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Intrusion Security Systems Expert Specializing in Alarm Control Panels

Technical Consultant #1979


  • New product development specialist and Chief Architect in life safety and intrusion products; alarm systems-wired and wireless, motion detectors, security systems, solar Smart LED illuminators and supporting components.
  • Identifying patent filing opportunities while avoiding infringement risks.
  • Security systems expert for residential and commercial industries.
  • Intrusion product design in both wired and wireless technologies.
  • Alarm control panel design - DSC PC1000, PC2000, PC1500, PC1550, PC2500, PC2550, PC3000, PC4000 "MAXSYS" series, PC5000 "POWER" series and Power 832.
  • Design for manufacturability.
  • Advanced Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion detection.
  • False alarm reduction.
  • High efficiency solar battery charging (SLA, Li-Poly, LiFePO4, etc.)
  • Efficient solar and battery LED Illumination (patio to street level).
  • Home and building automation and energy management.
  • Electronic thermostats and temperature sensors.
  • Mixed mode ASIC development.

Expert Witness Experience


  • Patent infringement: As an "inventor" on a prior art, sought out by the client. Worked with legal team to generate expert report, subsequent amendments and responses.


  • Review and interpret case materials for discussion, patents and other relevant material.
  • Analyze electronic hardware designs (schematics, PCB layouts, mechanical drawings, and component lists).
  • Review and analyze embedded software functionality. Experienced in Assembler (machine code) as well as higher level languages such as embedded "C".
  • Comparative and differential analysis, determine the similarities as well as subtle differences in technical aspects of the material being examined.


Undisclosed Company, President, 2004 - Present

  • As Founder of this company, providing oversight for new product development.
  • Technical managerial and executive expertise in research, development, design and manufacturing of electronic based products, (security systems, burglar alarms systems, intrusion detection systems, occupancy detection systems, Fresnel and Mirror Optic PIR (passive Infra-Red), motion detectors, microwave doppler motion detectors, solar powered, motion controlled, LED illumination systems and similar devices.
  • Developed multiple new technologies and intellectual property. Multiple embedded MCU designs completed involving cost effective hardware and proprietary software.
  • Several additional United States, Canadian, Chinese and International patents developed, filed and, or granted.
  • Defined and negotiated major corporate contracts with several organizations.
  • Created the original eFAR (electronic False Alarm Reduction). This module hooks up to an alarm panel to intercept and interpret the PIR zones. It looks for two trips on a single PIR or two trips on different PIR's before passing the signals through to the alarm panel. The troublesome spurious (false) alarms are therefore blocked from reaching the alarm panel.
  • Developed eFAR100, which works with any standard alarm control panel and all common loop supervision modes (i.e. EOL, DEOL and NC). It requires no programming or jumpers. It is rugged and reliable, with built in diagnostics and electronic fusing. It is truly intelligent and automatically configures itself. The eFAR100 is based on patented DVC (Digital Verification Control) technology.

Tyco Security Products, Ontario Canada, Vice President of Engineering, 1985 - 2003

  • Head of over 200 members engineering department composed of engineers, scientists, technologists and technicians.
  • Responsible for all of DSC's research and product development efforts. Senior member of the DSC executive team setting strategic direction for the company.
  • Cross functional responsibilities in marketing, new business development and manufacturing.
  • Development of policies, procedures and practices.
  • Financial planning and budget generation.
  • Administration of corporate patent investigation, generation and infringement avoidance.
  • Key vendor relationship building and negotiations.
  • Major customer presentations and interaction.
  • Principally involved in several corporate initiatives such as Six Sigma and ISO900X (quality programs), speed to market, ethics training, customer training and major cost reductions.

Digital Security Controls Ltd, (DSC) Concord, Ontario, Canada, Director of Engineering, 1985 - 2003

  • Supplyied alarm control panels to the Canadian market. Joined DSC shortly after the founder, moved the operation out of a basement and into a small industrial unit.
  • Brought to DSC, microcontroller and other advanced technologies.
  • Experienced extraordinarily successful career that saw DSC expand to become one of the three largest companies in its marketplace with worldwide sales in over 120 countries.
  • Growth fueled by optimum combination of product feature set, cost and quality.
  • Principal architect and driving force behind most of DSC's major commercial product successes. These include the industry benchmark setting "Power" and "Maxsys" families. Also includes the PC1550, the most prolific alarm control panel in the world with an installed base in the millions.
  • Developed the KEYBUS and COMBUS protocols for interconnecting components. These protocols have a proven track record and have been widely imitated and copied. Also developed DSC's wireless protocols.
  • For a Latin America client determined requirements produced functional prototypes for demonstration to their CEO and other senior management.
  • Have maintained an excellent relationship with the senior decision makers in this organization and as such could be an enormous asset to any company that hopes to supply them.
  • Identified a market of nearly six million customers for intrusion security, and identified a range of suitable products for their market.

Honors & Publications


Key Products

  • ePIR Motion Detection
  • eLEDing LED Lighting
  • eFAR False Alarm Reduction
  • Intrusion Control Panels
  • Mixed Mode ASIC's
  • All in One Intrusion Products
  • Advanced Micro-Controllers
  • Hybrid Intrusion Systems
  • Narrow Band Wireless
  • LED & LCD Keypads
  • Spread Spectrum Wireless
  • Peripheral Modules
  • Alternate Communications
  • Wireless Devices
  • 4 Wire Low Cost Interface
  • 2 Wire Addressable Devices

Key Functions

  • Product Architect
  • Customer Interaction
  • New Patentable Concepts
  • Spec Generation
  • Cross-Functional Capabilities
  • Business Acumen
  • Speed to Market False Alarm Immunity
  • Motion Detectors
  • Manufacturability
  • Worldwide Approvals
  • Patentable Concepts
  • Spec Generation


  • Author (patent abstracts and product-system information for presentations).
  • Numerous patents filed and granted worldwide with significant international experience.
  • Large patent portfolio: Listed as the inventor on nearly 100 patents (granted or pending). Based on the strength of 18 base concepts.


  • E.E. Electronic Engineering Technology, (Hardware and Software), RCC Institute of Technology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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