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Master Mariner, Navigating Officer, Captain Surveyor and Cargo Expert

Technical Consultant #2091


  • Professional and licensed Master Mariner with diversified experience from offshore to onshore.
  • Consistent recognition for performance achievements, promoting and protecting the Company and clients relationships.
  • Marine Surveyor: Hull surveys, draft surveys, hold inspections and suitability for loading, on/off hire, bunker surveys, steel outturns, container pre-inspection and stuffing.
  • Cargo contamination and damage, project cargoes, cargo stowage and securing per IMO (International Maritime Organization) CSS (Cargo Storage and Securing) code, P&I (Protection and Indemnity) survey work.
  • Water Tightness - W/T integrity of hatch covers (ultrasonic testing), general condition and pre sale inspection.
  • Legal Material Witness, Loss control and marine expediting, Port Captain, charterer's and owners representative.
  • Project cargo and load-out surveys.
  • Analytical review of charter party clauses and vessel discharge under-performance: Crude oil washing and cargo heating and its effect on petroleum product losses and marine expediting with deep cost savings to the company in way of avoiding or settling demurrage or downtime claims.
  • Ship's Master with diverse command and managerial experience in marine tanker operations offshore and onshore.
  • Oil movements: Problem solving and making key decisions in oil movements.
  • Diversified experience as a ship's deck - Navigating Officer and Captain on various ship types: tankers, bulk-carriers, ro-ro/container, DP- drill ships, and Dive support MSVs.
  • Proficient in Spanish and Hindi.


Undisclosed Company, Senior Dynamic Positioning Officer, Present

Marine Pilot, Captain and Master of Numerous Vessels and for Various Companies

  • For a 6th generation DP drilling semi, (with ROV support), to explore for oil and gas in deep water (of over 3000 meters) off the Continental shelf of Veracruz, E. coast of Mexico for client Pemex, northwestern Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico (6 year contract).
  • The SDPO is the Master's direct authorized representative or Co-pilot on the DP-Bridge (CCR) who is hands-on, in-charge of all DP and VMS operations, (Dynamic Positioning and Vessel Management System) and is entrusted to make critical decisions in a timely manner in emergency and dire situations.
  • The SDPO initiates and executes the Yellow Alert or Red Alert Alarm procedures within the parameters of the WSOG (Well Specific Operating guidelines) and coordinates with the Drill floor and Engine Control Room (ECR) and appraises the Master and Drilling Superintendent of the situation.
  • The VMS provides centralized monitoring and control of ballast and bilge systems, Fire & Gas (F&G) systems, thruster control and overview, HVAC, water tight doors, ESD(Emergency Shut Down) and an over view of others.

Uncle John, Master: DP DSV (Deep Submergence Vehicles) Semisubmersible, 2009 - 2010

  • DP saturated dive with ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) support vessel in U.S., Gulf of Mexico, for Chevron, (Messrs. Caldive International, owned and operated).
  • Engaged in wild well intervention, wreckage removal and well cap off operation for client Chevron.
  • Alstom/ Converteam DP system with equipped Ranger acoustics, Bandak MkIV Taut wire and DGPS position reference systems.

Global Orion, MSV (Multi-service Vessel), Master, 2009

  • DP saturated dive and ROV vessel in U.S., Gulf of Mexico for Chevron.
  • Engaged in wild well intervention, wreck removal and capping off operations. Acquiring more Z-drive ship-handling experience.
  • Kongsberg-Simrad SDP-22 with position reference systems comprising DGPS, HiPAP500 and MDL Fanbeam. 2004 Norwegian built DP-2 vessel.
  • Completed (2) x 35 day hitches and (1) x 28 day hitch between.

Development Driller I, Senior Mate and DPO, 2008 - 2009

  • For GSF-Drilling/Transocean Deepwater Exploration Inc., worked a 21/21 schedule onboard the 6th generation, dual activity, DP-3 Semi-submersible in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico for client BHPB (Broken Hill Petroleum Billiton).
  • Head the Marine department and 2nd in command to the OIM-PIC/Captain.

Oceaneering, Captain, 2007

  • DP-2 dive support "Ocean Intervention II" based out of Fourchon, U.S., Gulf of Mexico: Performed underwater construction and ROV dive-support work for a variety of clients. U.S. built and equipped with Kongsberg-Simrad SDP-21 DP gear.

Ocean Confidence, (Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.), Chief Mate DPO, 2006 - 2007

  • A 5th generation triple redundant DP Semi-sub, contracted to BP (British Petroleum), and drilling in deep water for Oil and gas in the U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Equipped with ASK-5003 Nautronics triple redundant DP system.

AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug-Supply), Tidewater International L.L.C, Captain and D.P.O, 2005 - 2006

  • A Dynamic-Positioning class-2, 2003-built vessel "Ang Tide" performing around the clock Dive-Support (sat dive and ROV support) installation operations of underwater cable and pipe line maintenance work in the Akal-Charlie oil-field, Campeche Bay, Mexico. Worked a 60 on/30 days off rotation with spot contract work as PCR, (Pollution control Representative), Marine Expediter, Loss Control specialist, Houston-based.

