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Pipe Stress Failure and Thermo-Hydraulics Modeling and Analysis Expert for Chemical and Nuclear Plants

Technical Consultant #2126


  • Development of new designs meeting code requirements, failure investigation and repair, and FFS (Fitness-For-Service) assessments.
  • Modeling waterhammer transients for piping systems.
  • FEA programs, CAD programs, and fluid modeling programs.


Undisclosed Company, Vice President - Engineering


  • Study of NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) issues related to entrapped gases in liquid lines.
  • Developing hydraulics models and performing analysis of the effects of pump start-up and two-phase transients.
  • Developed a thermal-hydraulic model for short-term LOCA (Loss of Control Accidents) transients in order to develop forcing functions on reactor-internals.
  • Modeling blastwaves exiting high-energy line breaks in nuclear power plants.
  • Extensive experience modeling waterhammer transients for piping systems.


  • Failure investigation of one of the largest mobile cranes in the United States.
  • Developing the structural model for the crane failure used as a benchmark against observations of the event.

Furnace Rehabilitation

  • Technical lead for furnace repair damaged by over pressure events including oversight of field personnel, development of structural reinforcement, and analysis of the completed repairs.

Fitness for Service

  • Analyzed degraded structures and improperly fabricated structures, including buried cooling water pipe in nuclear facilities and large ship loader structures exposed to salt spray and sulfurous coke.
  • Analyzed poor welds and stress-corrosion cracking in weld regions with the fracture mechanics methodology in Div. 3.
  • Helped develop the EPRI fitness-for-service analysis methods and criteria for buried piping.

Computer Modeling

  • FEA programs, CAD programs, and fluid modeling programs, including dynamic time-history, elastic-plastic, cyclic loads, creep studies, and strain limit damage studies from the new Div. 2.
  • Designed high pressure (15,000 psi) fiber-wrapped vessels for hydrogen service.
  • Conducted fitness-for-service analysis on components with local thin areas in piping and weld, misalignment and lack of penetration.
  • Using a fully integrated approach of fluid dynamic modeling to understand potential sources of waterhammer.


  • M.S. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
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