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Nuclear Power Plant Piping and Vessel Design Expert

Technical Consultant #2105


  • Nuclear power plant structures: Design, analysis, construction, and testing of, equipment, piping, vessels, and supports with 40 years of experience.
  • Design Authority for Columbia Generating Station civil and structures, providing discipline approval for plant design changes and ensured plant design basis compliance.
  • ASME code and standards development for the design of pressure vessels, piping, and support structures, holding a variety of leadership roles.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Engineering Advisor and Office Manager, 2011 - Present

  • Provide engineering consulting services for the nuclear power industry and support development of ASME codes and standards.
  • Conducted classes through ASME professional development services:
  • ASME Section III Design of Components, Pressure Vessel.
  • Piping Fitness for service assessment.
  • Design of ASME Class 1, 2, and 3 Piping.
  • Provided assistance in NRC and ACRS reviews, audits, and hearings.
  • Developed design guides for various ASME Section III activities in piping and supports for new nuclear plant design.
  • Completed independent fatigue analysis benchmark of client software and procedures.
  • Supported development of a piping fitness for service program for WRPS, (Washington River Protection Solutions), DOE contractor.
  • Completed update of ASME Companion Guide for Section III NB/NC/ND Piping Design for the 4th edition.
  • Completed an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mission to Borselle Plant in the Netherlands to support 3rd party review of the plant programs for plant life extension.
  • Conducted 3rd party reviews for nuclear power plant owner design changes.
  • Project management and technical responsibility for qualifying effects of waterhammer loads on Hanford Tank Farm piping systems.
  • Developed structural evaluation criteria for Hanford Tank Farm piping system subjected to extreme loads and conducted staff training in utilization and basis of the criteria.

Energy Northwest, Design Authority, 1980 - 2011

  • Oversaw technical adequacy and design basis compliance of all civil, structural and stress impacting changes for Columbia Generating Station.
  • Developed plant design specifications and evaluation and analysis of plant specific components.
  • Provided technical oversight on numerous Columbia Generating Station design projects, including heat exchanger replacement, major pump and valve replacement, and plant condenser internals modular replacement.
  • ASME Class 1, 2, and 3 and B31.1 piping and pipe support analyses.
  • Completed ASME Class 1 and 2 piping support optimizations to eliminate snubbers.
  • Helped develop and complete review of life extension time limited ageing analyses accounting for reactor water environmental fatigue for the plant license renewal.
  • Completed third party review of DOE waste vitrification plant piping design.
  • Worked as part of an engineering team to complete risk Informed ISI programs for 20 international and domestic nuclear plants.
  • Developed training materials for piping degradation assessment for international and domestic plants.
  • Led setup and implementation of plant piping fatigue monitoring program.
  • Assisted in plant power up-rate piping evaluations and vibration monitoring.
  • Developed design specifications for ASME replacement valves, vessels, and pumps.
  • Provided broke fix solutions for various plant structural and mechanical issues.
  • Completed fitness for service evaluations for degraded piping and vessels.

Wright, Schuchart & Harbor, Senior Engineer, 1978 - 1981

Rockwell Hanford Operations, Plant and Design Engineer, 1975 - 1978

Warn Industries, Design Engineer for OEM equipment manufacturer, 1972 - 1975

Honors & Publications


  • Registered Professional Engineer State of Washington, (Since 1982)

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • ASME Committee volunteer and member of various areas
  • Vice Chair Committee on Construction of Nuclear Facility Components (BPV III)
  • ASME Section III Subgroup on Design
  • Past Chairman, ASME Section III Working Group on Piping
  • Past Chairman Executive Committee Strategy and Project Management (BPV III)
  • Working Group on Environmental Fatigue Evaluation Methods (BPVIII)
  • Past Chairman Special Committee on Interpretations (BPV III)
  • Past Member of ASME Section III Working Group on Supports


  • Co-author of papers about the analysis of vibration and fatigue usage factors in piping systems.


  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
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