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Material Processing Technology Expert: Test Centers, Quality and Process Technology

Technical Consultant #2152


  • Materials processing technology knowledge
  • Granulation expert, experience in over 300 industries.
  • Laboratory pilot and production size testing using, a wide variety of mixing, granulating, pelletizing technologies, particle size reduction and classification technologies, drying and calcining technologies, and material conveying and feeding technologies.
  • Maximizer-devise ways to measure performance, investigate the cause and effect relationships in processing materials to achieve desired results.
  • Project management skills including planning and experimental design.


Undisclosed Company, Owner, 2012 - Present

  • Improve operations efficiency.
  • Qualify and communicate process technology.
  • troubleshoot production issues.
  • Commission process technology.


  • Numerous TeleCom consulting, to optimize granulation process.
  • Aquion Energy, support process optimization goals, granulation process.
  • L3-COM, Aviation Recorders, support documentation audits and over 250 boards.
  • Imerys Minerals, Oilfield Minerals, support process system audit, training.

Eirich Machines, Inc., 1997 - 2011

  • Worldwide supplier of material process engineering solutions, offering grinding, mixing, drying, granulating, and pelletizing technologies. 1250 employees, 11 companies on 4 continents.

Test Manager

  • This test center is equipped with bench and pilot scale test machines for each process technology marketed.
  • Manage customer relationships for pre-sale test requirements, including test design, test performance, and test report with equipment and system recommendations.
  • New equipment and system sale startup commissioning, follow-up customer service, process optimization consulting services.
  • Responsible for coordinating all tests performed at Eirich test center, customer's plant location, and/or third party vendor location. Granulation expert, experience in over 300 industries.
  • Developed and created several new process innovations.
  • Secured a $15 million system order by persuading the customer to use these several new process innovations, and successfully led laboratory and proposed pilot plant testing plan.
  • Quadrupled product production and increased product yields by re-engineering and maximizing an industry process for an international company's product.
  • Optimized a customer's pelletizing operations and reduced recycle material waste by 50% by; conducting tests, and providing mixing technology training to the company's product management team over a week long program.
  • Successfully coordinated many off-site vendor partnered systems tests "with customer/client present", which demonstrated the system capabilities and verified system performance for customers' economic evaluation and product qualification targets.
  • Achieved repeated success in technology selection for new customer inquiries by conducting technical interviews, developing process objectives, formulating a test plan, and conducting a side by side mixing performance test for two or three different technologies, with the customer and client present.
  • Reduced recycle material costs, improved process efficiency and product quality by providing customer with onsite mixing technology training to manufacturing product team.

Bulk Processing Technology, Inc., Sugar Grove, IL, General Manager and Partner, 1991 - 1996

  • Locate and setup a new toll processing plant with fine grinding and classifier particle size reduction processing system for dry powder materials.
  • Secured and performed toll milling service contracts for materials companies who provided fire retardant mineral additives for plastics compounding industry.
  • Customers included Dow Chemical, Climax, RMc Minerals, Inc and others. Manage all corporation resources.

Sherman Hospital, Elgin, IL, Operating Engineer, 1992 - 1997

  • Third Shift Stationary Engineer for power plant at Hospital.
  • Manage all HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing utilities.

Prater Industries, Inc. Cicero, IL, Test and Engineering Manager, 1988 - 1991

  • Managed engineering department, test center, quality and value engineering functions. Supervised 9 employees.
  • Several new product innovations were initiated, to resolve current product issues.

Elgin Sweeper Company, (Federal Signal Corp), Elgin, IL, Test Manager , 1980 - 1987

  • Managed all activities of Elgin Sweeper research and development laboratory and supervise a team.
  • Prototyping new products, product improvements, and large scale special order requirements.
  • Managed in house and outside vendor supported build and test requirements.
  • Coordinated all field testing for large scale customers. Manage all laboratory resources.

Baxter Travenol, Round Lake, IL, Manpower Contract Employee Development Engineer

  • Liaised with internal departments to successfully produce, sterilize, QC, and deliver custom blood sets to large key AO Kidney Dialysis accounts.

Honors & Publications


  • Excellence award- Achieved 11 targets as a team member of CF sets task force, (Baxter Travenol)


  • Presentations and training demonstrations - Materials processing and process technology.
  • Conducted technology presentations at industry tradeshows which demonstrated vacuum cooling technology as a new paradigm in foundry green sand preparation.


  • B.S. Industrial Technology, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
  • A.A. Engineering Graphics, Elgin Community College, Elgin, IL
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