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LNG-Liquified Natural Gas Stratification and Rollover Consultant

Technical Consultant #2202


  • Vaporizing processes in LNG Liquefied Natural Gas and by-product producing power.
  • Refinery and petrochemical mechanical engineer and inventor specific focus in hazardous waste management and oil loss reduction.
  • Thirty years of professional experience in engineering management for the refinery, petrochemical, and gas processing industries.
  • Project management, refinery operations, process innovation and development.


Undisclosed Company, Present

Inventor and Developer

  • Identified the hazardous LNG phenomenon known today as "rollover."
  • Educator for the phenomena technically and defining the required safe storage procedures and facilities in publication and in conferences of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Gas Association.
  • Natural gas liquefaction process
  • Hindered amines gas treating process
  • Process for vaporizing LNG and producing by product power
  • Flare stack Y-Leg Seal

Technical Startup Leader

  • 120 kB/SD LNG Plant in Marsa El Brega, Libya
  • $100 million Esso Standard Italiana Mogas Project (Reformer and Control House with TDC 3000 Computer Control)
  • 65 kB/SD ISAB (Sicily) Refinery

Technical Project Manager

  • $900 million Esso Standard Thailand Refinery Expansion
  • $400 million Chevron Flexicoker
  • $1,200 million Maraven (Venezuela) Conversion Project
  • $100 million Esso Standard Thailand Platforming (UOP) Unit

Task Force Leader

  • Exxon USA Baton Rouge Refinery Hazardous Waste Minimization Study
  • Exxon USA Bayway Refinery Hazardous Waste Minimization Study
  • Exxon Corporation World Wide Oil Loss Reduction Effort
  • Lago (Aruba, NA) Refinery Project Betterment Study
  • Design of Exxon USA SYU (California) Onshore Gas Treating Facilities

Honors & Publications


  • Holds five U.S. patents


  • Lectured and published on numerous technical subjects including LNG stratification and rollover


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ
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