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Power Train Expert Specializing in Research and Development, Advanced Engineering, Technology Planning and Strategy.

Technical Consultant #1816


  • Senior Power Train Technologist specializing in research and development, advanced engineering, technology planning and strategy.
  • Pragmatic, results-oriented engineering executive and mentor with extensive background in leading powertrain developments and technical strategies for global companies.
  • Proven ability to lead developments of "game changing" technologies.
  • Emissions and after treatment.
  • Renewable fuels and CO2 reduction.
  • Technology assessment and planning.
  • International training and team building.
  • Core competency and new business development.
  • Advanced diesel and gasoline technologies.
  • Fuel Cells.


Undisclosed Company, Owner and Independent Consultant, Present

  • Private expert consultancy with focus on powertrain, engine emissions reduction and clean energy.
  • Research and development technology planning and engineering projects for major OEM and first tier automotive, heavy duty and off-road companies.

Completed Projects:

  • Restructured Delphi's global advanced engineering powertrain organization and developed its strategies. Instilled vision and motivated teams to pursue lean technology research and development.
  • Developed and demonstrated fast track advanced gasoline direct injection and piezo-actuated diesel fuel injection systems.
  • Developed viable on-board ammonia sensor technology.
  • Demonstrated the highest ever power density solid oxide fuel cell technology.
  • Created Detroit Diesel's "Next Century" truck engine concept and "Smart" engine controls.
  • Developed and demonstrated the first North American production-viable automotive (SUV) diesel engine.
  • Proved Tier II-Bin 3 emissions technology in advance of regulations by over 6 years.

Local University, Adjunct Professor - Mechanical Engineering, 2007 - Present

Aaqius and Aaqius, Inc., Vice President, Technology and Planning, 2006 - 2007

  • Led the North American technology development, research and development, business development, and commercial and marketing activities for this advanced technology and business development French/Swiss companies.

Delphi, Troy, MI, Director of Engineering, 2003 - 2005

  • In charge of Delphi worldwide Innovation Center's Energy, Propulsion and Powertrain Technology.
  • Member of the company's Research and Development Council. Directed research and development in the key areas of diesel systems, gasoline systems, after treatment catalysts, fuel cells, reformers, energy storage (batteries), hybrid powertrain, and sensors.
  • Accomplishments within an intense 2 years' time frame include:

Strategy Setting

  • Influenced Company-wide technology agenda via the Research and Development Council.Vice-Chair of the Council.
  • Assessed technical merits and business cases, then enhanced and implemented advanced development roadmaps for gasoline and diesel systems, sensors, after treatment catalysts, reformers and fuel cells.
  • Integrated advanced engineering with respective product roadmaps.
  • Restructured and built a more cohesive international Delphi Energy and Propulsion team, with clear vision and integration plans. Acquired external expert staff.
  • Developed and implemented integrated systems development strategies. Onboard reformers and solid oxide fuel cells programs enjoyed the exceptional high value of the integrated strategy.


  • Adjusted fuel cells and reformer technical and business plans.
  • Initiated joint venture discussions and carried out due diligence.
  • Systematically interfaced with customers and solved major product development issues.
  • Negotiated realignment of Delphi's and customer advanced product development plans.
  • Established approaches of acquiring external supplemental research and development funds at Delphi, won Government and customer contracts.
  • Competitively acquired Delphi's first-ever major North American diesel fuel injection system development program.

Technology Accomplishments - Emissions

  • Initiated and demonstrated advanced emissions sensors technology, including on-board ammonia sensor.
  • Demonstrated first ever Delphi vehicle mounted diesel fuel reformer. Achieved Tier II-Bin 5 NOx emissions, solving technical issues with the OEM partner.
  • Initiated reformer-based advanced. Combustion research and development with university and National Lab partners.
  • Identified NOx emissions reduction options and viability issues.

Technology Accomplishments - Fuel Cells

  • Delivered previously committed aggressive fuel cells and reformers milestones, with lean budgets and critical time constraints.
  • Directed the redesign of the fuel cell power plant via integrated system approach and delivered more design with significant weight and volume reductions.
  • Achieved new industry benchmarks in power density and stack durability.
  • Identified required innovations vs. breakthrough technologies to impact the Company's forward plans. Launched new integrated (systematic simulation hardware) cycles of learning for innovation solutions and significantly improved team's technical competency.

Technology Accomplishments - Diesel and Gasoline

  • Achieved an order of magnitude enhancement in durability of a future piezo diesel injection system with improved performance and manufacturability.
  • Created the NA diesel core competency team and introduced advanced controls strategies.
  • Demonstrated advanced, next-generation direct injection gasoline injector under homogeneous and stratified conditions.
  • Developed rationale and initiated developments of gasoline and diesel advanced mode combustion (HCCI-like). Initiated competitive relevant research and development activities.

Daimler Corporation, Detroit Diesel Corp., Director of Engineering, 2001 - 2003

  • Primary DDC executive for technical liaison within the global organization.
  • Negotiated and implemented integration plans.

Strategy Setting

  • Development of future diesel engines, identified technical solutions for products, proposed major elements of new truck engine technology, planned and acquired seven-figure annual Government research and development funding.
  • Oversaw PowerSystems' worldwide after treatment technology and product developments, launched projects.

General Management

  • For Daimler's German top management, (solid core-technical-competency of the North American Detroit Diesel team) delivered financial, technology planning and teaming aggressive "synergy" targets with primary focus that included NAFTA engineering technologies and corporate-wide team integration.

Technology Accomplishments

  • Developed EGR combustion and control strategies for heavy duty truck engines.
  • Proposed, structured and executed EPA-Consent Decree Advanced research and development projects.
  • Developed and launched field demonstration of advanced SCR and catalyzed particulate filter after treatment systems.

Honors & Publications


  • U.S. Department of Energy, Advisor on many initiatives and annual program reviewer.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Member of Engineering and Science Division. Advisory Board, and Transportation Res. Advisory Panel
  • Society of Automotive Engineers
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • American Academy of Mechanics
  • Engine Manufacturing Association (EMA) Fluids Group-Founding Member.


  • Wayne State University, Engineering Hall of Fame inductee, member of the Board of Visitors and a Graduate Fellow.

Publications and Patents

  • Author and Co-Author of over 50 national and international education/training publications for technology conferences, research institutions, U.S. Government, workshops, presentations, proceedings, and meetings.


  • Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • M.S. Mechanical Engineering Sciences, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
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