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Drug Development Expert Specializing in Design and Synthesis of Antibacterials

Technical Consultant #1937


  • Antibacterial chemotherapy including beta-lactams, quinolones, DNA - gyrase and top IV inhibitors, peptide antibacterials, pleuromutilins, glycopeptides, oxazolidinones, 2-component signaling, natural products, single enzyme targets such as the Fab and Mur proteins, GlmU, LpxC, and mechanism based small molecule inhibitors projects.
  • Antiviral chemotherapy: HIV and Herpes antivirals, HIV protease, HIV integrase, HIV-NCp7 (nucleocapsid protein).
  • All aspects of medicinal chemistry, drug design and synthesis, stereochemistry, structure activity relationships, structure toxicity relationships, pharmacology, animal models, ADME, drug interactions, and determining medical needs based on competitive products.
  • Drug development: Broad experience in the timely and precise development activities required for a project to advance through preclinical to clinical stages. Specific knowledge of resource requirements, allocation, and costs of various developmental activities. Evaluation of potential drugs and gap analysis - requirements of a potential agent to drug development.
  • Managing multi-discipline teams in drug development.
  • Outsourcing: Identification of CRO's capable of performing specific drug development tasks required by a client with the placement and management of such studies.

Expert Witness Experience

  • For litigation of antibiotic pharmaceutical products, (Linezolid Meropenem, Tigacycline) provided: Expert witness and evaluated worldwide literature around topic. Wrote expert witness reports, gave deposition, and prepared for trial.


Undisclosed Company, 2007 - Present

Medicinal Chemistry Director and Senior Consultant

  • Medicinal chemistry, (art and practice) serviceable through therapeutic areas.
  • Providing; synthesis, stereochemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, modeling, structure activity relationships, in vitro and in vivo infection models, toxicophores, toxicology evaluations, ADME requirements for drugs.

Pfizer Global Research and Development, Ann Arbor, MI, Executive Director, 2001 - 2007

  • Antibacterial Research Director: Responsible for the research of over 100 colleagues in chemistry and biology at two sites.
  • Directed the activities for a portfolio of over 30 antibacterial projects from idea to phase 1. Directed several project teams of 20 or more colleagues from all pertinent disciplines tasked with bringing and advanced agent to clinical trial.
  • In-License Evaluation Team. Represented chemistry on a multidiscipline evaluation team examining 30-60 outside opportunities per year for possible in-license.
  • Projects were from lead compounds to phase 3 clinical entities and included entire companies and their portfolios.
  • Attrition Task Force: Served on a team which evaluated nearly 1000 projects from Pfizer and its acquired.
  • Senior Management companies to understand and improve on root causes of attrition to compound and projects.
  • Research Team: Member of the most senior management team responsible for all of the Ann Arbor discovery research in all therapeutic areas including setting output goals, managing productivity, and building a sustainable portfolio.

Warner-Lambert/Parke Davis, Ann Arbor, MI, Senior Director, 1977 - 2000

Positions held

  • Senior Director, Infectious and Proliferative Diseases
  • Director, Anti-infective Chemistry
  • Section Director
  • Senior Research Associate
  • Research Associate
  • Senior Scientist
  • Scientist


  • Led the Antibacterial/Antiviral research programs in Ann Arbor. Built and managed the anti-infective portfolio.
  • Responsible for the research of 30 chemists and biologists.
  • Led several multi-disciplined project teams taking antibacterial and antiviral agents from early discovery to phase 1 trials.
  • Developed expertise in the quinolone class of antibacterials, beta lactams, HIV protease inhibitors and several mechanism based approaches.
  • For the Senior Management Team: Served on a team of all high level managers at Warner-Lambert responsible for the discovery research goals and output.
  • Research Chemist: Designed and synthesized drugs based on literature and molecular modeling, and supervised assistants.

Interests And Other Professional Activities

  • Attrition analysis: In depth understanding of the causes and management of drug attrition.
  • Portfolio building: Built a research model for delivering INDs from preclinical leads. Model proven accurate. Managed portfolio of 30 projects at two sites.
  • Licensing reviews: Reviewed over 100 in-license opportunities. Deep analyses on 6 projects.
  • Developing product profiles: Have written dozens of product with detailed scientific and market based analyses.
  • Managing multidiscipline teams: Team leader of over 30 teams in the development of potential products or issue solving activities.

Honors & Publications


  • German - reading and conversation

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Chemical Society - ACS
  • Medicinal Chemistry Division of the ACS
  • American Society for Microbiology


  • Meritorious Scientific Achievement Award: Global award by Warner-Lambert for most significant scientific breakthrough.
  • Pfizer Outstanding Contribution Award: Global award for outstanding achievement in one of Pfizer's Global initiatives.

Publications and Patents

  • 82 peer reviewed Publications
  • 52 Posters and Presentations
  • 22 Invited speaker presentations
  • 39 Patents


  • Ph.D. Degree, Organic Chemistry, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • B.S. Degree, Chemistry, University of Detroit, Detroit, MI
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