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Mechanical Process Design Expert for Hydrometallurgy Plants

Technical Consultant #1834



Process and project engineering, project management and intensive examination of structural, mechanical and electrical aspect of process systems and the organizational system of plant design,building, operation and maintenance.

  • Mechanical design of large size equipment made of plastic materials such as FGRP.
  • Chlor-alkali industry and organic chlorinations.
  • Bromine industry and organic brominations.
  • Hydrometallurgy plants especially molybdenum.
  • Knowledgeable of rhenium/osmium recovery.
  • Automatic continuous ion exchange systems.
  • Smelting of quartz into silicon metal.
  • Utilities for chemical industry, steam, water, cooling water, pure water, gas, fuel compressed air etc.
  • Construction and commissioning of chemical and process plants.
  • Process and plant for production of Silicon metal.
  • Hydro-metallurgy plants and DC smelting FeMo furnace.
  • Detailed design of large plastic equipment for the chemical and process industries.
  • Process and project activity in new and expansion of chlorine caustic electrolytic plants.
  • Development of adaptation of equipment and machines for highly corrosive and complicated systems.
  • Procurement and contracts in the process industry.
  • Arbitration of disputes - insurance and financial aspects.
  • Consultancy for marketing and product development.


Independent Consultant,1985 - Present

  • Preparation of a detailed engineering proposal for the EU 7th development program, an innovative water saving irrigation system. This involved leading professors and several more academic staff.
  • Project Manager and Process Engineer for silicon metal plant to be built by an international trading company in east Asia.
  • Designer of pure water systems for a large coal fired electro power station. Water systems for electro-solar power stations.

Metal-Tech Ltd., Israel, Project Engineer and Manager, 2000 - 2009

Process and Commissioning Engineer

  • Projects: A pure Moly-Tri-Oxide plant in Almalik and Chirchik, Uzbekistan and Technical Moly-Tri-Oxide plant in Erdenet, Mongolia.
  • Integration of know-how from research department into an approved process, management of all project activities: Design, procurement, budget control, scheduling, construction - commissioning, and acting maintenance engineer during first years of operation.
  • Development of rhenium process and molybdenum recovery from spent oil-refinery catalyst.

Dead Sea Works Ltd.,1998 - 2000

Project Manager

  • In parallel to activities of the design and supply facility for anaerobic digestion plant at Carmiel Sewage Treatment Plant (municipal).

Process Engineer, 1994 - 2001

  • Responsible for process development and techno economic studies for 3 novel process future facilities (Dead Sea Works Ltd., Dead Sea Bromine Ltd., and ESC Ramat hovav Ltd.)
  • Revamp of DSM Chlorine process. Successful development of method for separation of bromine impurities from chlorine.
  • Project Engineer for Chlorine liquefaction and Hydrogen high pressure sub systems in a Chlorine plant. Consultant for Chlorine technology. Consultant for Industrial Wastes Incinerator plant.

Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., Project Engineer, 1993 - 1994

  • Conceptual design and contract negotiations with foreign know-how suppliers about complicated innovative technologies of compound fertilizers and disinfectants.

Dead Sea Bromine Ltd., Beer Sheva, 1986 - 1993

Project Engineer, 1992 - 1993

  • Headed the expansion of Chlorine plant that was first commissioned 16 electrolyzers, 110KA, 6 MVA.

Project/Process Engineer and Commissioning Manager, 1986 - 1989

  • Leading role as for Chlorine plant (30 million dollar (1986) investment), using membrane cell technology, (24 electrolyzers 110KA , 16 MVA including a super pure Ion Exchange system).

Project Engineer-Projects, 1984 - 1986

  • In charge of complicated projects, introducing new products and technologies in Ramat Hovav synthesis plant.

Bromine Compounds Ltd., Beer Sheva, Israel, 1989 - 1991

  • Leading role in the development of an original process for the production of high purity monomers involving high pressure and temperature (autoclave) reaction systems.

Sentrachem Pty Ltd., South-Africa. Project Manager, 1981 - 1983

  • Successfully completed and commissioned project in complicated chemical chlorination processing at KOP, Chloorkop.

Brosh Engineering Co., Owner and Manager, 1974 - 1981

  • Design and building of chemical projects for the plastic, phosphate, potash, chlorine, bromine and pesticides industries. Special expertise in design of large FGRP equipment.

Israel Chemicals Ltd., 1971 - 1974

  • Studies of feasibility, location and process of 100 MTD Chlorine plant.

Makhteshim Chemical Works, Beer Sheva, Israel, Project Engineer, 1969 - 1971

  • Headed a chlorine plant expansion, mercury cells.

Honors & Publications


  • Israeli Engineers-License
  • Advanced courses in Chemical Engineering at Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Israel Institute of Chemical Engineering
  • South African Registered Professional Engineer


  • B.Sc. Chemical Engineer, Cum Laude, Technon Israel Institute of Technology, Technion City, Haifa
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