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Agriculture Expert; Creating New Crops and Plant Development

Technical Consultant #2046


  • Plant Pathologist: Breeder and seed specialist for wheat, barley, food legumes, millets, sorghum, rice, corn and bast fiber crops.
  • Project Implantation Manager: Strategic planning for resources and time, monitoring and evaluation of projects for research and development.
  • Production and dissemination of rhizome improved varieties and generated new crop and rhizome production technology.
  • Cassava and sweet potato germplasm evaluation and raising of tissue culture plants at NAREI, Guyana.
  • Implemented farmers' participatory varietal selection and seed production methodology in food legumes in Zambia.
  • National and international agricultural policies and guidelines related to crop production and protection.
  • Analysis of multi-location data and report preparation in a time bound manner.
  • Vast experience of serving in multi-disciplinary global teams, for Zambia managed the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization-United Nations), and GRZ (Government of the Republic of Zambia) projects.
  • Management of human resources, capacity building, development of projects and management of finance.
  • Resolved the complex problems failure of research trials and seed production in Zambia and used community strength to resolve these well.
  • Advanced the generation of breeding material as well as fast seed multiplication using resources at village level during dry seasons.
  • Performing globally; (Asia, Africa, S. America and Europe) in multinational teams and United Nations system on different crops: Bast fibres, cereals, food legumes, tubers, roots and seed spices.
  • Report preparations, successful presentations, organized events annually for scientific, policy planners and farming communities.
  • Identified new technologies for farmers, involved in dissemination of these, developed plan of work of coordinated crop improvement and seed production programmes in India, Zambia and Guyana.
  • Proposed and implemented new projects for funding to international and national agencies (UNDP, FAO, IAEA, CIMMYT, DBT, DEA, INSA, ICAR etc.). Collaborated with CGIAR institutes (CIMMYT, ICARDA, ICRISAT, CIAT, and CIP).
  • Developed strategic plans, identified technologies and the means for the proper dissemination of these at national level in Guyana in crop research.
  • In charge of research centre, research and seed production farm.
  • Guide of Postgraduate students, trainer for scientific, technical staff, extension workers and farmers.
  • Focused professional with numerous designators: Strategic Plan Developer, Plant Protection Expert, Plant Breeder, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist.


Undisclosed Institute, 2012 - Present

  • As the International Specialist for the Agriculture Research Department: Prepared strategic research and development plans.
  • Reviewed the current projects and activities and repositioned these to best cater the needs of stakeholders and proper use of resources.
  • Liaison with CGIAR institutes for germplasm of crops suitable for agro climatic conditions of Guyana.
  • Identified high yielding varieties which are tolerant to abiotic and biotic factors in corn and hot pepper.
  • Identified high yielding varieties which are tolerant to abiotic and biotic factors in corn and hot pepper.
  • Evaluated germplasm of cassava and sweet potato and procured new germplasm of cassava. Developed plan to intensify corn production in Guyana to erase import for poultry feed.
  • The contributions helped institute to use its resources up to the best possible manner, serve effectively to its clients in a time bound manner and diversify mono cropping of rice and sugarcane in Guyana.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Karnal, India, Directorate, 1991 - 2012

Principle Scientist, 1998 - 2012

Senior Scientist - Directorate of Wheat Research, 1991 - 1994

  • Involved in coordination, research and monitoring of multi locations research trials and nurseries of all India coordinated research programme on wheat and barley crop protection at National level.
  • Compiled and analyzed multi location, prepared time bound reports, associated in organizing the annual workshops and meetings and presented results. Identified new technologies for different agro ecological zones and chalked out programme of work for next crop seasons.
  • Team leader of monitoring of wheat and barley programmes situated in different state universities and research institutes.
  • Conducted survey and surveillance of wheat diseases and involved in breeding, crop protection, seed production and resource management projects including conservation agriculture (CA) under rice-wheat (R-W) cultivation.
  • Contributed in release of new disease resistant varieties, new molecules and biotic agents for disease control, new techniques for screening of germplasm against diseases and technology for sustainable R-W cropping system under CA. Organized trainings to extension and seed production workers and farmers on IPM and guided PG students.
  • Contributions of team provided positive impact of keeping good health of wheat and barley crops, minimized losses in yield and quality, reduced cost of cultivation.
  • Invited to work as visiting scientist in UCL, Belgium, INSA visiting fellow at NARC Kathmandu, Nepal, as lead speaker to present paper in International Tan and spot blotch workshop at Bemidji, Minnesota, U.S.A. and attended training course in Kenya.
  • Served as in charge, research and seed production farm, Estate Officer in charge of security and landscape, liaison officer of project monitoring and evaluation cell.

