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Energy Systems and Technologies Consultant Specializing in CHP and Distributed Generating Systems

Technical Consultant #2235


  • Conceptualization, evaluation, design, specification and implementation of power plant systems and equipment.
  • Economic evaluation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Distributed Generation (DG), District Energy Systems and Central Station power plants.
  • Thermodynamic and economic modeling of complex energy systems.
  • Economic optimization and life cycle cost, Levelized Cost of Energy, LCOE evaluations of complex energy systems.
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology.
  • Power Plant equipment including heat exchangers, pumps, turbines, fuel cells, chillers, etc.
  • Preparation of strategic and master plans relating to energy and utility systems.
  • Operations and maintenance of energy facilities.
  • Forensic investigation of system and equipment performance issues and failures.
  • Utility Rate Tariffs - URT.
  • Energy storage systems including thermal, static and dynamic energy storage.
  • Energy and economic efficiency improvement.
  • Renewable energy systems including alternative fuels and waste to energy.
  • Data center energy supply.


Undisclosed Company, Independent Consultant, 2016 - Present

  • Provide specialized consulting services in all areas relating to end user energy systems including onsite generation, HVAC systems, central and distributed utilities.

Undisclosed Engineering Firm, Senior Project Manager, 2008 - 2016


Undisclosed technology client

  • Prepared evaluations of energy supply systems for next generation of "Mega" Data Centers for a technology client.

Fuel Cell Energy - Project Manager

  • First U.S. installation of fuel cells (3MW) in combination with a natural gas turbo-expander (1 MW) at a gate station in the U.S.
  • OTEC International, Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Power Plants (Ongoing)
  • Design, performance analysis, and cost estimate for a 100 MW (net) OTEC plant to be located on a floating platform off the coast of Hawaii and 6.25 MW barge mounted plants for the Caribbean.
  • Named as Co-Inventor on multiple patents and pending applications filed encompassing the OTEC Cycle Design, plant concept and equipment design.
  • Leading research and development of patented advanced heat exchanger design at University of Maryland to expand IP portfolio for client.

USVA( U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) and CHP (Combined Heat and Power) feasibility studies

  • Prepared proposals that won last nine consecutive competitive study awards
  • Led team that prepared CHP Feasibility Studies at USVA Medical Centers around the country.
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory, Utilities Master Plan
  • Led Proposal Team to win award
  • Led preparation of Utilities Master Plan including CHP Feasibility Study
  • Led design of replacement for main cooling tower

Revel Casino

  • Led due diligence evaluation of central utilities for unfinished 52 story casino/hotel in Atlantic City. Recommended against further investment.

DMJM Harris - AECOM, New York City, NY, Senior Energy Engineer, 2006 - 2008

  • Senior Engineer in Energy Consulting Group responsible for project development from study phase through engineering including evaluation of existing facilities.
  • Specific projects include:
  • Thermal storage for 500 MW Poletti Combined Cycle Power Plant TIAC System
  • Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare evaluation of new anthracite coal burning boiler problems.
  • College of Staten Island Energy Master Plan.
  • Lehman College Energy Master Plan.
  • SUNY Purchase College Ice Thermal Storage Feasibility Study and Design.
  • City College Of New York rehabilitation of boiler damaged by explosion during startup.

Pfizer Inc., New York City, NY, Senior Project Manager and Engineer, 1990 - 2005

  • Led effort to evaluate safety of boilers at a plant after an explosion.
  • Made initial site visit for inspection and led team that was able to recommend keeping the plant, which produced product that supported over $1 billion in sales, on line while upgrades were made.
  • Restructured recommendations for utility plant replacements at two domestic sites to save more than $75 million in capital expenditure and reduced operating costs as well by including repowering with gas turbines.
  • Performed numerous evaluations of impact of plant growth and shrinkage based on changing business needs due to concerns of outside consultants maintaining the required level of confidentiality.
  • Conceived of and managed the design of $40 million central utilities for the main research campus that represent the first time a site wide utility master plan was used in the company.
  • Led team that evaluated power and energy supply requirements for proposed 100,000 square foot 2 data center.
  • Primary author of first Corporate Energy Conservation Guideline to address global warming within company.
  • Taught seminars at company conferences on subjects such as: Economic Modeling, Cogeneration, Utility Master Planning, Chillers and Other Prime Movers.
  • Managed capital appropriation process and engineering for over 50 MW of cogeneration projects including plants in The U. S., Japan, Brazil, UK, and Puerto Rico.

