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Coatings and Corrosion Expert for Military Naval Vessels

Technical Consultant #1862


  • Development and usage of materials including polyurethane, polyurea and polyaspartic coating systems.
  • Development of fire retardant polyurethane foams for use in U.S. Navy bedding and furniture.
  • High performance paints and coatings, including nonskid deck covering materials for Naval Sea Systems Command.
  • Shipboard outfitting and furnishing materials.
  • Fire performance of shipboard materials.


Undisclosed Company, President, 2003 - Present

  • Developed performance specifications for Navy shipboard bedding items including mattresses, blankets and pillows incorporating fire retardant polyurethane cushioning foam.
  • Revised specifications for Navy coatings including paints, deck coverings and nonskid including polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy systems.
  • Developed a high temperature nonskid to address the needs for a coating that could withstand high exhaust temperatures of the Osprey and F-35 aircraft.
  • Consulted for Japanese ship repair contractors and materials suppliers relative to their ongoing U.S. Navy ship repair work in the areas of coatings and corrosion control, including training installers.
  • Consulted for 3M Company to develop marketing approach for implementing new materials into U.S. Navy ships.
  • Consulted for Louisiana Industries For The Blind, relative to their manufacture of peel and stick nonskid applications for Navy and Coast Guard ships and craft, as well as applications on other services crafts and vehicles.

United States Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, Senior Materials Engineer, 1972 - 2003

  • Responsibilities: Program Management, Materials Engineering, Materials Research and Development.
  • Developed requirements and material specifications for polyurethane, polyuria and epoxy systems paints, coatings, deck covering materials, and surface preparation abrasive materials and technologies.
  • Initiated and directed the Navy's program for implementation of new technology for shipboard nonskid deck coverings including new high durability materials and peel-and-stick nonskid technology, including direction of a SBIR effort to develop extreme wear resistant nonskid and transitioned the product into the fleet.
  • Developed the revision of the Navy's MILSPEC that incorporated extremely high wear resistant nonskid materials, as well as incorporating high heat resistant materials.
  • Initiated and directed research and development programs for the development of fast-cure, single-coat shipboard coatings technology, deck covering materials, waterjetting technology and instituted the Navy's adoption of waterjetting technology for surface preparation of ships' hulls and flight decks.
  • Developed and maintained Technical Manuals for U.S. Navy shipboard applications of paints, coatings and deck coverings.
  • Directed quality assurance assessments of Navy SUPSHIPS and shipbuilders; participated in paint process review assessments under the auspices of the National Shipbuilding Research Project.
  • Directed applications of outfit and furnishing materials for U.S. Navy shipboard applications.
  • Evaluated fire performance of paints, coatings, deck coverings and outfitting and furnishing materials for U.S. Navy shipboard applications.
  • Implemented material developments that instituted low maintenance features for paints, coatings, deck coverings, and developed a low maintenance sanitary space design that optimized applications of low maintenance materials and installation configurations.
  • Developed specifications for fire retardant fabrics and cushioning materials used in bedding, furniture and ship outfitting, and was instrumental in the development of smoke curtains used on U.S. Navy ships for fire and damage control.

Honors & Publications


  • Navy Superior Civilian Service Award


  • Author of publications for distribution - Conferences and Exhibits


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Lowell Technological Institute, Lowell, MA
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