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Civil Design and Construction Engineering: Major Projects; Domestic and Foreign Governments for Marina, Roadways and Airports

Technical Consultant #2197


  • Civil engineering design in new construction, existing structures, bulkheads and ports, and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Nineteen years of experience in design and engineering of structural and civil projects.
  • Commercial and industrial buildings, marine and waterfront structures, wastewater treatment plants, general civil and temporary designs for construction.
  • Planning design, specifications, estimating, and observation of construction in progress.
  • Design assistance using Excel and Mathcad, Risa 3D, PCACOL, Group, LPile, CWALSHT, PYWall, and AutoCad.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineering Advisor, Present

  • Provided temporary structural engineering services to jobsites.
  • Designed critical lifts, including crane selection, clearance checks, ground bearing pressure checks, lift plans.
  • Duct demolition and replacement: strength evaluation and lug design for new and existing ducts, analysis of existing steel support frame to support demolition.
  • Temporary earth retaining sheet pile walls for below grade construction.

Structural Buildings Projects

  • U.S. Coast Guard, Galveston Ship Channel, Texas: Designed 110-foot range tower for hurricane and ice loading conditions, using Risa 3D.
  • U.S. Coast Guard, Delaware River, Delaware: Designed 115-foot deep-water range tower for hurricane and ice loading conditions, using Risa 3D structural analysis program.
  • Olmsted Miter Gate Storage Yard at Smithland, Illinois: Worked on a new miter gate storage yard facility to store and maintain (2)-230 ton miter gates for the Olmsted Lock and Dam.
  • Designed an H-pile supported structural foundation system approximately 250'x150'
  • Designed a 60-foot concrete building with 2-foot thick walls used to support both miter gates during maintenance and storage.
  • Evaluated the concrete building for seismic conditions by developing a site specific response curve and evaluating the seismic behavior of the building using Risa 3D.
  • Andrews Distributing Company, Corpus Christi, Texas: Designed piers, grade beams, and slab for approximately 105,000 square foot office and refrigerated warehouse distribution center.
  • City of Corpus Christi, Texas: Designed 6 stiffened slab-on-grade foundations buildings with masonry block walls and a hybrid metal roof system constructed from wide flange roof beams with purlins and a standing seam roof for the new solid waste landfill.
  • Designed Cast-in-place and precast box culvert system for office site drainage.
  • Heldenfels Enterprises, Fort Hood, Texas: Analyzed and designed connections for prestressed double tees, inverted tee beams, and precast concrete beams for 64,000-SF Fort Hood Primary Care Clinic.
  • Schlitterbahn, South Padre Island, Texas: Footings design for various rides at water theme park.
  • Government of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Island: Designed three masonry buildings for severe seismic and hurricane conditions.
  • Designed concrete tanks for different treatment processes, concrete and aluminum stairways, and miscellaneous structural steel associated with treatment facility.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma: Designed stiffened slab-on-grade foundations for three buildings and tank farm, and in-ground liquid retaining tank for site drainage of hazardous waste storage and transfer facility.
  • Government of Peru, Lima, Peru: Feasibility study for La Chirra wastewater treatment plant, including detailed calculations, sizing structures for quantity, and cost estimates.

Bulkhead - Marine - Ports Projects

  • Port of Corpus Christi Authority, Texas: Designed pile group and monopile breasting structures, fender system, and personnel walkways for Oil Dock.
  • Art Museum, Corpus Christi, Texas: Designed new bulkhead and A-frame anchor system for protection of floodwalls in addition to slab-on-grade design for erosion protection behind bulkhead.

Civil Engineering Projects

  • City of Corpus Christi, Texas: Designed analysis and cost estimates for Leopard Street Phase III Roadway Improvements. Identified clear zone and driveway violations along roadway. Designed box culvert extensions at Rand Morgan Road.
  • Bergstrom Air Force Base, Texas: Designed drainage channel using Eagle Point surface modeling package as part of remedial design for landfill closure.
  • Kelly Air Force Base, Texas: Cross-connection survey of water distribution system for approximately 20 buildings, which included evaluating water system and identifying locations of contamination and potential contamination of potable water system. Recommended solutions to cross-connection problems in the form of backflow preventers or rerouting of parts of the water system.

Environmental Projects

  • Fort Sam Houston, Texas: Designed 6,000-gallon above-gound storage tank (AST) for Heliport fuel dispensing site and two 500-gallon ASTs for emergency generators.
  • Upgraded 20 existing underground storage tanks (UST) to meet EPA and Texas spill/overfill and cathodic protection regulations.
  • City of Austin, Texas: Designed slurry cutoff walls to intercept leachate flow and design revetment mat for slope stabilization at Steiner Landfill.
  • McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas: Designed biopolymer trench for interception of contaminated groundwater plume and foundation and masonry building for treatment house facility.
  • Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas: Designed concrete parshall flumes for NPDES permit for measurement of storm drainage flows.
  • Federal Aviation Administration, Corpus Christi, Texas: Environmental investigation of proposed site for new air traffic control tower at Corpus Christi International Airport.


  • Zachry Industrial Inc., San Antonio, Texas
  • Engineering Services, Corpus Christi, Texas, Owner
  • Shiner Moseley & Associates, Inc., (HDR Inc), Corpus Christi, Texas, Project Engineer
  • Butler Manufacturing, San Marcos, Texas, Structural Engineer
  • Parsons Engineering Science, Inc., Austin, Texas, Structural Engineer
  • Draftsman/Cad Technician in various fields such as architecture, civil, structural, marine structural, land development, water/wastewater, and environmental.

Honors & Publications


  • Registered Professional Engineer in the States of Texas and Maryland

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Institute of Steel Construction


  • B.S. Civil Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
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