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Radar and Marine Electronic Communications Expert, Specializing in GMDSS

Technical Consultant #2024


  • Radar equipment installation, overhaul maintenance and programming.
  • Security CCTV and access control and personnel tracking systems.
  • RF communications-voice and data programming, installation and management.
  • RF spectrum analyzer operation.
  • Marine navigation radar systems shore and ship based.
  • Security access control systems consultation, design and installation.
  • CISCO Systems programming, troubleshooting installation and repair.
  • Ubiquity networks wireless microwave and mesh systems including 2.0 and 5.0 Ghz systems (operable in both above and below ground operations).
  • Unix based radar control systems.
  • Exchange 2013, design, installation and maintenance.
  • Java programming, design and installation.
  • MS Office applications; current and past, reports, data and correspondence.
  • Phoenix Contact PLC Control system design, programming and installation.
  • Rockwell AB Automation control components design, programming and installation.
  • Working knowledge of PDMS, PDS, 2D, and MDS.
  • Campbell scientific data logger and sensory system programming.
  • AMX Control systems and automatization systems.
  • Tetra, Motorola P25 express, and core server repeater system installation and consulting.
  • Motorola radio programming for portable and fixed units.
  • Motorola Project 5000 Digital Trunked IP Based Government and Military radio system design, build and maintenance.
  • Sun microsystems programming and installation.
  • Epiphan video recording systems.
  • CCTV wireless surveillance systems.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Electrical and automation systems.
  • Criminal Law: War crimes. Former Military Police Officer and veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan War.


Undisclosed Company, Director and Principal Consultant - Owner, Present

  • Consultant providing solutions provision for company's business lines.
  • Conceptualization and design of automation systems, Radar systems, wireless communications systems (voice and data), Meteorology systems and HS&E and high end Security systems.
  • Delivering to clients the most technically advanced automation, wireless communications, meteorology systems and radar systems in the world today.
  • Ability to design, manufacture, and provide full life support to all of these systems to the highest standards of workmanship, safety and quality.
  • Current project, developing a completely manless and automated jack-up barge for piling and drilling operations to be controlled remotely from onshore via a wireless communications link.

McConnell Dowell, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, Radio and Communications Manager, 2011 - 2013

  • Responsible for designing and delivering a specialized, automated weather monitoring service delivery system able to be deployed at short notice to any location across Australasia, with a quality managed service and complete autonomy.
  • Installation resulted in saving the company millions of dollars in potential revenue loss.
  • Sharing and communicating to all departments, discovering contractual clauses not previously recognized as claimable KPI penalties.
  • The weather monitoring system consisted of a long-range weather radar, lightening sensory equipment, ultrasonic weather sensors, digital rain gauges and a wave radar.
  • The system covers a wide range of functionality, including accurate weather forecasting, warnings and regional advice, remote interface allowing any user to access all weather data through the internet or via mobile phone SMS, weather reports and studies for the entire region, providing the safest level of environmental intelligence.
  • Responsible for total systems integration and automatization allowing users to access and control various systems either locally or remotely.
  • Responsible for designing and installing a complex wireless networking system for the companies IT infrastructure to span over 25sq km.
  • System successfully networked 35 work fronts offshore and catered for an overall capacity of over 1000 end users and resulted in a level of automatization which allowed the site survey personnel to monitor and control the positioning of various marine fleet vessels from onshore saving cost and time to the project and company.
  • Responsible for the design and installation of a marine vessel tracking system which provided automatic alerts via pre-recorded voice, SMS text alerting and email alerting.
  • System consultation involved large teams of marine operations personnel, project team members and executives across Australia. Providing expertise to functional and project teams and participating in cross-functional initiatives, including training and transitioning.
  • This system greatly enhanced the safety of all marine traffic on the site and provided a very high level of automatization, which resulted in a completely unmanned operations room after hours and provided automatic alerting to offshore response vessels on a 24-hour basis.
  • Leading stakeholder engagement to ensure that it meets all scope, time, budget and quality expectations, through planning, controlling and managing.
  • Applying advanced subject matter knowledge to complex business issues, and frequently contributing to the development of new ideas and methods.
  • Working on complex problems and projects where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of multiple factors.
  • Exercising significant independent judgment within broadly defined policies and practices to determine best practice method for accomplishing work and achieving objectives.
  • Providing expert direction and guidance to process improvements relating to marine operations, weather conditions; communications and establishing policies whilst safely expanding the systems across Australia to be centrally managed from one location.
  • Managing upper level delivery relationships. Managing internal as well as external resources within project teams.
  • Using in-depth understanding of key services, operational policies, processes and methodologies applicable to meteorology management systems. This includes disaster recovery, security, standards, policy, licensing, and procurement with outsourcers and support, to meet SLA's and contracts.
  • Assessing impact and change management across estate and business processes.
  • Using authority to fully utilize layers of depth related to service delivery management methods and technical solutions to manage the on-going maintenance projects and continued technical support of the site weather systems.
  • Manage the installation and operation of site UHF, VHF and HF Communications for over 1000 people using Motorola P25 Digital Radio Solutions.
  • Manage daily, weekly and monthly reporting, synchronizing information with managers across Queensland and Australia, producing business case and commercial costing, logging, managing and mitigating risk.
  • Design and create wireless networking systems using a variety of wireless systems and networking systems for the entire site for over 1000 end users and ensuring a very high rate data throughput.
  • Install and commission all designed wireless networking and communications systems and provide operational and technical training to end-users.
  • Design, install and maintain industrial ambient noise monitoring and alerting system using NGARA noise measuring devices to span over a 25km radius on four different sites both onshore and offshore.
  • Installation also included my own design of a noise monitoring direction-finding unit, which has never been deployed within Australia.
  • Design, install and maintain comprehensive personnel tracking and monitoring system deployed onshore and offshore on over 35 different work fronts.
  • System provided access control and security systems for the entire site and provided a vital safety, statistical and reporting function for HS&E, marine operations, commercial and human resources.
  • system enhanced the overall safety of the project allowing managers to be constantly updated on the crew and passenger status on all deployed marine vessels and offshore Jack Up barges.