Independent Contractor, 2004 - 2005

  • For various companies as Port-Captain, Supercargo, Marine expediter, Pollution control representative, Marine surveyor.
  • Representing: Westport Petroleum Inc; Chevron-Texaco and other oil majors, functioning as:

Contract Loss Control, Marine Expeditor and Port Captain.

  • Attend tankers in port and offshore in supervising loadings and discharges; identify and minimize excessive product losses; downtime; ensure uniform marine petroleum cargo measurement and inspection practice; fulltime onboard attendance to monitor vessel under performance during discharge or STS; COWing; internal stripping and ROBs; monitor pollution and environmental issues and precautions,
  • Weighing all criteria with strong hands on approach and prompt comprehensive e-reports to update Client, terminals etc.

Surfside Princess, Master, 2004 - 2005

  • Lead Captain: U.S. flag passenger cruise vessel, home based out of Port Canaveral, Florida.
  • Directly responsible and accountable for passenger and vessel safety and all ship operations and related matters.
  • Ensured successful passing of USCG quarterly inspections.
  • Played a vital role in promoting and improving safety onboard; developed a strong and trusted working relationship with the local USCG COTP. Well respected by deck and engine room officers, crew, intra departmental managers and Owners. Vessel management and administration.

American Eagle Tankers Inc., Houston, TX, Marine Operations Manager, 1998 - 2003

  • Reported directly to the V.P. of Marine Operations: who in turn reported to the President of this worldwide shipping company, (locations: N.Y., London, Singapore and sister company to American President Lines, USA), that is a prominent ship owner and operator of a fleet of (33) double hull afframax tanker ships, (about 105,000 m/t dwt), (6) Time/C vessels and (2) d/hull VLCCs, import- transporting nearly 20% of the USA's crude oil annually.
  • The Company's client base included all Oil majors: ExxonMobil, Shell, BP-Amoco, Chevtex, Koch, Valero, Murphy etc.
  • Interacted daily with the AET fleet via an advanced communications grid and was responsible for all matters pertaining to their management and safe operation.
  • Point of contact 24/7, ensured operations went smoothly with minimal downtime by solving various technical, ship and cargo related problems.
  • Administered and managed all aspects of voyage and lightering operations satisfactorily by a proactive, direct involvement to plan ahead and prevent foreseeable fleet downtime or surprises and savings to client.
  • Demonstrated multitasking capability by a slew of other duties which included liaising and inter acting daily with Charterers' and ship-Brokers, our Fleet Captains, vendors, ship-agents, bunker suppliers and others.
  • Freight invoices, Lay-time statements and demurrage claims, bunker cargo-heating claims, deviation claims, fleet scheduling, crew scheduling, workboat scheduling, (for fenders, hoses and Mooring Masters), managing the time chartered vessels, stemming and planning bunkers, cargo lift-able calculations basis safe permissible draft; max cargo intake basis CP Min/Max, agency nominations, approval and checking off on all proforma invoices and nominations, monitoring weather and sea conditions with reference to offshore lightering operations and advising the clients and terminals accordingly, and multiple other tasks.

SGS Control Services Inc., Marine Surveyor and Assistant Manager, 1986 - 1989

  • Performed various types of marine surveys: Draft surveys, hold-inspections, steel outturns, cargo damage, contamination, On hire/ Off hire, project Cargo loading/stowage, lashing, dunnaging, container Inspections and stuffing, presale Inspection and condition, and barges.

Honors & Publications


  • USCG issued Master's, Oceans - Unlimited tonnage
  • OIM-PIC (Offshore Installation Manager-Person-in-charge) license, USCG
  • STCW'95 and STCW'10 certifications and compliance
  • DPO (Dynamic Position Operator) Unlimited license from the Nautical Institute, U.K
  • Ship types: Tankers, bulk-carriers, roll on - roll off containers, DP Drillships, DP drilling semis, DP Dive support and Multi Service Vessels (MSV)
  • Positioning systems: Honeywell-316, Nautronics ASK4003 & ASK-5003, Converteam and Kongsberg-Simrad SDP22 & SDP-32 DP systems
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) and T-BOSET, (Tropical), Opita approved), ECDIS, Teamwork, Leadership and Managerial skills, Tanker-man PIC, Medical Care Provider, CPR and First aid, RADAR, ARPA, Firefighting (Basic and Advanced), Lifeboat-man, FRC, Bridge Resource Management, GMDSS, Ballast control & Stability, Vessel Security Officer (VSO), Kongsberg APOS (HiPap 500), HUET (helicopter underwater egress trained) SafeGulf and TWIC Certified
  • Engineering Degree - 3 year course


  • B.S. Equivalency, Marine Transportation, Nautical Institute, United Kingdom
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