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Microwave Systems, Antennas, and Components Expert Witness

Technical Consultant #1894


  • Design, manufacture and test microwave antennas, components, and systems.
  • Design, manufacture and test servo controlled antenna positioners.
  • Forensic engineering related to microwave devices, industrial accidents.
  • Computer Specialist: WIN and MAC, IT functions, networking, programming.
  • Human Engineering: Intuitive design for simple operation of complex devices.

Expert Witness Experience

  • LA Federal Court, GSA Court of Appeals, (major Television News Company).
  • Patent Infringement-Fair Trade Law.
  • Industrial Accident: Accidental Electrocution,(Television News Company).
  • General Services Administration: Contract dispute.


Undisclosed Company, CEO and President, 2006 - 2012

  • Administration, management, sales, engineering and manufacturing of all products including private label manufacturing.
  • Technical writing of proposals and instruction manuals. Create product data sheets.
  • Consulting: Design, analysis and testing of weather radar, design of satellite up-link, down-link, earth terminal, design of radar antenna portion of storms thru the wall radar, patent claim review and improvement. Radome design and testing.

Technical Systems Associates, Orlando, FL, Founder, CEO and President, 1984 - 2005

  • Administration, management, sales, engineering and manufacturing of all products.
  • Engineering consulting, design, development, and testing of microwave passive devices, with emphasis on command and tracking systems, antennas, radomes, positioners and microprocessor controllers.
  • Invented and developed RADPAT data acquisition system for antenna measurements.
  • Invented a single axis tracking antenna.
  • Performed all networking and IT activities for 32 MAC and 6 WIN computers.

Antenna Technology Corp., Orlando, FL, Founder, CEO and President, 1979 - 1983

  • Administration, management, sales, engineering and manufacturing of all products.
  • Extensive engineering oriented computer programming. All IT functions.
  • Invented and designed:
    • Electro-mechanical polarization switch
    • Terrestrial interference suppression system
    • Coastal defense radar antenna for Taiwan
    • 5 pod antennas for NATO and Navy aircraft pods
    • Rotary joints for fire control radar in fighter jets
    • Auto-Track and Command antenna and positioner for track and command of drone aircraft for General Atomic and Raytheon
    • Flyaway electronic news gathering satellite antenna system for ABC Television News.

Microwave Specialty Corporation, San Diego, CA, Founder, CEO, President, 1969 - 1978

  • Administration, management, sales, engineering and manufacturing of all products.
  • Total corporate responsibility plus engineering and marketing.
  • Designed, developed and marketed almost all products over six-year period.
  • Extensive technical writing for manuals and proposals.
  • Designed altimeter antennas for Honeywell Electronic Altimeter.

San Diego State College, San Diego, CA, Assistant Professor Lecturer, Engineer, 1958 - 1967

  • Taught Graduate level courses in Microwave Theory, Radiation and Propagation Theory.
  • Taught undergraduate courses in AC/DC Machinery and associated Lab courses.

Cubic Corporation, San Diego, CA, Staff Design Specialist - Product research, 1958 - 1969

  • Responsible for antennas and microwave systems.
  • Extensive technical proposal preparation.
  • Total responsibility for AN/SLA-15 electronic warfare antenna and microwave system, from proposal through production.

Staff Design Specialist - Product Researcher, 1958 - 1969

Micronetics, San Diego, CA, 1961 - 1968

Design Specialist, 1966 - 1968

  • Marketing Manager New product marketing.
  • Head-Antenna Laboratory. Set up antenna lab. Responsible for total department functioning.

Staff Consultant, 1961 - 1966

  • Staff Consultant, Systems Division, antennas and microwave components.
  • Head of Antenna and Microwave Lab.
  • Designed antenna and rotary joint system for F111A Aircraft.
  • Designed microwave front end and microwave system for Cubic Autotape System.
  • Designed several airborne, shipboard, and land based antenna and pedestal systems.

Ryan Aeronautical Corporation, San Diego, CA, Assistant Group Engineer, 1959 - 1961

  • Marketing Manager new product marketing.
  • Head-antenna laboratory. Set up antenna lab. Responsible for total department functioning.
  • Developed components for microwave front ends for airborne and spaceborne systems.
  • Designed and tested Doppler navigation antennas and components.

General Dynamics, Convair Division, San Diego, CA, Engineer, 1954 - 1959

  • Engaged in research and development of parametric amplifiers, lasers, cavity dielectrometer, microwave interferometer.
  • Radome design and production testing.
  • Antenna design and microwave component design.
  • Analog and digital computer programming.
  • Radio frequency interference studies on Atlas ICBM.
  • Worked in dynamics lab and mechanical test lab.
  • Founded engineering co-op program between SDSC and industry.
  • Developed first computer program for extensive data reduction of dynamic stress testing.

Honors & Publications


  • Professional Engineer: P.E.
  • Professional Engineer: P.E.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE), life Member, Combined Section for Antennas and Propagation Microwave Theory and Techniques
  • International Telemetry Association
  • Assistant Professor: San Diego State College Electrical Engineering Master's Program
  • Lecturer: San Diego State College, undergraduate Electrical Engineering courses and labs.


  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, (IEEE), Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

Publications and Patents

  • Eight technical papers, five presentations.
  • Five U.S. patents.


  • M.S. Electrical Engineering, San Diego State College, San Diego, CA
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering, San Diego State College, San Diego, CA
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