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Petroleum Refinery Dewaxing Consultant

Technical Consultant #2100


  • Design, improvement, and performance of dewaxing process units and manufacture of transformer oils, lubricants.
  • Programs to assess refinery process unit shutdowns during steam and electric emergencies.
  • Technical training courses for Research and Development, (R&D) staff.
  • Next generation dewaxing technologies and high quality lube base stock.
  • Refinery operating and training manuals to comply with applicable regulations.


Undisclosed Company, Consulting - Dewaxing Technologies License Support, 1996 - Present

  • Assisted EMRE Technology Sales and Licensing in catalytic dewaxing technologies.
  • Provided a variety of consulting services including, process yield estimates, catalyst change-outs, operating guides, operator training, unit start-ups, and post start-up performance evaluations.
  • Worked in both domestic and foreign locations (U.S., Japan, and Saudi Arabia).
  • Providing Mobil Research and Development, (R&D) Type Size and Location, (TS&L) with catalytic dewaxing technologies support.
  • Developing and teaching new training course for Saudi Aramco PEDP.
  • Revising client operating and training manuals to meet OSHA 1910 requirements.

Mobil Corporation, Marketing and Refining, (Research and Development), 1972 - 1996

Supervisor: Technical Training and Refinery Process Engineering

  • Administered R&D-based technical training program worldwide with an $800 million per year budget.
  • International training: France, England, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and U.S.
  • Developing four new training courses ($110 million per year income to R&D).
  • Instituting on-site PC software training program ($65 million per year savings to R&D).
  • Participating in the development of a Total Quality Management, (TQM) training program.
  • Training 350 personnel.
  • Led engineering technical support responsible for Mobil's licensed dewaxing technologies.
  • Revising operating procedures and manual for dewaxing technologies with significant reductions in startup, shutdown, and catalyst reactivation times.
  • On-site representative for the commissioning of six dewaxing units and made significant contributions to the continued successful operation of fifteen existing units.
  • Directing development of next generation dewaxing catalysts from pilot plant validation to commercial implementation.
  • Developing novel route for the production of high quality jet fuel.
  • Creating computer-based estimating programs for staff (significant reduction in man hours to complete estimates).
  • Completed various process assignments providing technical service support for Mobil's eight lube plants worldwide.
  • Developing and commercially implementing technology to produce very high quality lube base stock ($350 million revenue).
  • Creating a lube crude ranking technique (significant reduction in lube crude approval costs).
  • Evaluating alternative solvent systems for lube extraction units and determining economic driving forces for conversion.
  • Led group of engineers who assessed energy usage and defined operating procedures to more effectively generate and utilize energy.
  • Creating powerhouse linear program (steam and electric generation) and implementing operating procedures ($1.5 million per year in fuel consumption savings).
  • Implementing a refinery-wide steam trap survey and restoration program ($120 million per year in steam loses).
  • Developing and implementing refinery unit shutdown strategy based on refinery powerhouse and process scheduling linear programs which provided the first complete economic assessment of the unit shutdown sequence during a steam and electric emergency.
  • Assumed duties of first operator on platinum reformer and distillate desulfurizer complex during an eight week strike and revised operating procedures for distillate stock change (45 million per year in product downgrade savings).
  • Assessed economic impact of daily operations and determined most attractive capital projects for long-term viability.
  • Coordinated refinery budget and 5-year objectives and revised economics model.
  • Acted as process coordinator for major U.S. refining capacity expansion study.
  • Resulting in the acquisition of the Chalmette Refinery.
  • Monitoring process unit operation and designing facilities for revenue realization.
  • Created first simulation of Platinum Reformer, which defined impact of catalyst poisoning on cycle length.


  • Preparation of Process Unit Operating Manuals
  • Operator Training
  • Process Unit Commissioning and General Start-up
  • General Human Performance Improvement, (HPI) Human Performance Improvement Training
  • Training Professional for Saudi ARAMCO

Honors & Publications


  • Licensing Support Consultant for ExxonMobil Licensed Technologies
  • Engineering Consultant to MAPCO North Pole Refinery - Alaska

Publications and Patents

  • Co-Author of papers about the dewaxing process and manufacture of transformer oil via Mobil lube dewaxing process.
  • 5 patents associated with dewaxing processes, preparation of a very high quality lube base stock, and turbine oil production.


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
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