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Single Crystal Diamond, Thin Film, and CVD Consultant

Technical Consultant #2031


  • Development of gem quality single crystal diamonds.
  • Create up to 20*20 mm single crystal diamond samples.
  • Installation of new CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) machines and qualified the tool and process.
  • CVD, PVD systems, characterization techniques like SEM, EDS, AFM, Raman, XRD, electrical resistivity and capacitance measurements, etching, optical, infra-red spectroscopy tools, mass and emission spectrometer techniques.
  • Laboratory set-up consisting characterization tools and methods for the processing of diamond samples.
  • Swagelok, VCR connections and fittings, different types of vacuum pumps, and other high vacuum system issues.
  • Raman spectroscopy study of the influence of processing conditions.
  • Low surface temperature synthesis and characterization of thin films.
  • Microstructural and biological properties of nanocrystalline coatings.


Independent Consultant, Research Scientist, 2012 - Present

  • Responsible for development of gem quality single crystal diamond.
  • Demonstrated capability to create up to 20*20 mm single crystal diamond samples.
  • Oversaw the installation of new CVD machines and qualified the tool and process.
  • Set-up the lab with characterization tools and methods for the processing of diamond samples.
  • Involved in research and development for improvement in reactor design.
  • Ensured repeatability in the process to produce single crystal diamond samples.
  • Development of thin film products; highly insulating, hard, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant diamond- like-carbon coatings on inner diameter surfaces of stainless steel and carbon steel parts of varying dimensions.

JDS Uniphase Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA Process Development Engineer, 2011 - 2012

  • Responsible for process development of thin film oxides and nitrides using pulsed DC reactive magnetron sputtering.
  • Leading the research and development of new oxide materials for optical filter applications in the ultraviolet wavelength range.
  • Involved in writing project plans, reviews and reports.

Sub-One Technologies, Inc., Pleasanton, CA, Sr. Application Engineer, 2009 - 2011

  • Responsible for new products and process development. Managed operation of several CVD process tools.
  • Involved in significant research and development to obtain erosion resistant and high growth rate coatings
  • Ensured that all the machines were operating with research and development or production parts.

Technology Development Engineer, 2008 - 2009

  • Responsible for operation and maintenance of a pulsed DC plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition machine.
  • Developed processes to grow highly insulating, hard, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant diamond- like-carbon coatings on inner diameter surfaces of stainless steel and carbon steel parts of varying dimensions.
  • Developed process recipes for the coatings depending on customer specifications.
  • Managed several projects to completion in a timely manner along with demo reports.

Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2006 - 2008

  • Project Engineer

Fraunhofer U.S.A, Center for Coatings and Laser Applications, East Lansing, MI

  • Executed diamond system-1 Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (MPECVD) machine up and running - Involved in troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Developed a process to grow highly conducting boron-doped diamond films with good adhesion on silicon, silicon dioxide, titanium, niobium and tungsten substrates for electrochemical electrode applications.
  • Worked on meeting customer specifications during coating development.
  • Optimized deposition conditions to obtain high growth rate defect-free boron-doped single crystal diamond at high pressure and high temperature.
  • Depositing heteroepitaxial layers of (100) and (111) diamond on platinum/MgO and platinum/sapphire.

Research Experience

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, 2000 - 2005

Materials Science Graduate Research Assistant

  • Deposition of diamond thin films by MPECVD technique and optimized their properties.
  • Designed set of experiments to grow smooth nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films.
  • Accomplished high growth rate of these films, good quality n-type and p-type doped diamond.
  • Fabricated capacitors based on metal-insulator-metal structures and obtained high resistivity NCD films to operate beyond 500 ℃.
  • Developed electrical conduction mechanisms in undoped microcrystalline, nanocrystalline and nitrogen-doped diamond.
  • Upgraded the CVD system with a liquid precursor delivery line for liquid precursors like 2, 4, 6 triethyl borazine and N, N, N, trimethyl borazine.
  • Installed a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS) and Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) to monitor the in-situ plasma diagnostics. Implemented this by building special stage and supports.
  • Built high vacuum connections and operated the PECVD system.
  • Maintained equipment and trouble shoot problems during breakdown.
  • Kept inventory of parts and made purchase orders.

Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Research Assistant, 1998 - 2000

  • Prepared stoichiometric CuIn1-xGaxSe2 thin films that are typically used for solar cell applications by Flash Evaporation technique.
  • Determined the optical parameters and band gap of the films.
  • Modified the thermal Evaporation system setup to obtain desired coating properties.

Honors & Publications


  • Thesis - "Preparation and Characterization of Thin Films".

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Indian Association of Physics Teacher's
  • Society of Physics Students
  • Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society)
  • National Society of Collegiate
  • American Ceramic Society


  • Tuition waiver at Central Michigan University
  • University Graduate Scholarship at University of Cincinnati
  • University Research Council Summer Research Fellowship

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author of numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences.
  • 2 patents.


  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  • M.S. Physics, Central Michigan University, Mt .Pleasant, MI
  • M.Sc. Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India
  • B.Sc. Physics, University of Madras, Madras, India
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