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Thermal Barrier Coating Systems (TBC) Technical Expert and Power Generation-Propulsion Engine Consultant

Technical Consultant #2080


  • TBC - Thermal Barrier Coatings; zirconia, aluminas, silicates and perovskites.
  • Bondcoat; MCrAIY's and aluminides.
  • Metallic superalloys; nickel, nickel-colbalt and ferrous.
  • Ceramic substrate materials; aluminas, silicas and REO's.
  • Thermal protection systems and materials; titanium and nickel based.
  • Gas turbine engines - aeropropulsion.
  • Fired heaters -petrochemical upgraders and refiners.
  • Power generation - natural gas, coal and petcoke, solar, alternative.
  • Heat exchangers - active and passive recuperation, rejection and regeneration.
  • Pipelines - gas and liquid transport and process piping.
  • Aerospace propulsion materials and processes.
  • Gas Separations - membrane purification and syngas reforming.
  • Vacuum infiltration coatings and coating systems.
  • Thermal spray coatings (Plasma, flame spray, DVM)
  • Sol-gel coating processes.
  • CVD coatings (low pressure MOCVI).
  • PVD and vacuum sputtering deposition.
  • Powder coatings and conversion coatings.
  • Metallurgical castings and thermally formed coatings.
  • Materials processing expertise.
  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) analysis, operation, maintenance, and specifications and installation.
  • Cross-sectional and planar materials preparation and analysis; fracture analysis; melt studies, SEI, HRSEI, BSE, EDS, image processing (manual and digital), TEM, AFM, XRD, ICP/AES, NMR (liquid state), FTIR, DTA/TGA, calorimetry and analytical chemistry methods.
  • Optical microscopy and metallurgical microscopy methods.
  • Metallographic sample preparation.


Independent Consultant, Present

  • Providing clients with state of the art and practiced knowledge in the following areas in advanced thermal barrier coatings;
  • Hands on materials characterization and analysis.
  • Nondestructive materials evaluations.
  • Coating production and fabrication; sol-gel, thermal spray, physical vapor deposition and plasma spray.
  • Post-production materials treatment development; sealant treatment processes and heating and aging.
  • Materials microstructure evaluation; structure-processing-property relationship, base mechanical and physical properties studies and thermal-moisture based aging.
  • Thermomechanical testing-analysis; k-T behavior-evolution of thermal behavior, thermal heat transfer studies, strain tolerance, oxidation behavior and fatigue-stress response.
  • Corrosion testing-analysis; CMAS-modeling behavior, resistance of zirconia TBC's, fly ash, sulfur and vanadium, water and humidity.
  • Materials qualification; thermal-thermomechanical testing-protocol, program management, OEM, validation and FAA certification.

Applied Thin Films Inc., Skokie, IL, Lead-Founding Engineer, 1998 - 2014

  • Senior Processor for the Materials - Applications and Engineering Department.
  • Technical team member in small business in specialty chemicals.
  • Successfully developed a range of advanced surface coatings and treatments.
  • Design, research and development, testing, and applications development of new coating materials.
  • Thermal barrier coatings; nano-scale glass coatings, and CVD coatings.
  • Process design and implementation for coating application methods.
  • Principal Investigator on over 25 completed technical projects in the area of coatings and advanced and high temperature materials.
  • Over $10 million earned revenue cumulative responsibility.

Additional Projects and Essential Functions

  • Development of new coating materials, architectures, and application processes.
  • Securing incoming company revenue.
  • Commercialization of coating technology - marketing, proposals, technical sales and support, contract negotiations, technology insertion and follow-up process monitor.
  • For thermal barrier coatings (k-T, sintering, CMAS corrosion, TGO formation) provided technical consulting and experience.
  • Head of Characterization and Analysis Laboratory.
  • Provided technical expertise in protective glass coatings; (oxidation, corrosion, diffusion limiting).

Capstone Achievements

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Project initiator, team lead, and principal investigator that developed and installed novel coating material in active production oil refinery furnace.
  • Installed anti-coking coating resulting in over 30% furnace specific downtime reduction.
  • End-to-end project required defining every step of a new effort in multiple areas: technical sales, engineering, business relationship, project budgets, execution plan and timeline creation, job definitions and work distribution, complete logistics, vendor acquisition - co-ordination, process design and implementation for coating application.
  • Premier pioneering coating installation job in company history.
  • Benefited end-use customer over $4 million in direct profits.

Electronic Industry

  • Team lead and principal investigator that developed targeted electrical insulation coating for leading advanced electronics manufacturer.
  • Achieved targeted breakdown voltage while surpassing thickness requirements on production run electrical components.
  • Designed and presented coating process and scale up manufacturing plan to end customer that surpassed throughput, cost and quality requirements.

Product Development

  • Lead a team that developed and launched a new advanced coating material product.
  • High E ceramic wear coating for high-tech applications.
  • End-to-end project encompassing multiple areas: materials engineering, marketing and sales - pricing strategy, customer interface, support and product manufacturing.

Aerospace and Power Generation Industry

  • Team lead and principal investigator that developed oxidation and corrosion resistant coatings materials and application process for aero propulsion engines.
  • Achieved 2X oxidation resistance for titanium propulsion materials.
  • Developed characterization method and materials models to accurately describe oxidation profile through micro hardness testing.
  • Demonstrated imparting CMAS resistance for aerospace ceramic coatings.
  • Pioneering research and work to understand the newly emerging area of corrosion of ceramic TBCs.
  • Co-Investigator that developed new thermal barrier coating for heat engines.
  • Designed ceramic oxide coating based on nanolayered structure (BNT).
  • Developed precursor solution production process to create BNT powder that is applied as a coating via thermal spray.
  • Created thermal spray applied BNT TBC coating using PlasmaTechnik System and ASEA 7-axis programmable robot.
  • Delineated k-T behavior of as-sprayed and aged BNT TBCs.

Honors & Publications


  • McCormick School of Engineering Co-operative Education Degree
  • McCormick School of Engineering Farley Foundation Co-op Student Career Award
  • TWIC card holder
  • Supervised Classified Work Authorizations

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author of scientific papers, presentations and articles in peer reviewed journals with subject matters in the following areas:
  • A New Novel TBC Material
  • Pyrotechnic Magnesium Passivation Coatings
  • Fire Insulation System Materials
  • Glassy Microsphere Compositions
  • Advanced Boiler Coatings
  • Pressure Assisted Infiltration Coatings
  • Antifouling Coatings for HEX Systems
  • A New Glassy Silicoaluminate Material
  • Nanoflow Systems for Engineering Applications
  • Patent Holder (Co-inventor, 1 U.S., 1 international issued, 2 U.S. pending)


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
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