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Construction and Architectural Expert Glass, Windows, Curtain Wall Glass, Sealants and Architectural Products

Technical Consultant #1835


  • Specialist in windows, glass, mirrors, curtain walls, entrances, skylights, panel systems, louvers, window films, sealants and similar architectural products.
  • Over 30 years' experience in construction materials, particularly window systems, curtain walls and skylights.
  • Consulting experience includes laboratory and field testing, forensic investigations, insurance claims and expert work on window systems.
  • Expert work related to component use and performance to window systems and personal injury arising out of such products, including injuries from glass breakage and detachment.
  • Investigates insurance claims and disputes involving leakage in the building envelope, failure of building envelope components such as glass breakage, leaks and sealant failure.
  • Skilled at determining codes and standards most applicable to a given matter, address with authority industry practices not necessarily published.
  • Responsible for original aluminum extrusion designs used on custom projects to meet unique project specifications.
  • Commercial buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, power plants, penal institutions, factories, multi-family, and historic renovation, including the renowned Field Museum of Natural History.
  • Directly involved with the performance of hundreds of construction projects covering the full range of buildings from single family to 57 story high-rises, totaling millions of square feet of installed products.
  • Substantial knowledge about industry practices and manufacturing processes gained by visiting over 30 window glass and architectural product factories around the U.S. and China.
  • Authored and illustrated installation manuals for selected projects, and taught training courses for installers specific to field quality control.


  • Product defect matter in which plaintiff contends defendant provided defective insulated glass units. Expert work includes document review, site investigation, and expert opinion.
  • In single family construction defect matter, expert work consisted of confirming and asserting plaintiff's claims via written report and jury trial testimony. Plaintiff prevailed with award of costs and punitive damages.
  • Engage by the defense, plaintiff claimed defendant diverted business from plaintiff's company to his own. Expert work included forensic disassembly and comparison of hardware parts. Matter settled prior to trial.
  • Plaintiff injured by mirror that fell from the wall. Expert work included review of depositions, site visit to determine mirror attachment method, forensic breakage of a sampling of mirrors and videotaped report.
  • Personal injury matter in which plaintiff was injured when glass fell from partition in an amusement venue. Expert work includes deposition review, forensic site investigation, and expert opinion.
  • Personal injury matter in which a woman was injured by breakage of storefront glass. Expert work included site investigation and preliminary opinion.
  • Wrongful death and negligence matter in which daughter of plaintiff fell through glass of hotel room window. Expert work includes forensic site visit, code review, and expert opinion.

Consulting - Non Litigation

  • Northwestern University, Evanston, IL: Consultation, bid documents, supervision of retrofit of metalized film on windows of student union building.
  • Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN: Forensic site observation and opinion regarding signage film used on glass and coincident glass breakage.
  • Kremer Residence, Oakbrook, IL: Site investigation, expert report and dispute mediation on behalf of homeowner after contractors damaged the house's reflective glass. Involvement in subsequent matter involving premature stucco deterioration.
  • Newburne, Nova Scotia, Canada: Site investigation, field testing and illustrated documentation of leaking vinyl windows.
  • Caliper Studios, Brooklyn, NY: Provided shop drawing review and design recommendations for new custom steel skylight.
  • Six Flat Condominiums, Chicago, IL: Leak investigation, field testing, document review, repair proposal, site review of in-progress work and prove-out testing of repaired work for leaking masonry wall construction.
  • The Classics at the Riviera Condominiums, Ottowa, ON, Canada: Site investigation, industry study and opinion regarding spontaneous glass breakage at balcony enclosures.
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE: Field testing for air infiltration and water penetration, consultation, shop drawing review.
  • Hudson Tea Condominiums, Hoboken NJ: Assist engineering firm in forensic disassembly and testing of problematic window wall system.
  • Federal Courthouse, Minneapolis, MN: Investigation and opinion regarding gasket disengagement in large curtain wall.

Undisclosed Corporations, Consultant, Principal, 1978 - Present

  • Owner and Executive Vice President of numerous companies servicing exterior construction, architectural products, and construction of building projects ranging from single family homes to high-rises.

Honors & Publications


  • Building Analyst Professional - BPI
  • Building Envelope Professional - BPI
  • PPG Curtain wall Design and Installation
  • Architectural Testing: Testing for
  • Architectural Applications

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM)
  • Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI)
  • National Glass Association (NGA)


  • Accomplished author and speaker, having published over 50 trade articles and having spoken at numerous industry events developing into a nationally recognized authority offering in-depth information about aspects of the trade experience and expertise.


  • M.S. Psychology, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
  • M.S.W. Social Work, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
  • B.A. Psychology, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
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