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Nuclear Engineering Expert and ASME Fellow

Technical Consultant #2124


  • Mechanical integrity of piping and pipeline systems, vessels and tanks, and equipment qualification, ASME design and inspection code for mechanical equipment, vessels, tanks, and piping systems.
  • Nuclear PWR (Pressurized Water Reactors) and BWR (Boiled Water Reactors) vessels and piping SME with expert knowledge of fitness-for-service analysis, failure prevention, and equipment integrity.
  • Over forty-three years' of experience in design, analysis, qualification, inspection, fitness-for-service and integrity management, failure analysis and repairs of systems and components in the nuclear power and the process industries, and in the DOE complex.
  • Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • Chairman and member of several Code-writing committees of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), including the Committee on Beyond-Design Basis Events drafting recommendations for post-earthquake response of nuclear power plants.
  • Member of the international OECD/NEA post-Fukushima MECOS committee.


Undisclosed (Engineering) Company, Nuclear Services Division

Chief Engineer; PE, ASME Fellow Engineer

  • Led equipment design, analysis, testing and integrity programs at nuclear power plants and DOE facilities.
  • Acted as senior peer reviewer to utilities, DOE, and engineering companies.
  • Project manager for EPRI projects on design margins and fitness-for-service recent projects.
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Master Instructor of courses to engineers on design of power and process plant mechanical equipment and piping systems.
  • Owner's review of DTE Energy submittal to NRC in support of seismic walkdowns per NTTF recommendation 2.3 as required by NRC 50.54(f) letter.
  • Support for AP1000 pipe rupture hazards analysis; aircraft crash analysis, independent review of plant life extension analyses, feasibility studies for buried pipe options, seismic retrofit analysis and qualification.


  • Owner's review of DTE Energy submittal to NRC in support of seismic walkdowns; support for AP1000 pipe rupture hazards analysis; aircraft crash analysis, independent review of plant life extension analyses, feasibility studies for buried pipe options.

Savannah River Site, Structural Mechanics Section Manager, Aiken, South Carolina

  • Supported facilities operations at a dozen process facilities and power plants, including operations and maintenance support, and design services.
  • Led the completion of equipment qualification (seismic analysis and testing), advanced FEA stress-strain analysis, impact analysis, dynamic loads, design of structures, systems and components, hydraulics and heat transfer analysis and testing, extreme load engineering (seismic, explosion analysis, impact, jet and fragment interaction and whip effects), risk-informed inspection programs, failure analysis, field support and trouble-shooting, and mechanical integrity.
  • Chairman of the Pressure Protection Committee and Chairman of the Piping and Valves Technical Committee
  • Site-wide responsibility for vessels, piping systems, design, analysis, construction, examination, repair and testing of pressure vessels, piping systems, and ASME code compliance (U, R and VR stamps).

Westinghouse Nuclear

  • Stress analysis, mechanical design, equipment qualification, licensing, and pre-operational testing of nuclear power plants.
  • Performed reactor and reactor internals analysis to ASME III, Class 1 fatigue analysis, high energy line break, seismic and dynamic analysis, reactor components manufacturing follow and vendor qualification, stress and thermo-hydraulics analysis and testing in support of ASME reactor components design, start-up testing, and refueling inspection support.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Instructor of failure prevention, inspection, and equipment integrity courses for the ASME Committee Memberships
  • Vice-Chairman of the ASME B31 Mechanical Design Committee
  • Member of the ASME QME (Qualification of Mechanical Equipment), ASME Working Group Piping Design, ASME Post-Construction Committee, Subcommittee on (Post Construction) Repair and Testing, Task Group on Impulsively Loaded Vessels, and Task Group on Polyethylene Pipe.
  • Founding chairman of the Joint ASME-ASCE Joint Task Group on Buried Pipe
  • Member of the Joint ASME-API Task Group on Fitness-for-Service (remaining life of corrode equipment), ASME-IEEE Earthquake Experience Data task Group.


  • Recipient of several awards from ASME, the Pressure Vessel Research Council, and the U.S. Department of Energy.


  • Author of several papers on vessels and piping and two textbooks.


  • M.S. Physics Engineering, State University of Liege, Belgium
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
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