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Industrial Precision Cleaning Expert, Specializing in Critical Cleaning, Surface Quality, and Contamination Control

Technical Consultant #1871



  • Precision cleaning, critical cleaning and surface quality during manufacturing of complex products, including aerospace, medical devices, and other high-value product.

Industrial-Critical Cleaning, Contamination Control Processes, Cleaning Verification/Validation

  • Optics; semi-conductors.
  • Biomedical and clinical instrumentation and devices.
  • Medical device manufacture.
  • Additive manufacturing.
  • Process verification and validation.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Surface preparation.
  • Residue minimization.
  • Controlled environments/cleanrooms.
  • Standards/guidance document evaluation.
  • Permitting issues.
  • Regulatory evaluation (EPA, FDA, local/state).
  • Bearings (miniature aerospace, automotive, seismic protection).
  • Engineered and specialized coatings.
  • Electronics assembly, microelectronics.
  • Metal fabrication.
  • Fossil recovery and surface conservation.
  • Connectors.
  • Inertial navigation systems.
  • Refrigeration.

Market Research; Product Development

  • Identify promising applications.
  • Identify technical, economic, and competitive barriers to growth.
  • Pilot tests.
  • Beta site tests.
  • Evaluate technical results.
  • Provide tutorials, discussions for technical and marketing staff.
  • Evaluate safety and environmental issues.


  • Lean manufacturing.
  • Supply chain validation and monitoring.
  • Economical, sustainable process design.
  • Medical device manufacturing.
  • Cleaning validation for life sciences.
  • Evaluating standards and guidance documents.
  • Process validation and monitoring.
  • Brainstorming, problem resolution.

Auditing, Training and Education

  • Site visits, assessments and pre-audits.
  • Process evaluation and assessment.
  • Supply chain assessment and auditing.
  • Competitive bid monitoring, high-value and high-cost processes.
  • Pollution prevention, environmental, safety, and hazardous waste minimization.
  • Research in environmental policy, worker safety, and regulatory issues.
  • Impact on industry of conflicting environmental regulations.
  • Energy impact of cleaning process options.
  • Thermal spray emissions; chrome and nickel.
  • Acetone in cleaning and coating applications.
  • Solvent options, substitutes for ozone depleters, global warming; economic and environmental consequences including market penetration, provided to U.S. EPA.
  • Performance and impact on Southern California industry of low-VOC wood coatings.
  • Alternative options: United Nations Environmental Programme Solvents and Coatings Technical Options Committee Handbook.
  • Cal/OSHA PEL policy, advisory activities.
  • Advisory to Ozone Transport Commission.

Expert Witness Experience

  • Department of Justice, controlled substance issues.
  • National and international intellectual property; unique teachings and process patent.
  • Performance and medical devices.
  • Performance and impact of consumer product, civil litigation.
  • Competitive issues in motion picture film processing and related applications.
  • Historical scenario reconstruction, solvents in manufacturing activities.
  • Floor coating design, green washing (civil litigation).
  • Floor maintenance, trip and fall (OSHA).
  • Coatings performance (civil litigation).
  • Contamination issues, aerospace (Insurance).


Undisclosed Company,

Undisclosed, President, 1994 - Present

  • A consulting and industry leader in precision, critical and industrial product cleaning firm.
  • Independent consultant in process development and monitoring, validation, failure analysis, equipment and chemistry selection.
  • Conduct site visits, audits, education and training programs.

Litton Guidance & Control Systems, Woodland Hills, CA, 1985 - 1994

Process and Materials Engineer

  • Activities included: Corporate-wide solvent substitution/replacement of ozone layer depleting chemicals.
  • Materials and processes engineering.
  • Clean room auditing and monitoring.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Safety programs, auditing.

Manager (Heading the replacement of ozone layer depleting chemicals in all Litton Industry divisions)

  • Developed and implemented pioneering precision cleaning and manufacturing processes for metals, complex composites, and optics.
  • Many of these processes are used in industrial settings, nationally and internationally.
  • Found alternatives for chemicals required in over 90% of processes, cutting multi-step processes by 30 - 50%.
  • Sharply cut process development costs by an estimated 80% by setting up a resource-sharing program, encompassing all company divisions and by establishing an ad hoc consortium of vendors to perform high-precision cleaning studies.
  • Provided technical research and support to local and national regulatory agencies.
  • Efforts contributed to development of environmental policy including standards to safeguard the environment, improve worker protection, while fostering business productivity.

BioScience Laboratory, Van Nuys, CA, Clinical Chemist, 1975 - 1985

  • As a researcher in clinical chemistry, designed and implemented clinically relevant and cost effective laboratory tests in such areas as toxicology, endocrinology, immunology, and fetal lung maturity.
  • Standardized and automated tests among company sites, improving quality control, reducing labor operating costs, and decreasing processing time.
  • Performed advanced clinical studies with physicians and the clinical chemistry community, designed informative and effective technical marketing literature.
  • Regularly published and presented research findings.

Honors & Publications


  • Member: ASTM specific group which is generating a number of testing standards and guidance documents dealing with the cleanliness of single use medical devices and re-usable devices.
  • Member: Joint Solvent Substitution Working Group, a consortium of all branches of the military tasked with coordinating and expediting alternative cleaning processes.
  • Active participant in IPC and SMTA: Speaker and Presenter.
  • Appointed United States ISO Expert to ISO/TC 209 SG 12: Cleaning of surfaces to achieve defined levels of cleanliness in terms of particle and chemical classifications." Standard has been published.
  • Program Chair and member of Board of Directors, Surface Finishers Educational Association.


  • German, written, limited spoken
  • French, written, limited spoken

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits - IPC
  • Surface Mount Technology Association - SMTA
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers - ASTM
  • National Association for Surfacing Finishing - NASF
  • Joint Services Solvent Substitution Working Group - JS3
  • Member of the Continuing Education and Outreach Faculty at the UCLA/UC Irvine Southern California Education and Research Center
  • Surface Finishers Educational Association-SFEA


  • Recipient of the U.S. EPA Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award for accomplishments in commercial and military process implementation and in regulatory policy research.
  • Nominated for EPA "Best-of-the-Best" Award.

Publications and Patents

  • Editor of and contributor: Handbooks, Author and Co-Author of articles, (Controlled Environments Magazine), Cleaning of Medical Devices, and hundreds of publications and presentations.


  • M.S. Biochemistry, Rutgers University, Camden, NJ
  • B.S. Biology, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA
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