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Food Processing Expert Specializing in Edible Oils, Vegetable and Animal Fat Processing

Technical Consultant #1965


  • Food processing chemistry in all aspects of food processing with experience and knowledge in; chemical engineering, chemistry, food chemistry, food processing, analytical techniques and raw material sources and evaluation.
  • Research and focus to vegetable oil and animal fat processing technology and providing technical science in oils and fats, food processing and process Intensification. .
  • Over 30 years’ agriculture process improvements and consulting in edible oil processing, refining, product development and packaging, (worldwide).
  • Edible oils and fats from dairy products, fish oils, chickens and plants, such as fruit, soybeans, palm, sunflower, canola, palm and nuts.
  • Hydrogenation processing of fats, interesterification and fractionation of fats as alternatives to hydrogenation.
  • Food process improvements using membrane technology, waste minimization, waste processing, batch to continuous processing, safety and evaluating process changes for improved yields.
  • Bleaching applications of earth materials for various edible oils at refineries.
  • Fish oil processing; use of wastes from fishery operations.
  • Chemical engineering principles in bakery manufacturing operations with results to increase, production, reduce waste, improve product consistency and provide significant increased profits.
  • Ability to Increase hydrogenation capacity by 50% via application of chemical engineering principles, improved process monitoring and product tracking.
  • Examination and evaluation of pretreated waste fats as feedstock for aviation biofuel.
  • Professional technical management, providing Research and Development support in United States, Brazil, Argentina, Western and Eastern Europe, India, China and Singapore.


Undisclosed Company, President, Present

  • Providing technical support and expertise in the food processing and process Intensification industries.
  • Providing technical assistance to marketing for introduction of new retail oil products in China.
  • Process improvement for refining soybean oil in China.
  • Technical evaluation of processes for the pretreatment of waste fats as feedstock for aviation biofuel.
  • Technical expertise for the application of bleaching earths for various edible oils at refineries in North America and United Kingdom.
  • Evaluation of chicken fat processing opportunities in Canada.
  • Evaluation of interesterification and fractionation of fats as alternatives to hydrogenation.
  • Process improvement for sunflower crushing and oil refining in Kenya and Tanzania.
  • Chief Scientist for Agro Abundatia, a market evaluation and process opportunity company.
  • Evaluation of palm oil opportunities in Guatemala.
  • Visiting Lecturer: University del Valle, Guatemala City and Nanjing University. China.
  • Review of opportunities for High Oleic Soybean Oil for non-food applications.
  • Process improvement and quality assessment for a refinery in Lebanon.

BUNGE Ltd, St. Louis, MO and Bradley, Danville, IL, Chief Scientist, 2003 - 2008

  • As Manager of Oil Centre of Excellence (OCOE) helped to develop new products and improved existing based on agricultural materials for use as food ingredients and animal feed.
  • Led teams to identified new technologies, generated new hypotheses and development of research programs for the worldwide applications.
  • Scoured the world for new technologies and new business opportunities.
  • Develop technical partnerships with leading universities, research institutes and lead suppliers that energized value creation.
  • Manager of day-to-day OCOE financial and operational issues to ensure smooth operation within the Bunge North America organization.
  • Assist the Director in budget planning, portfolio management, technical issues, and day-to-day financial and operational issues as appropriate.
  • Management of projects in membrane processing, process intensification, fractionation and networking within the Bunge global organization to expedite project implementation.

Bunge Food, MO and IL, Director, Process Development, Operations, 1984 - 2003

  • Previous Position - Associate Director, Process Development, Research and Development
  • A corporate position responsible for implementation of process and quality improvements in plants processing of edible oils, fruits, dairy stabilizers, mixes and baked/frozen bakery goods.
  • Management of process development, pilot plant, regulatory affairs and standards and analytical departments.
  • Responsible for the planning and testing of new processing equipment in the laboratory, pilot plant and full scale and implementation of new analytical instruments and methods.
  • Investigation of cost reduction opportunities in plants; providing leadership to implement statistical process control in plant operations and laboratory environments.
  • Presentations and training of all levels of personnel from senior management to plant operators.
  • Provided liaison between Research and Operations and Management in technical matters.

Honors & Publications


  • Continued and concentrated studies in food processing technology,
  • Course work on Total Quality, Engineering and Management and Process Intensification.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Chartered Engineer, United Kingdom
  • Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK
  • Member of Society of Chemical Industry, UK
  • Member of American Oil Chemists Society
  • Editorial Board, Food and Bio-products Processing, Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK

Publications and Patents

  • Author of the chapter on Industrial Oils and Fats
  • Many technical publications spanning many years.
  • Three U.S. Patents.


  • Ph.D. Engineering, Heat Transfer, University of London, London, U.K.
  • B.Sc. Engineering, Chemical Engineering, University of London, London U.K
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