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Petroleum Industry Electrical Power Engineering Consultant

Technical Consultant #2208


  • Design and analysis of refinery electrical systems to improve system reliability, system capability and providing full Electrical Power Engineering.
  • Project development, system design, contractor follow-up, system studies, equipment applications and ratings, system and equipment protection, troubleshooting, reliability analysis, standards, and training.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Electric Power Advisor, Present

  • Retrofitted electrical systems, purchased power facilities, cogeneration facilities, and power distribution systems.
  • Investigation of electrical upsets; evaluation of electrical system infrastructure and of transformer, circuit breaker emergency overload capability.
  • Identification and correction of system and equipment protection problems.
  • Analysis and correction of excessive short circuit duties.
  • Application and interpretation of electrical standards.

Project Phases

  • Screening, definitive planning, design specifications, and detailed-design quality control.

Key Designing

  • Balancing economics and reliability; developing interconnection configurations and operating controls; designing grounding and protection; providing for future load growth and system expandability.

Representative Work

  • Screening potential projects to improve the capacity and reliability of a refinery's main-power-supply; power system design for a new petrochemical plant; power system design for a major refinery expansion including new cogeneration facilities and revamp of the existing power supply.

Special Studies

  • Load flow, short circuit analysis, equipment applications, generator and large motor dynamics, plant-wide stepped motor reacceleration, relay coordination, cable sizing, voltage and power factor control.


  • M.S. Electric Power Engineering,. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
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