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Lubricating Oil Expert: Formulations, Aerosol Lubes, Re-Refining and Additives

Technical Consultant #2040


  • Lube oil formulations: Automotive and industrial oils.
  • Chemical additives formulations and production.
  • Aerosol lubes and aerosol science.
  • Formulations and testing of brake fluids DOT 3 and DOT 4.
  • Formulations of refrigeration oils.
  • Formulations of fuel additives.
  • Lithium greases.
  • Production and quality control.
  • Lube oil plant project management.
  • Recycling and re-refining of used oils.
  • Production of bio-diesel and green fuels.
  • Design, manufacturing, and erection of lube oil blending and packaging plants.

Expert Witness Experience

  • For conflicts between European chemical additive supplier and lubricating oil company in Kuwait. Expert assistance in sorting out contaminated base oil shipment for Emiratee company, UAE, imported from Iran.


Independent Consultant, 2013 - Present

  • Consultation to companies in KSA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and India on lubricating oil matters; blending, formulations, testing and also on manufacturing of aerosol lubes and specialty oils, and in blending green bio-diesels.

ALC, Kuwait, Lubricating Oil Advisor and Technical Manager, 2007 - 2013

  • Offering expert advice to various lube oil companies operating in KSA, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan and UAE, who are interested in developing their lube oil range, grease manufacturing, specialty lubes such as the aerosols, dry lubricants, brake fluid formulations, car care products, special silicon oils, and synthetic engine oils for top grade engine.
  • Developing various lube oil chemical additive packages including the anti-oxidants and dispersants.
  • Oversee specialized special cleaning of crude oil tanks utilizing the live bacteria treatment for removal of heavy hydrocarbon residues.
  • Assisting in setting up re-cycling plants in Syria, Iraq and Jordan along with the feasibility studies and engineering drawings.

Khaleej Lube Oil Company, Kuwait, Managing Director and Partner, 1994 - 2007

  • Fully responsible for setting up starting this new lube oil manufacturing company (total capacity of 26,000 metric tons per annum).
  • Successfully managed to establish the full product range, marketing, sales strategies and pricing strategy.
  • Sales boosted and started the export business into the neighboring GCC and African markets.
  • Fully introduced and obtained the ISO-9002 quality management registration from the UK.
  • The company's net worth have been increasing steadily.
  • New brand name is now known in five countries and the market share in Kuwait has reached to approx. 17% and is still improving steadily.
  • Trained the sales and marketing staff in addition to supporting the administration, finance, the plant and quality control.

ELCO,UAE and KLOC, Kuwait, Consultant and Director, 1990 - 1994

  • Transferred to London, UK (due to the Gulf war in Kuwait). Responsible for negotiating product supply contracts between the manufacturers and the clients of the company.
  • Acted as a marketing promoter for ELCO lube oil and chemical products.
  • Involved in designing and consulting for some our company's clients such as the Lube oil blending, filling and packaging plants in the Arabian Gulf; setting up grease manufacturing facilities and the used oil re-refining units; and providing engineering and marketing feasibility studies and financial management.
  • Represented ELCO in all of the contractual agreements in that overseas operation.

Kuwait Lube Oil Company,(KLOC), Kuwait, Executive Director, 1987 - 1990

  • Reporting to the Chairman and to the Board of Directors of the company, fully in charge of the overall operations: production of lubricants and greases, marketing, sales, accounting and finance, personnel, tender projects and the future directions of the company. KLOC had a work force of around 125 employees.
  • For the marketing and sales achievements; identified the private and the industrial consumers in Kuwait and in the G.C.C. area, designing of the new products and the re-designing of the older ones, carrying out the statistical analyses of the local and export markets, preparing the necessary marketing budgets.
  • Product cost analysis and preparations of the technical specification sheets and the after sales support.
  • Set the overall present and future marketing plans, sales and the pricing policies and strategies for the company.
  • Conducted study on expanding into the areas of specialty products and services.
  • Directed advertising and product awareness campaigns through exhibitions, car races, new product designs and brochures, promotional items, and technical and customer support seminars on the proper usage of the products.
  • Contributed to the drafting of the local and export sales and distributing agents' contracts, which required the in-depth knowledge of many aspects including the knowledge of the commercial laws of the region.
  • Successfully negotiated and implemented third party blending and filling agreements with Castrol, UK, Century Oils, Belgium, ELCO Oil Co. in UAE and Gulf Oil Saudi Arabia, generating considerable business deals for the company.

Operations and Deputy General Manager, 1985 - 1987

  • Responsible for the operation and the production of 18,000 MT/PA of lube oils and greases.
  • In charge of the lube oil formulations and specs, refinery's mechanical maintenance and the laboratory quality control.
  • Introduced various methods for improving the production, quality and quantity control at the plant.
  • Prepared the annual budget for the refinery.
  • Spearheaded the design of a 2,000 MT/PA of lithium soap grease plant and a polymer solublization plant, which were completed during 1989 and were an instantaneous success.
  • Introduced more than fifty-seven new mineral and synthetic oil products and services to fulfill the requirements of the local and the export markets (including the computerized product quality control).

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research,(KISR), Kuwait, Research Engineer, 1983 - 1984

  • Responsible for designing a continuous air flow spouting bed for the coating of urea for the slow release of nitrogen.
  • Responsibilities included the original design of the process, selection and installation of the mechanical units such as the hydraulic pumps, valves, blowers, reservoirs and the piping.
  • The full design of this coating unit was later patented in U.S.A. by KISR.
  • Published four technical papers in a U.S.A. technical journal.

The Fluid Power Research Center,(FPRC), Stillwater, OK, Associate Project Engineer, 1981 - 1982

  • Designed, tested hydraulic systems and their fluids, evaluated the various properties of hydraulic fluids, such as the extreme pressure and the anti-wear characteristics.
  • Formulated new Fire Resistant Hydraulic (FRH) fluids, such as the 95/5 water in oil emulsions and the 60/40 inverted oil in water emulsions.

Honors & Publications


  • General Management Certification from Columbia University, Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Kuwait Society of Engineers, Kuwait.
  • Anti-seize compounds, viscosity index and waste oil recycling.
  • Lubrications: Base oils, cutting oil, extreme-pressure lubricant, gear lubricant, heavy duty diesel truck lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, internal combustion engine lubricant and liquid aerosol,
  • Oil applications: Lubricating oil additives, lubricating oil reclamation, motor oil, oil selection, quenching oil, spent lubricating oil, oil purification, and sulfonate lubricating oil additives.


  • Engineer - Kuwait Society of Engineers


  • Arabic: Fluent
  • English: Fluent
  • Japanese: Basic verbal

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (U.S) - SAE
  • Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers (U.S) - STLE
  • American Petroleum Institute

Publications and Patents

  • Author of education text for the uses of lubricant oils.
  • Published an engineering handbook for lubrication engineers
  • Published four technical papers in peer reviewed journals.
  • Delivered a speech on three of these technical papers for Fire Resistant Conferences.
  • Several patents


  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
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