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Nanotechnology Material Development Consultant for Batteries and Coatings

Technical Consultant #2002


  • Nanotechnology and nanoscale materials development of advanced materials.
  • Nanomaterial application and development of prototype systems.
  • Materials characterization, analysis and testing for powder, dispersions, and coatings.
  • Sorbents for adsorbing mercury from flue gas.
  • Wastewater treatment media.
  • Sludge treatment additives for efficient sludge dewatering.
  • Heat transfer fluids for high performance synthetic oil additives containing proprietary, nanostructured particles to improve heat transfer.
  • Additives for water and oil based heat transfer fluids to improve their heat transfer coefficient.


  • Advanced protective coatings for metal, wood and polymer surfaces, with tailored functionalities.
  • Specialized custom coatings: Superhydrophobic, coating additives, abrasion resistant, easy to clean and anti-corrosion coatings.
  • Coatings with tailored translucency and reflectivity to regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Chromate-free anti-corrosion coating systems for aluminum, steel and magnesium.
  • Hard, scratch resistant barrier coatings for polymer substrates.
  • Treatments to impart superhydrophobicity to surfaces, particularly above ambient conditions.
  • Synthesizing nanoscale particles, depositing nanoscale coatings on particles, modifying the surface of particles, and dispersing nanoparticles in aqueous and non-aqueous liquids.


  • Cathode, anode, and solid electrolytes materials development for use in lithium-ion batteries.
  • Battery electrode fabrication, battery corrosion, half-cell and cell-level testing.
  • Battery research and development, tailor materials for improved performance.


Undisclosed Company, Chief Executive Officer, 1997 - Present

  • Other positions served: Vice President of Research and Development.

Structured Materials Industries Inc., Pscataway, NJ, 1996 - 1997

  • Staff Scientist

Rutgers University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 1995 - 1996

  • Research Associate


  • Instructor of graduate and undergraduate courses in Materials Science at Rutgers' The State University of New Jersey and Stevens Institute of Technology.
  • External examiner on thesis committee of graduate students from Rutgers University and Georgia Institute of Technology.
  • Review academic proposals for the National Science Foundation.
  • Instructor of an industry oriented course on Nanotechnology, organized by the Center for Professional Advancement, East Brunswick, NJ.
  • Active collaborations with Rutgers Faculty members.

Honors & Publications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Organizer and Contributor, Frontiers of Engineering Series Symposium (National Academy of Engineering, NAE).
  • Symposia organizer for the Materials Research Society, (MRS).
  • Invited as Nanotechnology expert at the New Jersey Technology Council Annual Meeting.
  • Invited participant at Nanotechnology Workshops organized by the National Science Foundation and Department of Energy.


  • Distinguished Alumni award for Distinction in the Physical Sciences from Rutgers University (Graduate School).
  • Recognized as outstanding alumnus of the Rutgers Graduate School at its 50th anniversary.
  • Space Act Award from NASA Inventions and Contributions Board.
  • Hoechst Celanese award for Graduate Excellence.
  • Yule Scholarship Fund (funded undergraduate).

Publications and Patents

  • Invited speaker at numerous national and international technical and business conferences.
  • Guest speaker at research institutions.
  • Organized Nanotechnology panel discussions.
  • Invited as Nanotech expert on panel
  • Thirteen issued U.S. patents.


  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers, Camden, NJ
  • M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Rutgers, Camden, NJ
  • B.S. Metallurgy Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, (IITB), Powai, Mumbai, India
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