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Carbon Fiber and Thermoplastic Composites Manufacturing Expert

Technical Consultant #2034


  • Composites and thermoplastic composites processing.
  • New molding technology and development in the carbon fiber manufacture industry.
  • Development of self-heating composite tools utilizing carbon nanotube dispersions.
  • Low cost carbon tooling through recycled carbon fiber.
  • Compose comparative materials properties studies changes in fiber architecture and process.
  • Market new fiber materials that were improved to elevate impact properties.
  • Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding, VARTM, using polyurethane materials.
  • New applications development for market in recycled carbon fiber for veils hiding fiber read-through in the marine craft industry.
  • Provide marketing reports for companies entering into the composite markets promoting new form factors.


Undisclosed Company, Principal, 2011 - Present

  • Composite research and development in the carbon fiber and carbon nanotube material industry.
  • Develop new molding techniques for manufacturing carbon fiber parts with a high fiber volume fraction and a single sided tool using a silicone bag.
  • Create self-heated composite tools using carbon nanotube dispersions.
  • Develop low cost carbon tooling using recycled carbon fiber from Boeing off-fall.
  • Wrote study on comparative materials properties based on changes in fiber architecture and process to help sell new fiber material for improved impact properties.
  • Research and development for Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding, VARTM, using polyurethane materials.
  • Development of new applications to market recycled carbon fiber for veils that hiding fiber read-through for marine customers.
  • Compose marketing reports for carbon nanotube clients, attempting to enter composites markets with several new form factors.

Plasan Carbon Composites, Bennington; VT, 2008 - 2011

  • Automotive research and development in the carbon materials manufacturing.
  • Developed new manufacturing training program to reduce scrap and re-work from over 26% down to 2%.
  • Wrote study on evaluation of Non-destructive testing technologies.
  • Research and development for vacuum bag and autoclave manufacturing processes to reduce rework.
  • Development of new low-cost RTM process, (Resin Transfer Molding) for Corvette roof inner structure.
  • Design of new pre-forming tools using anaerobic binder, with 2-min. cycle time.
  • Set up materials lab with DMA, Rheometer, DSC, Instron Tensile test equipment, Dynatup Impact test, digital microscopy, and white light inferometry for surface analysis.
  • Developed low cost testing method for surface finish, and mechanical property.
  • Proposed and ran preliminary tests for new out-of-autoclave manufacturing process, patent pending. This manufacturing process led to a new plant being built with new non- autoclave bladder presses for over a $30 million contract with GM.

Nanocyl, S.A., Rockland, MA, Marketing, 2005 - 2008

  • Established development of the North American Market for carbon nanotube additives industry.
  • The company went from making no sales in the U.S. to more than $2 million annually.
  • Development of new dispersion techniques, and thermoplastic and thermoset composite materials which were later used by several customers.
  • Developed new markets for CNTs through customer technical support for research and development.
  • Three patents granted to Nanocyl, based on projects started.

Hyperion Catalysis, Inc., Cambridge; MA, Development Specialist, 2001 - 2005

  • Automotive market strategy for development of new applications for carbon nanotubes at U.S. OEMs.
  • Composed procedures, processes and strategies defining this market which is still used today by their sales staff.
  • Development of new thermoplastic composite applications for ESD properties of fuel pumps used in GM's Epsilon platform, using POM resin by BASF, and fuel pumps by Bosch.
  • Established a thermoset research program (epoxy) with Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers.
  • Participating member of SAE workgroup on electrostatics in fuel system components.

DaimlerChrysler, Rochester Hills; MI, Composite Manufacturing Engineer, 1999 - 2001

  • Responsibilities and focus to structural composite vehicle research.
  • Project management of show car (ESX3) design of closure systems.
  • Responsible for design of doors, hinge mechanisms, window lifts and intrusion protection.
  • Performed research in composite manufacturing processes and materials for lightweight structure.
  • Project management of special programs such as the ACC (Automotive Composites Consortium) on Focal Project 3, the all-composite body-in-white.
  • Chairman of the Processing Committee for ACC.
  • Leading research on low cost pre-forming, zoned pressure molding, cyclics, thermoplastic sandwich composites, gyrotron curing, E-beam, and other technologies.

Fraunhofer, U.S.A., Boston; MA, Internship,1998 - 1999

  • As a Rapid Prototyping Research Project Manager, performed research in rapid prototyping technology, including SLA, SLS, and FDM as well as the new Z-corp, LOM and other new equipment.
  • Developed manufacturing techniques for carbon composite materials using a thermoplastic matrix.

Daewoo Worthing Technical Centre, West Sussex, UK, Internship, 1997 - 1997

  • For the Advance Materials and Processes Research Department, performed experiments in robotic vacuum casting.
  • Experiments performed to investigate: Mold longevity, relative quality of materials, dimensional stability, of various silicones.
  • Managed a product development project from CAD design to sterolithography and prototype production.

Solectria Corporation, Wilmington MA, Fabricator, 1994 - 1995

  • Contracted to help the electric vehicle company meet a deadline to build a complete prototype vehicle for a car show (from composite to prototype).
  • Welding and fabrication of large industrial oven.
  • Composite (carbon fiber pre-preg) body-tub building, chassis assembly.
  • Paint preparation, wiring. Implementation of closure designs.
  • Fabricated crash-test vehicle parts.
  • "Sunrise," the vehicle name, held the world record for distance range for a four-passenger electric vehicle, 375 miles, (recently broken), and passed all crash tests, without any metallic frame structure.

Vantage Motorsports, Founder and Manager, Boston, MA, 1988 - 1996

  • Serviced clients in the composite prototype industry.
  • Oversaw daily operations while supervising a full time team.
  • Executed major projects that included the prototyping of an all-composite sports car body using high-temperature epoxy tooling, pre-preg, and honeycomb-cored sandwich materials.
  • Designed a cost-effective all-composite sports car chassis for a company in the UK; consulted on manufacturing feasibility for Consulier, Mazda, and others.

Honors & Publications


  • Technical Careers Institute: One-year course with focus on modules in engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, MIG and gas welding, tune-up, brakes, and suspension.
  • Tools: CAD - CATIA (surfacing), Pro Engineer - Creo 2., 3-D solid modeling, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project & MS. Applications, QuickBooks.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Plastic Engineers, Chair - SPE
  • Society of Advanced Materials Process Engineers - SAMPE
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers - SME


  • White papers and conferences.


  • MBA Boston University, Graduate Schools of Management, Boston, MA
  • M.S. Manufacturing Engineering (dual degree, MBA program) Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • B.S. Business Administration - New Venture Management, Northeastern University, Boston, MA
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