.
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of H2 plant incidents.


Independent Consultant

  • Assessed feedstock changes pertinent to the CoSyn Technology and H2 plant consulting for Syncrude H2 Plant 9-3.
  • Conducted an H2 plant scoping study (capacity expansion study, reliability issues and existing plant constraints) for Marathon Petroleum Company.
  • Reviewed DEVOL and Reforming Unit Designs for a Commercial Gasification Plant (non-process review of unit designs).
  • Acted as the proprietary third party H2 generation process evaluation.
  • Assisted a catalyst vendor on H2 plant catalyst problems.
  • Developed H2 plant procedures and reviewed Catacarb operations.
  • Assessed a vendor's H2 recovery unit capability and performance.
  • Provided services as a process H2 plant consultant regarding refinery litigation claim.

Exxon Research & Engineering Company

Projects Department, Gas Processes Section

  • Developed methanol plant project on-sites process design bases.
  • Conducted many H2 plant process screening studies.
  • Developed several H2 plant onsite design bases.
  • Assisted numerous onsite H2 plant turnarounds.
  • Acted as startup Advisor for new and recommissioned H2 plants.
  • Trained many engineers and plant operators on H2 plants.
  • Evaluated and coordinated acceptable catalysts for H2 plants.
  • Ran H2 plant Symposia for contact engineers and operators.
  • Developed capacity debottleneck project bases for H2 plants.
  • Maintained information network for H2 plant contact engineers.
  • Conducted numerous field assignments.
  • Evaluated gasification alternatives to steam reforming for H2.
  • Promoted H2 molecule management for refinery operating cost reduction.
  • Provided almost daily technical consulting to Exxon's world-wide affiliates on H2 plants, H2 recovery, and H2 management.
  • Conducted research and development studies on new H2 technologies and ideas.

Process Design Department, Planning Engineering Division

  • Conducted economic screening studies for refinery process selection.
  • Developed new refinery project final onsite design bases.
  • Developer refinery expansion project final onsite design bases.
  • Conducted economic research and development planning studies for alternative fuels.
  • Evaluated competitive refinery process technologies.
  • Studied economics of oil sands alternative processing options.
  • Developed coal gasification project onsite design bases.
  • Assessed heavy crude alternative processing options.
  • Member of the Liquefied Natural Gas Task Force.


  • M.B.A. State University of New York, Buffalo, New York
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
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