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Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU) Process Engineering Expert

Technical Consultant #2217


  • Over Thirty years of experience in process engineering in the petroleum refining industry, based on a long-term career with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company.
  • Focused on fluidized bed catalytic cracking unit (FCCU) design, start-up, operations, troubleshooting, and optimization.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Advisor, Present

  • Providing consulting in the FCC units design, operation, optimization, and troubleshooting for the petrochemical industries.


  • FCCU troubleshooting and operation problems including catalyst losses, catalyst circulation.
  • Developed FCC unit operating procedures, including start-up, shutdown, and emergency procedures.
  • Contributed to FCC risk assessment analyses.
  • Participated in FCC reliability assessments, recommend means for improving run lengths.
  • Developed and presented FCC operator training courses.
  • Performed FCC turnaround inspections and develop requirements for necessary equipment repair/modifications.
  • Provided onsite FCC unit start-up coverage.
  • Established equipment design criteria, procedures, and standards for fluidized solids.
  • Developed FCC equipment designs to improve unit performance, expanded capacity, and adapted to changes in feedstocks, and in operating objectives.
  • Conducted process improvement studies considering unit equipment constraints, alternate equipment or operating procedures required to meet objectives, and development of incentives for project justification.
  • Reviewed FCC equipment designs for compatibility with expected future operations.
  • Developed research and development programs, budgets, resource needs, and schedules for FCC improvements.
  • Developed FCCU yield performance predictions including assessment of feedstock impacts and adequacy of existing equipment to achieve desired objectives.
  • Supervised FCC process engineers covering a full range of engineering services, including:
  • Research and Development of new and innovative design modifications for unit profit improvement.
  • Improvement and standardization of yield prediction models for changing operating conditions, feed rates, and fee quality.
  • Improvement of yield prediction tools to incorporate prediction correlations for trace components.
  • Developed proposals for potential licensing of FCCU technology.
  • Prepared Design Bases for new FCC designs or unit modifications.
  • Provided consulting services for third parties assessing the development of new fluid solids processes, including Flexicokers, covering scale up concerns and solutions.
  • Equipment design recommendations to translate laboratory, bench, and cold flow model data into a viable commercial unit.
  • Permit optimizing equipment cost and yield effects vs. catalyst losses guidance.


  • M.S. Chemical Engineering, Newark College of Engineering, Newark, NJ
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Lafayette College, Easton, PA
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