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Medicinal Chemistry Consultant Specializing in Drug Discovery, Drug Design, Intellectual Property Rights, Patent Application and Prosecution

Technical Consultant #1861


Technical Expertise

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Drug discovery and development
  • Hit to lead optimization
  • Structure based drug design
  • Fragment based drug design
  • Molecular modeling

Biological Targets

  • Voltage gates ion channels
  • Ligand gated ion channels
  • G protein-coupled receptors
  • Kinases
  • Tyrosine phosphatases
  • Metalloproteases

Disease States

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Oncology
  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis

Intellectual Property Expertise

  • Registered U.S. patent agent
  • Patent filing and prosecution
  • Prior art analysis and patentability opinion

Expert Witness Experience

  • Provided written opinion and deposition concerning the art of pharmaceutical science, salt selection for pharmaceutical products, the process used to select appropriate salt forms, stability of those salt forms, and the formulation of pharmaceutical products, including controlled and modified release formulations.


Undisclosed University, 2010 - Present

Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry - Center for Drug Discovery Research

  • Responsible for medicinal chemistry education and training of students and post-doctoral fellows, project leadership, cultivating collaborations for technology transfer, grant application authorship, design, installation and oversight of new medicinal chemistry laboratory.
  • Principles in drug discovery course coordinator.
  • Chemical screening library acquisition - Identified and acquired 40,000 compound chemical screening library for the center's research programs.
  • Cheminformatics database development and maintenance - Identified, installed, and maintain ChemAxon InstantJChem cheminformatics database for department.
  • Molecular modeling software - Managed deployment, training, and acted as local expert on Tripos Muse, Benchware, and Sybyl-X 1.3.
  • Internet Presence Manager - Designed, built, and implemented new website for the center's drug discovery to increase web presence and attract additional collaborators and programs.

Undisclosed Company, Owner and Patent Agent, 2010 - Present

  • Independent patent filing business, specializing in biotechnology and chemistry applications.
  • Provide intellectual property guidance to small/micro biotechnology companies.

Undisclosed Law Firm, 2011 - Present

  • Technical Advisor

Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center, Doylestown, PA, Research Fellow, 2010

  • Responsible for medicinal chemistry project leadership, maintaining and cultivating strategic collaborations with academic institutions for technology transfer, identification and pursuit of in-licensing opportunities, grant application authorship, design, installation and oversight of new medicinal chemistry laboratory and instrumentation.
  • Installed Gilson 215 HPLC purification system and Biotage Initiator 60 Microwave, established fee for service program revenue stream.
  • Four grant applications filed (NIH, DOD).

Pfizer/Wyeth Research, Collegeville, PA, Principal Research Scientist, 2006 - 2010

  • Kv1.5 Blocker Team Leader: Responsible for successful integration of acquired chemical equity, discovery research effort, back-up programs, and lead progression to IND status.
  • TRPV1 Chemistry Senior Team Member: Responsible for chemistry team research programs, integration with biology team, and development of program equity. Provided chemical matter with improved physical properties, superior selectivity, and increased efficacy in pain models.
  • ER %u03B2 Chemistry Senior Team Member: Responsible for personal, independent research and direction of research associate's efforts.
  • Provided back-up equity with improved physical properties and superior selectivity over ER for women's health programs.

Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Cincinnati, OH, 1994 - 2006

  • Lead Discovery Section Group Leader: Responsible for project portfolio management, oversight of twelve chemists (B.S. and Ph.D., U.S. based and International collaborators) and team leadership on multiple programs.
  • Designed novel analogs, focused libraries, and high through-put synthesis for a range of biological targets including kinases, tyrosine phosphatases, GPCRs, and ion channels.
  • Substantial matter added to project patent filings, multiple programs moved to clinical trials/IND filing.
  • Building Blocks Team Leader: Responsible for personal, independent research in addition to management of five chemists dedicated to the development and preparation of intermediates for focused library synthesis (up to 1 kg).
  • Increased efficiency of the larger Library Synthesis Team by providing novel intermediates for directed library preparation.
  • Library synthesis team: Designed and prepared focused chemical libraries using parallel synthesis techniques for medicinal chemistry projects.
  • Responsible for management of three chemistry team members.
  • Heart failure drug design: Designed and synthesized a novel series of Na /K ATPase inhibitors.
  • Patent filed on a novel series of inotropic agents.
  • Corporate chemistry contact: Design and implementation of an E-commerce chemical procurement system.
  • Chemistry representative for contract negotiations with major laboratory suppliers.

Honors & Publications


  • Elon Huntington Hooker Fellow, University of Rochester
  • Sherman Clarke Fellow, University of Rochester
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Fellow
  • Woodruff Scholar, Emory University
  • American Chemical Society Award
  • American Institute of Chemistry Award


U.S. Patent Agent, registration

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Adjunct Professor, Drexel University College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Editorial Advisory Board Member, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
  • ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Patent Panelist
  • Residential School on Medicinal Chemistry, Drew University
  • American Chemical Society Member
  • American Association of College of Pharmacy Member
  • Reviewer for European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Tetrahedron Letters, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Organic Colloquium Committee Chairman
  • Campus Recruiter, Emory University

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author of, papers, presentations and selected representation.
  • Over 60 patents (U.S. and international).


  • Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
  • M.S. Organic Chemistry, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
  • B.S. Chemistry, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
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