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Instrument and Electrical Systems Expert

Technical Consultant #2089


  • Over 38 years Instrument and Electrical (I/E) systems in the chemical, petrochemical and power industries.
  • Project management for chemical plant I/E improvement projects, providing 30 years' experience.
  • Supervising technical personnel for over 40 years.
  • Broad understanding of civil, mechanical, piping, and structural engineering principles.
  • Field Transmitter Engineering Standard and the Control Valve Engineering Standard Sponsor.


Undisclosed Company, Control Systems Inspector, 2009 Present

  • Participated in a GAP assessment audit of the SUNOCO Marcus Hook Refinery.
  • Inspected refinery engineering and maintenance personnel procedures and practices for the routine care of the process instrumentation and control systems.
  • Witnessed the factory acceptance testing of a distributed control system.

Fluor Engineering, Sr. Instrument and Controls Engineer, 2006 - 2009

  • Member of an international project team for engineering, procurement and construction of an acetyls complex.
  • Ensured execution of Instrument engineering and design to follow company protocol.
  • Assisted with the specification of the DCS and selection of the DCS manufacturer.
  • Monitored company's adherence to engineering specifications.
  • Traveled in the USA, Europe and Far East to witness testing of a variety of packaged control systems, including on-stream process analyzer applications.

Independent Consultant, Instrument and Electrical Manager, 2004

  • Helped design, procure, deliver, and construct a 500MW power plant.
  • Managed electrical power systems and supervisory control systems contractors.
  • Coordinated activities required for the ship loading of material and major equipment bound for the job site.

Lyondell Chemical Company, Technical and Construction Lead, 1999 - 2003

  • Managed a project team to update the plant from outdated analog panel mounted single component controls to a modern ABB distributed control system.
  • Executing the completion of all I/E work, including upgrades to several analyzer installations.
  • Managed the definition phase of site of a chemical plant with two Dylark process units.
  • Developed a scope for combining the two units into one modern distributed control system with a new control center.
  • Establishing a site for construction of the new control center that was accepted by local plant management.
  • Establishing a combined units I/O count.
  • Producing a definition phase budget [ /- 30%].
  • Coordinating I/E turnaround for Chemical Plant.

ARCO/Lyondell Chemical Company, Project Manager and Principal I&E Engineer, 1987 - 1998

  • Coordinated I/E Turnaround and managed a team to complete execution of all I/E work.
  • Managed technical teams for chemical plant improvement projects, including: A $15 million power distribution upgrade project to upgrade 15KV power distribution system throughout the entire plant.
  • Controls system upgrade project.
  • Definition phase project to consolidate the control building and controls system of two DyLite plants.
  • Plant modification project that was 65% controls upgrade and 35% piping upgrade and modification.
  • Styrene chemical plant controls system upgrade project.
  • I/E lead at the Dylark control room building and controls system upgrade.
  • Project Construction Manager for the TPE plant project in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Construction and Startup Advisor in Korea for the joint venture of the POSM (Propylene Oxide/Styrene Monomer) Plant.
  • I/E Construction Superintendent for the completion of POSM 2 plant.

ARCO Chemical Company, Sr. Instrument and Electrical Engineer, 1976 - 1986

  • I/E Project Coordinator for the EB (Existing Buildings) plant retrofit project and the PG Plant Debottleneck project.
  • Coordinated feed flex and product flex project for olefins plant and PEA Project.
  • Field Advisor for the POTBA Plant Debottleneck Project
  • Maintained site Instrument control systems and electrical power systems, including 15KV, 5KV and 600V power distribution and hardware.
  • Supervised technical personnel in charge of the maintaining I/E systems and equipment.
  • Assisted in onboarding I/E Maintenance staff for POSM plant.

Honors & Publications


  • Co-Authored Alarm System Engineering Guideline
  • Drafted the Engineering Guideline for the Checkout of New Control Systems
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