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Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Refinery Design and Operations Expert

Technical Consultant #2096


  • Refinery technical service.
  • FCC design, construction and startup.
  • Crude rate improvement project management.
  • Root cause analysis of refinery operation failures.
  • Refinery design, engineering and construction.
  • Equipment modification to improve facility economic viability.


Independent Consultant, Present

  • Providing: Refining, process safety, commissioning, and chemical engineering, for various clients in the petrochemical, petroleum, oil and gas industries.

Hess Corporation, 1980 - 2007

Vice President - Manufacturing, 2002 - 2007

  • Directed refinery process, terminal, marine operations and training.
  • Successfully repaired Fluidized Bed Catalytic Cracker (FCC) air grid and main air blower failure, which caused loss of 750 tons of FCC catalyst and plugged a 2 mile unit to tankage slurry circuit.
  • Establishing root cause of each failure.
  • Modifying pre-startup and startup and maintenance procedures.
  • Replacing air grid, rebuilding main air blower, and procuring a new 30,000 HP motor.
  • Training all facility operators on the new procedures.
  • Finalized the construction, pre-startup, startup, and operating procedures for a 45 MBPD (Million Barrels Per Day) grassroots coker.
  • Managed the design, construction, and startup of a FCC turnaround and revamp from 125 MBPD to 150 MBPD.
  • $65 million project completed on schedule and budget.
  • Increased refinery's average of 350 MBPD to 509 MBPD crude rate. This was the first time that the facility had been over 400 MBPD in several years.
  • Managed the installation of a 30,000 HP power recovery turbine ($65 million).
  • Reduced the OSHA recordable incidence rate from 5 to 0.19.

Manager at Port Reading Refinery, 1992 - 2002

  • Directed facility operations and ensured personnel safety.
  • Converted the facility from a 45 MMBPD FCC charging 100% gas oil cat cracker feed to a 65 MBPD resid cat cracker charging 100% resid which kept the facility economically viable.
  • Reduced the OSHA recordable rate of the facility from over 3 to 0.5 rate.

Manager, Corporate Engineering and Construction,1984 - 1992

  • Directed all corporations' grassroots and revamps over $500,000.
  • Managed Port Reading Process Operations and Technical Services groups.
  • Lead 6 Project Managers, 6 Project Engineers, 2 Construction Managers and 15 designers to complete hundreds of projects including, gas plants, sulfur plants, and crude strippers.
  • Facilitated refinery revamp from a 45 MBPD Cat Feed FCC to a 65 MBPD resid Cracker with a new reactor and regenerator top works.
  • Engineered process design for the grassroots 125MBPD resid cracking complex at the HOVIC Refinery (HOVENSA).

Project Manager, 1980 - 1984

  • Led the design and construction of the St Lucia Terminal, transshipment facility, Port Reading FCC complex.
  • Converted an 80 MBPD crude unit to a 40 MBPD Visbreaker.
  • Designed and constructed a grassroots 45 MBPD Visbreaker.
  • Modified a 10 MBPD platformer to a 15 MBPD Penex unit.
  • Upgraded two 150 MBPD crude units to 200 MBPD units, improving heat conservation.


B.S.Ch.E Chemical Engineering, Newark College of Engineering, Newark, NJ

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