Goldman, Copeland, Batlan & Oxman, New York City, NY, 1989 - 1990

Project Manager and Engineer

  • Led design teams on large high rise commercial and institutional projects including replacement of the infrastructure for Grand Central Terminal.

Sverdrup Corp. , New York City, NY, Assistant Department Manager - Mechanical, 1986 - 1989

  • Project Manager of Task Order Contract with the FAA to provide engineering services for their Technical Center in Pomona, New Jersey.
  • Responsibilities included development of proposals, fee negotiation and administration of ongoing tasks. Turned money losing effort into profitable project.
  • Group leader on design of aviation facilities for Fort Drum. Responsibilities included direction of mechanical design portion of the $60 million construction project.

Carlson & Sweatt - Monenco, New York City, NY, Project Manager and Engineer, 1981 - 1986

  • Project Manager and Engineer responsible for design of first retrofit heat recovery system including absorption chilling onto existing prime power diesel generators in Puerto Rico for Johnson & Johnson Baby Products Co.
  • Project Engineer responsible for heat rate performance evaluation of Philadelphia Electric Co. base load coal fired power stations for the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission.
  • Project Engineer responsible for preparation of feasibility study to evaluate cogeneration for a major plant site of Merck, Sharpe and Dohme. Options included oil, gas turbine and coal fired plants in various configurations.
  • Project Manager and Engineer responsible for improving HVAC systems at the N.Y.C., Dept. of Sanitation Central Repair Shop, the largest such facility east of the Mississippi River.

Pope, Evans and Robbins, New York City, NY, Project Manager and Engineer, 1979 - 1981

  • Lead engineer responsible for all aspects of converting a central steam plant with three 90,000 Lb./Hr. boilers from oil to coal firing including environmental control systems.
  • Lead engineer responsible for preparing evaluation of wood firing for a boiler plant located in a national park.

Ebasco Services, New York City and St. Lucie, NY and Florida, 1974 -1979

Lead Engineer

  • Was the first engineer assigned to the St. Lucie Unit 2 Nuclear Plant site after construction permit issued and set up site design engineering group.
  • Site Project Engineer until position filled permanently, then led Mechanical Engineering group.
  • Wrote procedures for engineering and construction interfaces that contributed to the plant having the fastest time ever from permit to commercial operation.
  • Reengineered piping fabrication techniques to eliminate 95% of field cutting and back welding of small bore pipe.
  • Led group of 18 engineers and designers. As part of responsibilities trained young engineers through mentoring and selective assignments.

Lead Systems Engineer

  • Specified and purchased all major process equipment for the plant including feedwater, condensate and heater drain pumps, feedwater heaters, steam condenser, etc. for the St. Lucie Unit No. 2 Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Provided back fit engineering support for operating Unit No. 1. Engineered modifications and provided system evaluations for heater drain, feedwater and emergency cooling water systems. Analyzed performance at 'off design' conditions.
  • At initial startup of Unit No. 1, the plant could not go above 80% capacity. Prepared analysis that showed how to solve problem for $50,000 rather than $5 million as proposed by operations group. Fix was installed within 30 days and the unit set records for first year output.


  • Created and taught 3 credit graduate engineering course entitled "Economic Evaluation of Complex Energy Systems."

Honors & Publications


  • OSHA training course work.


  • Professional Engineer-P.E., New York, New Jersey and Florida

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)


  • Adjunct Professor of the Year - CCNY School of Engineering

Publications and Patents

  • Author of numerous publications for peer reviewed journals, presentations, and educational text.
  • Holding patents relating to OTEC technology, including process design and heat exchangers


  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, The City College of New York (CCNY), New York, NY
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, The City College of New York (CCNY), New York, NY
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