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Petroleum Analytical Testing, Refinery Engineering Expert

Technical Consultant #2099


  • Development and troubleshooting of petroleum processes analytical techniques.
  • Crude corrosivity prediction.
  • Catalyst characterization.
  • Fluidized iron ore reduction.
  • Shale oil, coal liquefaction.
  • Refinery water, air emissions.
  • Reduction, neutralization of naphthenic acids.
  • Hydrocarbon characterization, oil-soluble metal removal, and environmental fate studies.


Independent Consultant, Present

ExxonMobile Research and Engineering

  • Retired after 37 years from ExxonMobil and holding the title of Distinguished Research Associate.
  • Developed novel techniques contributing to the prediction and mitigation of crude oil corrosivity.
  • Engaged in pioneering research resulting in the invention and commercial development of processes for the thermal reduction and neutralization of corrosive naphthenic acids in crude oils
  • Made technical advances in distillation techniques relevant to crude oils while improving the productivity of the crude assay laboratory.
  • Developed processes for removing oil-soluble metals from petroleum.
  • Participated in the development, application, and supervision of analytical methods testing in collaboration with research and development staff engaged in petroleum processes and product development.
  • Participated in the development, application, and supervision of testing to study the fate and effects of oil spills including that from the Exxon Valdez.
  • Engaged in technical audits and critiques of Government Trustee data related to the Alaska pipeline and oil spills.
  • Developed and applied analytical techniques to demonstrate safety to U.S. Regulatory Agencies for petroleum products intended for use in food and agricultural applications.
  • Developed and applied analytical techniques to study refinery air emissions and wastewater effluents, enabling Federal discharge permits to be obtained and/or renewed.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Member and chair positions in two of the American Petroleum Institute's scientific research departments
  • Member of the American Chemical Society


  • Currently holds 20 U.S. patents and several in foreign countries


  • Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • B.S. Chemistry, (1st class honors) McGill University, Montreal, Canada
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