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Metallurgical, Materials, and Corrosion Engineering Expert

Technical Consultant #2136


  • Over thirty years of experience in positive material identification (PMI), pipeline technology, pipe manufacturing, pipeline and piping repairs, fitness for service and risk analysis.
  • Expert knowledge in metallurgy engineering codes, standards, and specifications.
  • Specialized experience in performing failure analysis, forensic metallurgy, identifying degradation of materials, materials selection, corrosion prevention, and conversion to gas or NGL service.
  • Prepared and taught technical seminars for pipeline personnel with subjects including welding inspection, pipe and weld defects.
  • Solved special metallurgical and corrosion problems including sour service, environmental cracking and microbiologically influenced corrosion.


Undisclosed Company, Principal Engineer, Metallurgy and Pipelines

  • Consultant and team member on corrosion, metallurgy, pipeline issues, risk analysis and Reliability-Availability-Maintainability (RAM) analysis.

Becht Engineering Co., Liberty Corner, NJ, Advisor, 2004 - 2006

  • Lead engineer for a study on upgrading and rerouting pipelines at a Kuwait refinery.
  • Hazard identification, consequence analyses and quantitative risk analyses were performed in order to study the routing of 21 pipelines.
  • Recommendation was made for an alternate pipeline corridor that would result in lower risk and significantly lower cost.

Abdel Hadi Abdullah Al-Qahtani and Sons, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, 2006 - 2009

Chief Metallurgist

  • Special Consultant to Chairman for metallurgical engineering and manufacturing operations at Group Five Pipe Saudi and other company businesses.
  • Primarily supported Group Five Pipe Saudi, a manufacturer of spiral-welded line pipe to API 5L and Saudi Aramco specifications. Activities included:
  • Assisting QA/QC Department with inspection activities and revising procedures.
  • Qualification for sour service pipe sales to Saudi Aramco.
  • Installation of HIC testing lab.
  • Installation of new metallurgical and mechanical testing lab including selection of a drop weight tear test (DWTT) machine.
  • Specification and procurement of NDT equipment for new Line 3 and Line 4.
  • Development and qualification of raw material suppliers.
  • Training and supervising the Sales Manager.
  • Clarification and renegotiation of a five-year purchase agreement with Saudi Aramco.

Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, 1991 - 2003

  • As Senior Metallurgical Engineer and Metallurgical Engineering Specialist for the Materials Engineering and Corrosion Control Division and Consulting Services Department, performed various services.

Engineering Standards

  • Chairman of Materials and Corrosion Control Standards Committee with responsibility for standards, specifications, and procedures for piping materials and corrosion control.
  • Personally involved writing standards for line pipe, fittings, induction bends, material selection of piping components, positive material identification (PMI), low temperature service, sour service, and fracture control.
  • Materials consultant for valves, pressure vessels and other equipment.
  • Administered and processed interpretations and waivers to standards. A major contributor to a company handbook on "Pipeline Inspection and Defect Evaluation." Member of Offshore Structures Standards Committee.

Pipeline Technology

  • Initiated Saudi Aramco membership in Pipeline Research Council International. Saudi Aramco member on PRCI Board of Directors.
  • Member of PRCI Line Pipe Supervisory Committee and Materials Technical Committee with special interests in stress corrosion cracking and fracture control.

Failure analysis

  • Numerous metallurgical failure analyses on a variety of systems including pipelines and oil company upstream and downstream operations.
  • Work characterized by ability to investigate and determine specific causes of failures and recommend practical solutions.
  • Numerous investigations of sulfide stress cracking (SSC), stress corrosion cracking (SCC), hydrogen induced cracking (HIC), and one case of stress-oriented hydrogen induced cracking (SOHIC).

In-house consulting

  • Frequent email, telephone and personal consultations with project engineers, loss prevention, inspection, materials supply, pipeline, refinery operations, and maintenance personnel solving problems in areas such as; pipeline and plant risk assessment, materials selection, pipeline fitness for service evaluations, repair recommendations, corrosion control, and engineering standards.

Project support

  • Reviewed a variety of design packages for technical merit and compliance with industry and Saudi Aramco standards.
  • Supported Project Management, Purchasing, and Inspection with implementation of engineering standards and specifications and troubleshooting construction problems.

Professional Engineering Development

  • Presented papers and led discussions at company seminars and regional conferences on topics such as stress corrosion cracking of pipelines, microbiologically influenced corrosion, and other failure analysis case studies.
  • Monitored and critiqued in-house courses related to materials engineering. Lead instructor for Saudi Aramco Professional Engineering Development course in Failure Analysis and Material Selection.
  • Featured in videotape montage computer-based version of Material Selection module in Corrosion Basic course. Extensive mentoring of Saudi engineers.

Tennessee Gas Pipeline and Tenneco Gas Transmission, Houston, TX, 1979 - 1991

Staff Metallurgist and Metallurgical Section Supervisor

  • As Staff consultant supported pipeline management decisions by making recommendations dealing with materials, corrosion, welding, and pipeline integrity.
  • Technical supervision of three other metallurgists and a metallurgical laboratory.
  • Technical guidance and approval of reports concerning failure analysis, materials selection and welding.
  • Investigated a variety of pipeline failures: Macro examinations, photography, metallography and mechanical testing were employed as required for the investigation. A written report was submitted for each project with specific recommendations.
  • Coordinated with Quality Assurance Section provided support in areas such as nondestructive testing required for failure analysis, welding inspection, pipeline inspection including stress corrosion cracking.
  • Coordinated with corrosion control personnel - special problem areas; external and internal microbiologically influenced corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and internal corrosion of offshore lines.
  • Section supervisory duties included personnel matters, communication with management, purchasing of equipment and supplies, and recommending annual capital budget items.
  • Managed research projects concerned with stress corrosion cracking and internal corrosion of gas pipelines in offshore areas.
  • As a member of Pipeline Emergency Task Force; dispatched at short notice a number of times to the scene of major service ruptures to assess the damage and initiate failure analysis investigations to determine the cause of the failure.
  • Prepared and taught seminars for pipeline personnel. Subjects have included welding inspection, pipe and weld defects, and codes, standards and specifications.

Honors & Publications



  • Instructor for Southern Gas Association Transmission Construction Inspectors Course
  • Monitored and critiqued in-house courses related to materials engineering as lead instructor for Saudi Aramco

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Active member: American Society for Metals (ASM) and National Association of Corrosion Engineers, (NACE)
  • Active in local NACE chapter and Past Secretary, African and Middle East Region
  • Technical Committee of 8th and 9th Middle East Corrosion Conference
  • Member of Gas Research Institute Biocorrosion Task Group, American Gas Association PRC Line Pipe Research
  • Served on industry committees. Gas Research Institute Biocorrosion Task Group, American Gas Association PRC Line Pipe Research, instructor for Southern Gas Association Transmission Construction Inspectors Course.


  • Presented papers and led discussions at company seminars and regional conferences on pipelines SCC, microbiologically influenced corrosion, and other failure analysis case studies.


  • M.S. Ocean Engineering, Corrosion, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL
  • M.S. Education-Vocational and Technical Education, University of Florida, Ganesville, FL
  • B.S. Metallurgical Engineering, University of North Florida, Jackson, FL
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