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Petroleum Refinery Systems Engineer and Process Improvement Expert

Technical Consultant #2104


  • Over 30 years' experience maintaining process control systems and integrating business processes and technologies.
  • Developing and implementing productivity improvement programs for petroleum refineries.
  • Leading, organizing, and managing work teams, budget formulation and execution, business planning, negotiation, project management


Undisclosed Company, Automation Advisor, Present

  • Provided consulting services on process control systems, blending, and oil movement control systems, for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering and affiliates' refineries in Canada, Italy, England, France and Japan.

Software de Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela, Metropolitan Program Director

  • Developed project plans, budget, scope definition, tasks definition, costs estimation, deliverables, and risks estimation.
  • Assembled and led project teams to complete multiple simultaneous projects.
  • Managed communications with clients, sponsors, project team and the corporation leadership.

INTESA, Industrial Automation Manager

  • Developed and implemented the oil movement integrated system for all the refineries of the PDVSA loop.
  • Identified and developed business opportunities to achieve the business plan goals in the region.
  • Managed client marketing and communication.


Paraguana, El Palito Refineries

  • Integrated oil movement, blender mix, and Laboratory systems.
  • Performed technical and economic evaluation of mass balance and data reconciliation.
  • Developed and implemented system security based on behavior.

Petrolera Ameriven, SINCOR Crude Upgraders

  • Developed Functional Specifications Documents (FSDs) for operational systems: Planning and scheduling, oil movement and shipping, mass balance and data reconciliation, utilities management, performance monitoring and key performance indicators, operational reporting, logbook systems.

Petroleos De Venezuela, SA (PDVSA), Control Systems Operation and Maintenance Group Leader

  • Developed tank alarm system,
  • Replaced the oil movement system and the deep conversion control system.
  • Developed daily summary of oil and terminal products transfer, evaluation and selection of the supervision and control system for the exploration and production center of Amuay Refinery.


M.S. Quality - Productivity Management, Francisco de Miranda University, Punto Fijo, Venezuela
B.S. Systems Engineering, University of Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela

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