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Failure Analysis and Product Liability Materials and Manufacturing Expert

Technical Consultant #1944


  • Vacuum process development.
  • Process development for active devices, thin film circuits, thin film deposition and thin film optics.
  • Manufacturing equipment and tooling design.
  • Thin film coating.
  • Manufacturing safety.
  • Failure analysis (device, glass, metal and ceramics).
  • Device reliability and reliability statistics.
  • Photo patterning process development and introduction (spin on and lamination).
  • Electroless and electrolytic plating processes.
  • Statistical design of experiments.
  • Physical and mechanical metallurgy.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Over 25 years of experience as a consultant to attorneys in accident reconstruction.
  • User safety: Product Liability and equipment design (Includes device safety, factory safety and machine guards).
  • Failure analysis (includes both materials and design).
  • Glass damage and glass failures: Jars, bottles (wine and champagne), windows, windshields, dishes, and cook wear.
  • Polymer (plastic) failures: (includes composite materials); ladders packaging, chairs, bottles, and bungee cords.
  • Metallurgical failures: Bolts, welds, pipes, gears, ladders, straps, cables brackets, and cutting blades.
  • Corrosion failures: Galvanic, general; this includes materials selection and electronic devices.
  • Ceramic failures: Fired ceramics, grinding wheels, cutoff blades and structural ceramics.
  • Manufacturing defects: Any manufactured Item.
  • Wood failures: Chairs, ladders, stairs, window leaks, (includes deterioration from rot).
  • Manufacturing expertise: Includes patents, tooling, processing, product design, factory safety (machine guards), quality control, quality verification, reverse engineering and factory procedures.


Undisclosed Company, Consultant and Expert Witness, Present

  • Consultant and expert serving attorneys, insurance adjusters and litigators.
  • Failure analysis (Includes both materials and design):
    • Glass damage and failures.
    • Polymer (plastic) failures.
    • Metallurgical Failures.
    • Corrosion failures.
    • Ceramic failures.
    • Manufacturing defects.
    • Wood failures.
    • Manufacturing expertise.

Rheodyne, Inc., Rohnert Park, CA, Senior Project Engineer and Safety Engineer, 2001 - 2001

  • Developed hard, low wear coatings for high pressure valves for high pressure liquid chromatography applications.
  • Failure analysis and new product development.
  • Developed pre-sputter cleaning of stainless steel parts.
  • Developed a micro-volume pressure gauge for HPLC.

Komag Materials Technology Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, Chief Metallurgist, 1993 - 2001

  • Positions served: Project Manager for high reliability devices and Plant Safety Engineer.
  • Developed thin film circuit processes including thin film coating, plating, photolithography and etching.
  • Manager of a development group focused on key new products.
  • Developed cleaning processes for computer memory disks.
  • Developed tooling for cleaning, machining and inspection of discs.
  • Liaison to Komag material suppliers (Furukawa Aluminum and Kobe Steel).
  • Liaison to Komag Corporation in the areas of failure analysis and material selection.
  • Active in manufacturing process improvement projects.
  • Helped organize worldwide failure analysis for Komag.
  • Participant in Komag's effort to diversify into the area of fiber optics.
  • Member of corporate team developing low cost glass substrates.

Deposition Sciences Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, Senior Thin Film Project Engineer, 1988 - 1994

  • Helped develop unique methods of uniformly vacuum coating curved surfaces with thin film hard materials from oxides, and nitrides.
  • Developed laminating processes for adhesives and photo-resists.
  • Developed tooling for cleaning and coating.
  • Helped develop patented DC reactive sputtering techniques for depositing optical quality oxides, and multi-layer optical films on oxide substrates.
  • Optical thin film design.
  • Photo pattering of thin film optical IR filters.

Microwave Technology Inc., Fremont, CA, 1984 - 1988

Reliability Engineering Manager and Thin Film Circuit Engineering Manager

  • Project Manager for high reliability projects; managed a small group that coordinated all high reliability projects at MTI; this included interfacing with the customers.
  • Developed and optimized reactive ion etching processes and equipment.
  • Developed processes for manufacturing active devices (diffusion and ion implanting).
  • Developed unique device packaging.
  • Developed numerous thin film vacuum coating processes.
  • Concurrently responsible for group performing high reliability testing and failure analysis of GaAs, FET'S, and IC's.
  • Purchased a CPA 9900 and developed a production reactive sputtering process and tooling for coating Ta2 N/TiW/Au onto Al2 0 3 substrates.
  • Helped develop unique techniques for producing conductive via thin film circuits.

Hewlett Packard Co., Santa Rosa, CA, Project Engineer and Engineering Manager, 1975 - 1984

  • Hands-on manager of a Research and Development group that designed and developed hybrid packaging (polymer and ceramic) for microwave circuits.
  • Designed RF connectors for microwave communication applications.
  • Developed processes for manufacturing active devices.
  • Developed epoxy sealing for high reliability circuit packaging.
  • Acted as a consultant to several Hewlett-Packard divisions aiding in the solutions of problems related to materials, machining, device failure, and bonding and assembly.
  • Developed a close die molding process for forming super plastic zinc.
  • Coordinated several company-wide workshops related to metal working and hybrid.
  • Assembly processing: This included cleaning and plastic packaging.

Optical Coating Laboratories Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, 1974 - 1975

Senior Thin Film Development Engineer

  • Responsible for yield improvement on a process for the manufacture of striped Diachroic filters.
  • Helped raise the yields from 2 per cent to 70 per cent.
  • Included grinding and polishing of the glass faceplates.
  • Represented OCLI to their customers to solve various thin film metal corrosion problems with single crystal silicon solar cells.
  • Corporate materials scientist responsible for thin film failure analysis and surface analysis.

Corning Glass Works, Corning, NY, Senior Research and Development Engineer, 1972 - 1974

  • Senior Research and Development engineer involved with the development of glass.
  • Finishing and cleaning processes and the design of the related production equipment.
  • Involved with sheet glass quality evaluation and glass failure analysis.
  • Developed glass and silica machining processes.

Vohwinkler Eisen Werk, Wuppertal Vohwinkel, Germany, Intern, 1965

  • Learned all aspects of iron casting; this included melting, alloying, molding and finishing.

Failure Analysis Associates, Stanford, CA, Associate Engineering Consultant, 1968 - 1972

  • Aided engineers with failure analysis of materials such as; metals, fabrics, plastics, and ceramics.

Honors & Publications


  • Certified Registered Professional Manufacturing Engineer
  • Stanford University, Corning Fellowship
  • Metallurgy Certification: Tercer Curso Pan Americano de Metalurgia, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Semi-fluent in Spanish

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society for Microbiology - ASM
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE
  • American Ceramic Society - AcerS


  • Warwick Award, Top Pennsylvania Metallurgy Graduate.

Publications and Patents

  • Numerous publications - Articles and white papers.
  • Two thin film deposition patents.


  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • M.Sc. Materials Science, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
  • B.S. Metallurgical Engineering, (Dean's Highest Honors) University of Pennsylvania, Phila., PA
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