United Nations, Kasama, Zambia, Specialist-Plant Breeder, 1994 - 1998

  • For the Integrated Crop Management and the Food Legumes project responsible for all the breeding work on beans including screening of varieties against diseases and soil acidity, character improvement of local varieties by irradiation and crossing, testing and identification of new varieties suitable for local conditions and preference.
  • Identified eight bean varieties resistant to major diseases, soil acidity and having self nodulating character for the benefit of small scale farmers and reducing the shifting cultivation.
  • Raised the generations of breeding material and multiplied seeds at farmers' fields during dry season under irrigation and got fast development of varieties.
  • Conducted on farm demonstrations of new varieties and produced breeder seed of 'A 197' variety by involving farmers.
  • The seed of new bean varieties was distributed to farmers in mini kits in Mbala district. Provided technical support to develop a seed village for beans.
  • The small-scale farmers were encouraged to go for seed production by returning the double quantity of seed next year to the project in exchange of free seed taken.
  • Received funding from parliamentary development funds from hon. M. P. in Ambala district, for bean seeds.
  • Monitored multi location trials of food legumes in Zambia.
  • Associated in the international co-operation with CIAT, IAEA and conducted the regional trials of CIAT on breeding and disease screening.
  • Proposed new projects did statistical analysis, reporting of results in scientific meets and journals.
  • Imparted training to the extension personnel of the MAFF, Government of Zambia in northern and Luapula provinces, for carrying out the research work on long term basis and seed production of food legumes.
  • Conduct the breeding trials of soybean and groundnut. Worked in a team consisted of FAO, UNDP experts, SNV, and National Scientists.

National Research Centre for Soybean, (ICAR), Indore, India, Senior Scientist, 1989 - 1991

  • Worked as Principal Investigator of the project entitled "Seed Pathological Studies for Healthy Seed Production in Soybean."
  • Screened the Rhizobium strains against different soybean varieties for wider compatibility.
  • Developed integrated disease management techniques in soybean. Screened the germplasm against diseases.
  • Worked on etiology of newly emerging disease problems in soybean.
  • Established new laboratory facilities and acted as scientist in-charge, central lab.
  • Trained the subject matter specialists on the crop protection technology.

Ramie Research Station, (Central Research Institute), Sorbhog, Assam, Scientist, 1985 - 1989

  • For Jute and Allied Fibres Institute, managed the research station including finance, machinery and farm.
  • Reported three new diseases in ramie and developed integrated control of diseases.
  • Provided training on crop and rhizome production technologies to the extension workers and farmers.
  • Produced and supplied the seeds (rhizomes) of improved varieties to the growers.
  • Collected local germplasm of ramie, evaluated and maintained.
  • Established links between producers and users of ramie fibres and promoted the crop through extension activities. Also conducted coordinated trials of jute, mesta, sunnhemp and sisal.

Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai, Research Fellow, 1984 - 1985

  • Worked out the etiology, host pathogen relationship and integrated control of grain mold disease of sorghum.
  • Used radio tracers in detecting the path of infection of fungal pathogens.

Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, India, 1981 - 1984

  • A working Graduate Research Assistant, for the Seedborne diseases project, conducted research on the seedborne diseases of soybean, pearl millet and sorghum.
  • Assisted in teaching of undergraduate students in plant pathology.

Honors & Publications


  • English, Hindi (Fluent)
  • French, Bemba, Urdu (Some)

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Holds a Minor in Agriculture-Agronomy, University of Agriculture-Technology, Pantnagar, India
  • Traveled in all areas of Zambia, conducted trials, interacted and coordinated well with national researchers and extension scientists for proper implementation of projects.
  • International Consulting: Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Belgium, Guyana, U.S.A., Germany and Nepal.


  • Awarded as best researcher, member of best research team, Institute and Programme, (Six awards).

Publications and Patents

  • Editor of international journals - for presenters and organizer of symposia and workshops.
  • Research Papers-108, Reviews-5, Book Chapters-18, Books- 2, Research Abstracts-86, Popular articles-32, Research bulletin-1, Compendium-1, Technical Reports-43, Training's given-28.


  • Ph.D. Plant Pathology, University of Agriculture-Technology, Pantnagar, India
  • M.B.A. University of Agriculture-Technology, Pantnagar, India
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