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Petroleum Refinery Operations Expert

Technical Consultant #2167


  • Twenty-five years of domestic and international experience in operations, project development, planning, and economics in the petroleum refining industry.
  • Refinery optimization, business operations organization and cost management.
  • Evaluate existing assets and organizational structures, identifying optimal plans to improving the performance of existing organizations.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Chemical Engineer, Present

  • Providing project development, execution of start-ups, planning and economics, technical and maintenance management in operations.
  • Direct the conceptualization, design and coordinate the implementation of over $1 billion in project development and construction, engage in guiding the startup of the new equipment.
  • Reduce refinery dependence on North Slope Crude (ANS) from 80 MBD to zero, developing the plan for complete restructuring of Operations and Maintenance departments and executing plans by creating a general mechanical department.

Valero Benicia Refinery, CA, Director Special Projects, 2012 - 2013

  • Developed strategy and implementation plan for cost reductions through attrition of personnel, overtime reduction, contract renegotiations, improvements in operator care, and maintenance (turnaround) cost reductions $15 to $22 million in reductions.

Maintenance Director, 2008 - 2012

  • Reorganized a dysfunctional hybrid maintenance organization increasing the efficiency by over 70%.
  • Provided on shift instrument and electrical coverage for rapid response and troubleshooting reducing call outs and overtime.
  • Maintained a 1st quartile Solomon routine maintenance department.
  • Achieved 64 month mean time between repairs (MTBR) for pumps.
  • Developed and implemented maintenance program for electrical and critical instruments ranked best in the corporation.

Projects Director, 2003 - 2008

  • Led the conceptual design of a $700 million flue gas scrubber project to reduce NOx, SOx, and particulates produced from a FCCU and fluid coker unit.
  • Designed and built a Butamer, ultra Low sulfur diesel unit, two new 600 MB crude tanks, new diolefin reactors.
  • Exercised a lead role in campus recruiting and career fair effort for Valero at Brigham Young.

Planning and Economics Director, 2002 - 2003

  • Reduced refinery dependence on 80 MB/D Alaska North Slope crude (ANS) to zero, and expanded the crude slate from four crudes to over 15, saving $1/ Bbl. of crude or $80k/day.
  • Provided process and mechanical engineering and inspection support to the Operations.

Exxon/Valero Benicia Refinery, CA Operations Support Department Head, 1999 - 2002

  • Managed refinery labs, mechanical, inspection, and process engineering support.
  • Established refinery inspection plan to bring refinery into API 510 and 653 compliance.
  • Provided day-to-day support, troubleshooting, monitoring of unit operations.

Operations Senior Section Supervisor, 1996 -1999

  • Specialized in hydrocracker, hydrogen, sulfur and fuel gas waste water Stretford and FLEXSORB&38482 units.
  • Successfully convinced the organization to invest in a long neglected area of the refinery, waste water treating, sulfur treating, and fuel gas areas with outstanding results.
  • Led the replacement of Stretford with Flexsorb unit ($15 million).
  • Installed new iron co-precipitation unit for selenium removal ($15 million).
  • Installed new sulfur pit, pumps, and sulfur tank to eliminate costly overflow clean ups and high maintenance costs ($4 million).
  • Participated in the 1st use of titanium sulfur catalyst for extended runs.
  • Justified and later installed new tail gas hydrotreating unit to extend refinery turnaround cycle.
  • Installed 2nd pre BIOX (biological oxidation unit) unit to process additional 75 gpm of sour water.

Senior Start-up Section Supervisor, Mogas Reformulation Project, 1994 - 1996

  • Successfully led the start-up team for the $220 million project to meet new CA regulatory requirements for gasoline.
  • Critical duties involved process design and maintenance access reviews, start-up, shutdown, emergency procedures, monitoring construction, final equipment checkout, and supervision of five Operations Supervisors and twenty-one operators.

Senior HQ Staff Engineer, 1990 - 1994

  • Various staff positions in Refining and Supply areas
  • Participated in strategic studies of pipeline use, dock utilization, personnel optimization, managing the crude assay program for Exxon USA and various other assignments.

Operations Section Supervisor, HCU and Hydrogen units, 1987 - 1990

  • Installation of new Gas Turbine controls
  • New interbed assemblies in hydrocracking reactors increased feed over 15%, nominally 5 million barrels per day.
  • Refinery engineering, overseas assignment to Saudi Arabia, Planning and Economics positions.


  • MBA, International Finance, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
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