Royal Australian Navy, Australia and International, 2001 - 2011

  • Positions: Electronic Warfare Analyst, Military Police Officer, Bosun, and Submariner.
  • Over 10 years' service with the Royal Australian Navy working on large-scale projects, maritime and land-based operations in front line, middle and senior levels of management.
  • Service spanning from the Southern Antarctic to the Middle East whilst undertaking maritime operations.
  • Acquired many skills and talents: Collins Class Submarine Qualified, Destroyer, Frigate and Patrol Boat Qualified, Technician and Operator of electrical and mechanical automatization systems on ships and submarines.
  • Radar, Communications and Electronic Warfare Technician.
  • Manage and implement process change initiatives throughout the entire RAN.
  • Create policy and procedures relating to government related operations, enforcement of processes procedures.
  • Conduct research and compile reports on criminal trends and activities within the Australian Defense Force and external elements.
  • Liaise with external intelligence and policing agencies to research and compile security and risk assessment reports for ADF units situated domestically and overseas, as well as conducting disciplinary investigations.
  • Acting as Office Manager conducting management of Duty Rosters, Human Resources Manager, Lave and business travel administrator for a large number of defense employees.
  • Conducting physical and personal security audits, risk assessments and conducting regular training.
  • OH&S (Occupational Health and Safety) Supervisor and Advisor.
  • Act as the duty of whole ship Coordinator, member of the bridge watch keeping team acting as the helmsman and assisting the Officer of the Watch with Navigation.
  • Held position of Primary Health Care Provider and emergency medical care provider and trainer.
  • Principal Human Resources Manager of ships personnel, administering, movements, leave and business travel.
  • Manager of at sea operations and alongside operations including loading and unloading of stores, cargo and weapons or explosives.
  • Acting member of the Continuity of Government Team acting as administrative support and assistant and driver for senior politicians in the event of public emergency.
  • Complete automatization, conceptualization, design, construction and installation.
  • Full systems integration design and construction.
  • Developing work priorities, implementing operational plans, establishing effective workplace relationships, promoting team effectiveness, coordinating implementation of customer service strategies, implementing workplace systems, monitoring a safe workplace, implementing continuous improvement, developing teams and individuals, showing leadership in the workplace.
  • Elements of safety, fight and extinguish fires on board, observe safety and emergency procedures, transmit and receive information by radio or telephone, provide advanced first aid.
  • Contribute to effective communications and teamwork, ensure compliance with environmental policy. Apply domestic regulations and industry practices.
  • Use radar and other electronic navigational aids to maintain safe navigation, apply weather information when navigating a small vessel.
  • Uphold and support the values and principles of public service, deliver and monitor service to clients, value diversity, use advanced workplace communication techniques, apply government process, encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector, support policy information, monitor data, conduct awareness sessions, receive and validate data, conduct data analysis, produce formal records, advise on progress of investigations, finalize and report on investigations.
  • Analyze systems, communicate with clients, prepare documentation, apply the Queensland criminal code, apply the provisions of a range of legislation, manage ethical and accountability responsibilities, research and report on issues, ensure a safe workplace, create and use databases, manage meetings, develop keyboard skills, communicate in the workplace, produce workplace documents, create and use spread sheets, maintain workplace safety, develop work priorities, analyze and present research information, implement workplace information systems, promote team effectiveness, manage people performance.

Honors & Publications


  • Certified Frontline Management, Australian Defense Force Academy, Canberra, ACT
  • Certificate Transport and Distribution (Maritime Operations) Master Class 5 Vessel Captain, up to 25m length, Australian Defense Force Academy, Canberra, ACT
  • PADU Scuba Instructor and Technical Diver, Cairns, Queensland
  • Diploma of Public Safety, Australian Defense Force Academy, Canberra
  • Certificate in Government (Police Investigations), Australian Defense Force Academy, Canberra, ACT
  • Diploma of Justice - Administration, TAFE Queensland
  • Commanding Officers Commendation HMAS Cairns
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Bechtel University, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Formally trained in IT HRM Databases such as PeopleSoft.
  • Formally trained in PC and MAC based software and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Trained in PC and MAC repair and maintenance.


  • Afghanistan Medal
  • Australian Active Service Medal


  • Coxswain certification
  • Master Class 5
  • RMDL (A recreational marine driver license)


  • English (main Language)
  • Japanese (early conversation)

Publications and Patents

  • PP and Copyright for own designed system Weathertron Product line.


  • J.D University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
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