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Refinery Turbine and Compressor Engineering Consultant

Technical Consultant #2180


  • Thirty-five years of broad experience in equipment health monitoring, facilities design, operation, maintenance, and project development for rotating equipment.
  • Worked on new machines and rerates with most major machinery vendors.
  • Good knowledge of all machinery materials construction and API machinery specifications.
  • Qualified in research and engineering work processes (specific to ExxonMobil) in project development, NPQC, design audits.
  • Perform design audit analysis such as performance models, lateral critical speed analysis, torsional analysis.
  • Extensive experience with the development and use of Exxon Mobil GP's.
  • Support for implantation of complex projects with strategic significance to business.


Undisclosed Company, Refinery Rotating Equipment, Engineering Expert, Present

  • Leadership of multi-year programs to exploit technology developments for special purpose turbines and compressors in the refining and chemical industries.
  • Establish stakeholder support for implementation of complex projects with strategic significance to business.

Imperial Oil, Engineering Services Canada - Toronto, Ontario, 1975 - 2011

Distinguished Engineering Associate, Machinery, 1995 - 2011

  • Supported the ongoing planning, operations, projects and maintenance of machinery assets within Imperial Oil downstream facilities in conjunction with Syncrude operation.
  • Acted as a technical consultant and represented Imperial Oil externally within the ExxonMobil family on machinery matters.
  • Provided technical leadership to a group of 3 other machinery engineers.
  • Worked as part of an integrated project team to develop specifications, purchase, design, test, install and commission 3 centrifugal compressor trains and about 50 pumps.
  • Lead machinery NPQC Engineer on PRISM project to install hydro fining units in 3 Imperial Oil refineries.
  • Worked as part of an integrated project team with the engineering contactor to develop specifications, purchase, design, test, install and commission 3 centrifugal compressor trains and about 50 pumps.
  • Consulted throughout the Cold Lake Mahkeses project on the selection, purchasing, vendor assembly, and site installation and commissioning of 2 GE Frame 7 EA gas turbines.
  • Participated in various roles on machinery overhauls at 4 Imperial Oil refineries including standard maintenance overhauls, re-rate projects and major train replacements. Vendors include Dresser Rand, Elliott, Sulzer, GE and Westinghouse.
  • Lead machinery NPQC Engineer on POP project to install a new MHI recycle compressor in the Dartmouth Powerformer unit. Design audit performed in-house.
  • Lead machinery NPQC Engineer on the RHIP hydrofiner project to install a new MHI recycle compressor in Strathcona refinery. Design audit performed in-house.
  • Led the installation of Equipment Health Monitoring initiative within Imperial Oil. This involved adding or upgrading vibration monitoring hardware on all compressor trains. Installed 12 networked Servers running Bently Nevada System 1 software. In later years added about 1000 pumps to the monitoring program.
  • Conducted reliability gap assessments at 3 Imperial Oil refineries.
  • Conducted Global Energy Management rollouts at 4 Imperial Oil refineries.
  • Mentored a number of engineers and technologists on machinery and career issues.

Mechanical Head, Nitrogenous Operations, Agricultural Chemicals, Complex, Canada, 1990 - 1992

  • Supervised; project engineering, maintenance engineering, rotating machinery and static equipment inspection.
  • Nitrogenous management lead; maintenance and engineering interface.
  • Developed Safety Management Practices and led site to certification.
  • Developed site quality control manual and submitted for Alberta Boilers Branch approval.
  • Set up and conducted a disaster simulation exercise for the site.

Senior Machinery Engineer, Agricultural Chemicals Technology Division, 1987 - 1990

  • Machinery engineer for the agricultural chemicals technology division, responsible for machinery at fertilizer plants worldwide.
  • Supported turnarounds in both Sarnia Chemicals and Daharki Fertilizer Plant in Pakistan.
  • Designed uprates for the reciprocating compressors at Daharki Fertilizer Plant.

Senior Machinery Engineer, Agricultural Chemicals Complex , Alberta, Canada, 1983 - 1985

  • Set up vibration monitoring program for new ammonia and urea units.
  • Consulted with process control applications engineers to set up RTO model of the new ammonia unit.

Project Machinery Specialist, Nitrogen Complex Project, Alberta, Canada, 1980 - 1983

  • A $390 million project to construct at Redwater the largest single train ammonia unit and accompanying urea unit in the world.
  • From a machinery standpoint it consisted of 80,000 HP in 5 major turbo compressor trains. These trains included a gas turbine, 2 steam turbines, 2 electric motors and 10 compressor casings.
  • Oversee the specification, purchasing and detailed engineering of these compressor trains along with some 100 pumps and other miscellaniouis mechanical equipment in the contactors office.
  • Provided mechanical equipment such as pressure vessels, the piping specification, and reactor internals.
  • Responsible for witnessing the performance testing of all of the major compressor trains in the manufacturers shops.
  • Led a group of engineers and inspectors during the installation of all of the rotating equipment on this project.
  • Led a group of 4 engineers during the commissioning of the facilities. This was accomplished mid -winter in Alberta ahead of schedule and under budget.

Various Operations and Maintenance Roles, Fertilizer Plants, 1975 - 1980

  • Supervised the inspection function at site for a short period of time.
  • Developed vibration monitoring program for compressors in the ammonia unit using a new technology - Bently Nevada.
  • Developed a monitoring program for furnace tubes which was used as a basis for furnace re-tubing.
  • Developed from a maintenance generalist into a machinery specialist.

Exxon Mobil, Baton Rouge Chemical Plant, Section Head, Machinery, 1992 - 1995

Senior Staff Engineer

  • Supported major machinery division in the Baton Rouge Chemical Plant.
  • These included approximately 15 compressor trains and 5 gas turbines.
  • Supported machinery overhauls as well as day to day operational support. Responsibilities were:
  • Shift machinery team leader on the Baton Rouge Olefins turnaround.
  • Extensive machinery overhauls, 1 compressor turbine replacement and major piping modifications were made to the NACC area.
  • For a period of 1 year acted as Machinery Section head for a group of about 20 engineers and technologist
  • Provided support for Polymers area which included a GE Frame 5 driven compressor train and some very unique pieces of polymers equipment.
  • Provided support for a Westinghouse 501 D5 gas turbine generator located at our partnered Entergy Louisiana station.
  • Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team to develop a new butyl reactor circulating pump.

Senior Staff Machinery, Engineer, Chemical Divisions (Baytown and Florham Park), 1985 - 1986

  • Supported the Baton Rouge Basis Chemicals Turnaround by performing inspections at the Elliott and Dresser Rand shops in New Orleans.
  • Developed the specification and did bid evaluation for Baytown Olefins Plant Cogeneration project.
  • Performed design audit rotor dynamics on the MHI turbines and Elliott compressors for uprates executed in Baytown Olefins Plant turnaround.
  • Provided start-up assistance for the machinery at the Fife Ethylene plant in Scotland.

Honors & Publications


  • Licensed Professional Engineer

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA)


  • B.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
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