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Polymer Coatings and Toll Processing Consultant

Technical Consultant #2117


  • Polymer synthesis; batch and continuous; emulsion, suspension, solution, dispersion and bulk.
  • Polymer devolatilization; extrusion, stripping and residual reactions.
  • ATRP Polymer technology and process design.
  • Solid Fuel Rocket Motor development and design and defense industry experience.
  • Coatings and paint process technology.
  • PS and EPS processing.
  • Fracking chemicals development.
  • Plastic processing - foam polystyrene.
  • Toll Processing - searches to find capability for production for various polymers and chemicals.
  • Plant design and optimization of processes.
  • High shear mixing technology.
  • Pigment dispersion technology.
  • Chemical process development and design.
  • Low molecular weight acrylic polymer expertise.
  • Chemical engineer in the petroleum, plastics, polymer, coatings, and defense industries.
  • Process engineering, process development, product development, pure research, production, design, construction, purchasing, contract development, and large program/project management.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Provided testimony in patent infringement case against BASF while at PPG.
  • Legal support for residential, municipal, small business solar power and biomass energy litigation and expert witnessing.


Independent Consultant, 2001 - Present

  • Servicing several large and small clients to design, develop, optimize, and produce various polymer and mineral products.
  • Working with a Fortune 500 mineral company to develop functional organic coatings for silica particles used in a variety of specific applications.
  • Six products are currently under semi commercial production and field testing. Searched for and found toll suppliers who had capability to produce the products despite difficult production criteria.
  • Developed an acrylic cosmetic polymer in conjunction with a small specialty company to compete with an existing commercial product. Material was a technical success and is undergoing market trials.
  • Currently working with a startup polymer company using ATRP (atom transfer radical polymerization) technology to develop a gas and oil field product. Efforts include process development and optimization, toll production, waste recovery/recycle, and preliminary plant design/cost estimate.
  • Developed a residual monomer reduction process for a styrenic polymer for an offshore company that was having odor issues with a product. Specified hardware for the plant and assisted in startup.

Alliant Tech Systems (ATK), Rocket Center, WV,, 2008 - 2011

Program Manager - Surface Launch Missile Systems

  • Responsible for development, design, and manufacture of the second stage solid fuel rocket engine for a new missile for a foreign government supported by the U.S. DOD.
  • The engine was successfully developed, test fired, and flight tested. Manufacturing process was developed but not implemented due to the U.S. Government pulling the funding on the program due to the lack of interest by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.
  • Technology was transferred to the foreign country for production.
  • Developed cost estimate and preliminary program plans for a ship launched ship to shore rocket and a small infantry carried rocket for clearing streets.

PPG Industries, Springdale and Allison Park, PA, 1979 - 2008

Manager of Process Research and Sr. Research Associate

  • Developed unique and highly efficient continuous process for producing low molecular weight acrylic polymers.
  • Developed specific polymers for automotive and industrial coatings using the new process.
  • Designed a pilot and eventually a commercial plant to produce these materials. Successfully scaled up to the new commercial unit and it was deemed a commercial success in terms of technology as well as economics
  • Supervised team of engineers, technicians and chemists in the above efforts.
  • Developed new pigment dispersion and coatings processing technology and commercially implemented it into several plants.
  • Completed a world wide assessment of coatings technology for the company president.
  • Visited various facilities in Europe, South America, and Asia to gather data and information. Developed a 5 year strategic plan for development of optimized processing for coatings for PPG including new and innovative techniques, new raw materials, and improved process equipment/procedures.
  • Managed projects at several outside institutions to develop novel processes for coatings including Battelle, Polymer Processing Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and Southwest Research Institute.
  • Developed various resin products using renewable resources as opposed to oil based materials.

Manager of Process Engineering

  • Supervised team of 8 to 10 Chemical Engineers to optimize resin processes being scaled up to a large pilot plant, transfer new technology to six commercial plants, and to develop new resin process technology for the company
  • Designed and installed a batch control system for the resin pilot and semi commercial plants to demonstrate computer control for the manufacture of polymeric resins. Eventually this system was installed in PPG plants worldwide.
  • Developed technical packages for toll production of resins, located potential toll suppliers, contracted for production, and scaled materials to these sights to offset internal production capacity.

Arco Polymers/Arco Chemicals, Monaca, PA, 1969 - 1979

Manager of Expandable Polystyrene Product Development

  • Responsible for development of EPS cup products, packaging products, and building insulation products. Supervised 6 Development Engineers who worked with customer, research and development and customers to commercialize new products and maintain existing products.
  • Commercialized new cup product that represented a 50% increase in profitability of the product line.
  • Transferred technology from Japan to the U.S. for several specialty foams.
  • Developed the "Lost Foam" metal casting product and process and commercialized it for the fine casting industry.

Styrene Complex Coordinator

  • Coordinated efforts between Research, Development, Marketing, Polymer Plants, and Monomer Plants to ensure smooth scale up and implementation of new products and processes within the company. Made sure capacity was in place when and where needed.

Sr. Process Engineer - Polymer Development

  • Optimized polymer processes and solved commercial plant problems.
  • Implemented new products via scale up and equipment design.
  • Worked closely with research and development to transmit capabilities and limitations of existing processes and to guide research to the most cost effective way of scaling up new materials
  • Developed new and very efficient control strategy for addition of blowing agents to polystyrene beads.
  • Developed several bead size control techniques to improve yield of specific sized particles.
  • Developed new packing foam from scrap more efficient than traditional "peanuts."

Honors & Publications


  • Graduated with "High Honors" from University of Maryland
  • Member - Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honorary


  • Spanish - some conversation

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers-AIChE
  • President - University of Maryland Alumni Assoc. of Pittsburgh
  • Member - Mountain Maryland Energy Advisory Committee


  • President's Award at PPG for World Wide Survey of Coatings Technology


  • 1 U.S. patent


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
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