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Manufacturing and Distribution Center Expert Specializing in Materials Handling Mechanization, Direct Labor Control Systems and Product Automation Work Cells

Technical Consultant #1855


  • Materials handling mechanization, direct labor control systems and product automation work cells.
  • 200 productivity systems installed in warehouse, fabrication, assembly and work-in-process for 50 plus corporations in 30 years.
  • Product knowledge in sheet metal, plastic, wood, aluminum, thermo-electric, electrical, mechanical and electro-mechanical.
  • Installed 100 production lines for over 1000 finished goods unique line balances.

Distribution Center Installations Projects


  • Industrial engineered standards in receiving; inspect and verification, automatic storage and retrieval system - pre pallet storage, automatic storage and retrieval system - pre stock pallet storage, stock pick location with pallet, pick and pack frozen food package on shipping pallet, shrink wrap pallet, shipping and load truck.


  • Work flow analysis in high and low volume pick areas; optimum method development for manual pick from flow rack and for fork truck pick from pallet rack, materials handling on live storage and retrieval carousel specifications, robotic specifications for carousel tote removal, manual and automated layout alternatives, cost justification for automated storage and retrieval system.


  • Industrial engineered standards in pallet repair; pick case, locate on pallet, place case on truck, damaged cans sortation.

Newport News Naval Shipyard

  • Four consolidated building alternatives, part and stock location identification for eight warehouse facilities, optimum layout development.

Labor Control Systems

  • Development of unit cost expectation, hourly accountability and shift output requirement.
  • Optimization of workflow, personnel and thru put.
  • Time study, standards and methods enhancing productivity.
  • Layout resulting in capacity increases.
  • Short-interval-scheduling systems that corrected chronic shortages.
  • Labor reporting, identifying operator performance.
  • Staffing techniques that cross train personnel.
  • Just-in-time Production reducing inventory.
  • Industrial incentives to increase efficiency.

Materials Handling

  • Plant-wide, departmental and work station.
  • Materials handling conceptual design; equipment specification, system development and implementation.
  • Modernization ROI analysis for 50 Corporations.
  • Paced assembly and fabrication systems using rotary, OH monorail and slider bed conveyor.
  • WIP systems with transporter dual level conveyors and DGVS.
  • Stockroom pick and pack systems incorporating live storage and retrieval carousel.

Product Automation

  • Conceptual work cell automation design, system development and implementation of assembly work cells, bulk storage and vibratory part dissemination, sorting, counting and filling components and robotics.

Operations Management

  • Worked closely with CEO's in developing plant operations policy for job performance.
  • Systems coordination with newly developed management and direct labor controls, materials handling installation, employee works habits and morale.


Undisclosed Company, Contract Industrial Engineering Consultant, 1977 - Present


Allegheny Ludlum Corporation

  • Provided the industrial engineering design of a variable gain sharing incentive plan affecting ninety-four direct and indirect plant wide hourly factory workers in a coiled steel processing facility.
  • Developed: Primary measurement alternatives, weighted comparison criteria and secondary measurement alternatives.
  • Development of performance pay charts.
  • Written variable gain sharing incentive plan procedure. Liaison with payroll and data processing personnel. Assist with implementation of variable gain sharing incentive plan.

ECR International

  • Performed return-on-investment analysis for six divisions of major HVAC corporation to determine consolidation feasibility.
  • Industrial engineering activity: Time study, conceptual layout, conceptual equipment specification and costing, cost versus savings and report.
  • Implementation activity: Snap back time study, line balancing, workstation / departmental word drawing layouts and precision indexing rotary table equipment specification, resulting in direct labor savings of 50%.

Heatcraft Refrigeration Corporation

  • Oversaw the transformation of a progressive gravity roller assembly conveyor for commercial air conditioner products to a paced assembly system.
  • Industrial engineering activity: On-site time study of eight families (different build sequences) on six fan sizes; equipment specifications, forty-eight optimum and sixteen alternative line balances; work station layout, part bills of material, parts containerization, visual aids, task instructions and tooling; on-site crew training and system implementation, resulting in a direct labor savings of 30%.

JM Cook Associates, Washington Crossing, PA, Principal

  • Activities: Industrial engineering and materials handling, productivity consulting paced assembly systems, plant layout and work flow and factory management brain storming sessions.

Honeywell, Ft. Washington, PA., General Foreman

  • Direct activity of four foremen. Oversee performance, TQM and attendance of one hundred employees.
  • Responsible for one million dollars of work-in-process. Rotary paced assembly conveyor coordinator in union shop between engineering, materials control, QA and labor relations.

Johnson and Johnson, Raritan, NJ, Supervisor

  • Oversee performance, TQM and attendance of thirty employees. Responsible for three hundred thousand dollars of work-in-process.

Standard Pressed Steel, Flemington, NJ, Industrial Engineer - Time Study Technician

  • Responsible for the setting of plant-wide, incentive standards.
  • Developed overhead monorail handling system whereby seventy- five operators within the machine shop, paint, sub and final assembly areas were on a single standard.
  • Performed all classical industrial engineering functions.

Honors & Publications

  • Author of a book


  • B.S. Business Administration, Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ
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